503 - Althorne - South Woodham Ferrers

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Please see the Stephensons website stephensonsofessex.com/daily-service-updates for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Monday to Friday

South Woodham Ferrers - Althorne

South Woodham Ferrers, opp Old Wickford Road 16:35
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Medical Centre 16:36
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Railway Station 16:38
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Champions Manor Hall 16:38
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Mount Pleasant Road 16:39
South Woodham Ferrers, adj Gandalfs Ride 16:40
South Woodham Ferrers Broughton Road (E-bound) 16:42
South Woodham Ferrers, adj Collingwood Road 16:42
South Woodham Ferrers Creekview Road (N-bound) 16:43
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Asda Store 16:45
South Woodham Ferrers, adj Hamberts Road 16:46
Stow Maries, o/s The Prince of Wales 16:50
Stow Maries, o/s Garage 16:51
Stow Maries The Street (NE-bound) 16:51
Cold Norton Stow Road (NE-bound) 16:52
Cold Norton, opp St Stephens Road 16:53
Cold Norton, opp The Norton 16:54
Cold Norton, opp Post Office 16:54
Cold Norton Palepit Corner (E-bound) 16:55
Latchingdon, o/s Garage 16:57
Latchingdon, opp The Red Lion 16:58
Latchingdon, o/s School 16:58
Mayland, adj The Drive 17:02
Maylandsea Wembley Avenue (E-bound) 17:04
Mayland Green (adj) 17:04
Mayland Mill (o/s) 17:05
Steeple, adj Canney Road 17:09
Steeple, opp The Star 17:10
Southminster, o/s Knightswood Court 17:14
Southminster David Fisher Way (S-bound) 17:14
Southminster, opp Southfield Way 17:14
Southminster, adj Steeple Road Corner 17:15
Southminster, adj Devonshire Road 17:15
Southminster High Street (E-bound) 17:16
Southminster, adj Vicarage Meadow 17:16
Southminster, opp Kings Road Corner 17:16
Southminster, opp The Rose 17:18
Southminster Bullfinch Corner (S-bound) 17:19
Burnham-on-Crouch, o/s Burnham Cemetery 17:20
Burnham-on-Crouch Eves Corner (S-bound) 17:21
Burnham-on-Crouch, adj Marsh Road 17:22
Burnham-on-Crouch, adj Endeavour Way 17:26
Ostend, opp Dhan Shiri 17:28
Althorne, opp Mansion House 17:31
Althorne Fords Corner (W-bound) 17:31
Althorne, opp The Village Hall 17:32
Althorne, opp Highfield Rise 17:32
Althorne, opp Recreation Ground 17:32
Althorne, o/s Post Office 17:33

School Days Only

Althorne - South Woodham Ferrers

Althorne, opp Post Office 06:15
Althorne, o/s Recreation Ground 06:15
Althorne, adj Highfield Rise 06:15
Althorne, o/s The Village Hall 06:15
Althorne Fords Corner (E-bound) 06:16
Althorne, o/s Mansion House 06:16
Ostend, o/s Dhan Shiri 06:20
Burnham-on-Crouch, opp Endeavour Way 06:21
Burnham-on-Crouch, opp Marsh Road 06:23
Burnham-on-Crouch Eves Corner (N-bound) 06:25
Burnham-on-Crouch, opp Burnham Cemetery 06:25
Southminster Bullfinch Corner (N-bound) 06:27
Southminster, o/s The Rose 06:28
Southminster, adj Kings Road Corner 06:30
Southminster, opp Vicarage Meadow 06:31
Southminster High Street (W-bound) 06:32
Southminster, opp Devonshire Road 06:32
Southminster, opp Steeple Road Corner 06:32
Southminster, adj Southfield Way 06:33
Southminster David Fisher Way (N-bound) 06:33
Southminster, opp Knightswood Court 06:33
Steeple, o/s The Star 06:38
Steeple, opp Canney Road 06:38
Mayland Mill (opp) 06:43
Mayland Green (opp) 06:43
Maylandsea Princes Avenue (W-bound) 06:44
Mayland, opp The Drive 06:45
Latchingdon, opp School 06:49
Latchingdon, o/s The Red Lion 06:50
Latchingdon, opp Garage 06:50
Cold Norton Palepit Corner (W-bound) 06:53
Cold Norton, o/s Post Office 06:53
Cold Norton, o/s The Norton 06:55
Cold Norton, adj St Stephens Road 06:55
Cold Norton Stow Road (SW-bound) 06:56
Stow Maries The Street (SW-bound) 06:57
Stow Maries, opp Garage 06:58
Stow Maries, opp The Prince of Wales 06:59
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Hamberts Road 07:04
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Asda Store 07:07
South Woodham Ferrers Creekview Road (S-bound) 07:08
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Collingwood Road 07:09
South Woodham Ferrers Broughton Road (W-bound) 07:09
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Gandalfs Ride 07:11
South Woodham Ferrers Albert Road (E-bound) 07:13
South Woodham Ferrers, adj Mount Pleasant Road 07:13
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Champions Manor Hall 07:14
South Woodham Ferrers, o/s Railway Station 07:15
South Woodham Ferrers, opp Medical Centre 07:16
South Woodham Ferrers, adj Old Wickford Road 07:18

School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

Stephensons of Essex


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