51 - Swindon - Cirencester

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West


Swindon - Cirencester

Swindon Bus Station (Bay 16) 06:10then hourly until18:10
Swindon Gladstone Street (E-bound) 06:1118:11
Swindon County Road Corner (N-bound) 06:1118:11
Pinehurst Wheeler Avenue (N-bound) 06:1718:17
Pinehurst Stratton Cross Roads (N-bound) 06:1818:18
Penhill Bradley Road (N-bound) 06:1918:19
Penhill Queensfield (NW-bound) 06:2018:20
Penhill Grafton Road (NW-bound) 06:2118:21
Groundwell West (N-bound) 06:2118:21
Calcutt Castle Eaton Turn (NW-bound) 06:2818:28
Cricklade Stockham Close (W-bound) 06:3118:31
Cricklade High Street (W-bound) 06:3218:32
Cricklade Turning Circle (NW-bound) 06:3318:33
Cricklade High Street (E-bound) 06:3318:33
Cricklade Stockham Close (E-bound) 06:3418:34
Latton, opp Shelter 06:4018:40
Latton Cerney Wick Turn (NW-bound) 06:4218:42
Cerney Wick Gateway Centre (W-bound) 06:4418:44
S Cerney, opp Outdoor Education Centre 06:4518:45
S Cerney, by The Watermark Spring Lake 06:4618:46
S Cerney, after Kingfisher Place 06:4718:47
S Cerney, opp The Lennards 06:4818:48
S Cerney, opp Cross 06:4918:49
S Cerney, by Royal Oak 06:4918:49
S Cerney, by Cross Roads Farm 06:5118:51
Siddington, opp Batesmans Cottages 06:5318:53
Siddington Nursery View (corner of) 06:5718:57
Siddington, after Village Hall 06:5818:58
Siddington, opp Post Office 06:5818:58
Siddington, opp Church Avenue 06:5918:59
Cirencester, after Cherry Tree Drive 07:0019:00
Cirencester, after Ermin Place 07:0119:01
Cirencester Bridge Close (just after) 07:0119:01
Cirencester, after Midland Road 07:0219:02
Watermoor, opp Meadow Court 07:0319:03
Chesterton, nr Shops 07:0419:04
Chesterton, by Cemetery 07:0519:05
Cirencester, nr College 07:0719:07
Cirencester, opp Old Station Car Park 07:1019:10
Cirencester, o/s Bingham House 07:1219:12

Cirencester - Swindon

Cirencester, opp The Forum 06:57then hourly until17:5718:5719:57
Cirencester, by Cotswold Mill 06:5917:5918:5919:59
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 07:0018:0019:0020:00
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 07:0118:0119:0120:01
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 07:0218:0219:0220:02
Chesterton, nr Cemetery 07:0318:0319:0320:03
Chesterton, opp Shops 07:0418:0419:0420:04
Watermoor, by Meadow Court 07:0518:0519:0520:05
Cirencester, before Midland Road 07:0618:0619:0520:05
Cirencester, opp Bridge Close 07:0718:0719:0620:06
Cirencester, opp Ermin Place 07:0718:0719:0720:07
Cirencester, before Cherry Tree Drive 07:0818:0819:0720:07
Siddington, by Church Avenue 07:0918:0919:0820:08
Siddington, before Post Office 07:0918:0919:0820:08
Siddington, opp Village Hall 07:1018:1019:0920:09
Siddington, opp Nursery View 07:1118:1119:1020:10
Siddington, o/s Batesmans Cottages 07:1418:1419:1220:12
S Cerney, nr Cross Roads Farm 07:1618:1619:1420:14
S Cerney, nr Royal Oak 07:1718:1719:1620:16
S Cerney, after Cross 07:1918:1919:1720:17
S Cerney The Lennards (corner of) 07:1918:1919:1720:17
S Cerney, before Kingfisher Place 07:1918:1919:1720:17
S Cerney, opp The Watermark Spring Lake 07:2018:2019:1820:18
S Cerney Outdoor Education Centre (corner of) 07:2118:2119:1920:19
Cerney Wick Gateway Centre (E-bound) 07:2218:2219:2020:20
Latton Cerney Wick Turn (SE-bound) 07:2418:2419:2220:22
Latton Shelter (SE-bound) 07:2718:2719:2520:25
Cricklade Stockham Close (W-bound) 07:3318:3319:3020:30
Cricklade High Street (W-bound) 07:3418:3419:3120:31
Cricklade Turning Circle (NW-bound) 07:3518:3519:3220:32
Cricklade High Street (E-bound) 07:3518:3519:3220:32
Cricklade Stockham Close (E-bound) 07:3618:3619:3320:33
Calcutt Castle Eaton Turn (SE-bound) 07:4018:4019:3720:37
Groundwell West (S-bound) 07:4718:4719:4420:44
Penhill Grafton Road (SE-bound) 07:4818:4819:4520:45
Penhill Queensfield (SE-bound) 07:4818:4819:4520:45
Penhill Bradley Road (S-bound) 07:5018:5019:4620:46
Pinehurst Stratton Cross Roads (S-bound) 07:5118:5119:4720:47
Pinehurst Wheeler Avenue (S-bound) 07:5118:5119:4820:48
Swindon County Road Corner (W-bound) 07:5818:5819:5320:53
Swindon Gladstone Street (W-bound) 07:5818:5819:5320:53
Swindon Bus Station (Bay 1) 08:0019:0019:5520:55

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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