51X - Eastbourne - Heathfield

A service operated by Stagecoach in Eastbourne


Eastbourne - Heathfield

Roselands, adj Bus Garage 05:3506:14
Roselands, o/s Brewers 05:3506:14
Roselands, adj Alexandra Arms 05:3706:16
Roselands, adj Winchelsea Road 05:3706:16
Roselands, opp The Archery 05:3906:18
Roselands, adj Beach Road 05:4006:19
Roselands, adj Carlton Road 05:4006:19
Eastbourne, adj Christ Church 05:4206:21
Eastbourne, adj Leaf Hall Road 05:4306:22
Eastbourne, opp Hippodrome 05:4406:23
Eastbourne, opp Ceylon Place 05:4506:24
Eastbourne, o/s Bingo Hall 05:4606:25
Eastbourne Memorial Roundabout (Stop M1) 05:4806:27
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (Stop G2) 05:5006:29
Upperton, adj The Goffs 05:5206:31
Upperton, adj Henleaze 05:5206:31
Upperton, adj Moat Croft Road 05:5206:31
Upperton, opp Selwyn Road 05:5306:32
Upperton, opp The Hurst Arms 05:5406:33
Downside Rodmill Drive Top (NE-bound) 05:5506:34
Upperton, adj Rutland Close 05:5606:35
Upperton, opp District General Hospital 05:5806:37
Upperton, adj Selmeston Road 05:5806:37
Upperton, adj Park Avenue 05:5806:37
Willingdon, opp Woodland Avenue 05:5906:38
Willingdon Church Street (NW-bound) 06:0106:40
Willingdon, adj Coopers Hill 06:0206:41
Lower Willingdon, adj The Triangle 06:0306:42
Lower Willingdon, adj Thurrock Close 06:0306:42
Lower Willingdon, adj Broad Road end 06:0406:43
Polegate, opp Brightling Road 06:0506:44
Polegate, opp St George's Church 06:0506:45
Coppards, adj Natewood 06:0906:50
Coppards, opp Woodside Hall 06:1106:53
Hailsham, opp Ingrams Way 06:1306:56
Hailsham, adj Ropemaker Park 06:1406:57
Hailsham, opp Gordon Road 06:1406:57
Hailsham, o/s Tesco 06:1606:59
Hailsham Old Railway Bridge (NW-bound) 06:1606:59
Hailsham, adj Grovelands Road 06:1707:00
Hailsham, adj Goodwin Close 06:1907:02
Hailsham, adj Stroma Gardens 06:1907:02
Upper Horsebridge, opp Manor Park Road 06:2007:03
Lower Horsebridge North Street (N-bound) 06:2107:04
Hellingly, opp Village Hall 06:2207:06
Hellingly, opp Vicarage Lane 06:2307:07
Burlow, adj Wellshurst Golf Club 06:2407:08
Burlow, adj Swansbrook Lane 06:2507:09
Horam, adj The May Garland Inn 06:2707:11
Horam, adj Merrydown Village 06:2807:12
Horam, opp Vines Cross Road 06:2807:12
Maynard’s Green, o/s Primary School 06:3007:14
Maynard’s Green, adj West Street Lane 06:3007:14
Maynard’s Green, opp Runt in Tun 06:3107:16
Sandy Cross, adj Ghyll Road 06:3207:17
Sandy Cross Lane (opp) 06:3307:18
Heathfield, adj Holly Drive 06:3307:19
The Heathfield Tavern (adj) 06:3407:20
Heathfield, adj Collingwood Avenue 06:3407:20
Heathfield, adj Downsview 06:3507:21
Heathfield, opp St Catherine's Church 06:3607:22
Heathfield, adj Marshlands Lane 06:3607:23
Heathfield, opp Streatfield Road 06:3707:24
Heathfield, adj Fire Station 06:3807:25

Heathfield - Eastbourne

Heathfield, adj Streatfield Road 08:00
Heathfield, opp Marshlands Lane 08:00
Heathfield, opp Downsview 08:01
Heathfield, opp Collingwood Avenue 08:02
The Heathfield Tavern (opp) 08:03
Heathfield, opp Holly Drive 08:03
Sandy Cross Lane (adj) 08:04
Maynard’s Green, adj Runt in Tun 08:05
Maynard’s Green, opp West Street Lane 08:07
Maynard’s Green, opp Primary School 08:08
Horam, adj Vines Cross Road 08:10
Horam, opp Merrydown Village 08:12
Horam, opp The May Garland Inn 08:12
Burlow, opp Swansbrook Lane 08:14
Burlow, opp Wellshurst Golf Club 08:15
Hellingly, adj Vicarage Lane 08:16
Hellingly, adj Village Hall 08:18
Lower Horsebridge North Street (S-bound) 08:19
Upper Horsebridge, adj Manor Park Road 08:21
Hailsham, opp Stroma Gardens 08:22
Hailsham, opp Goodwin Close 08:23
Hailsham, opp Grovelands Road 08:28
Hailsham Old Railway Bridge (SE-bound) 08:32
Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 08:35
Hailsham, o/s Police Station 08:35
Hailsham, adj Church 08:36
Hailsham, opp Diplocks Way 08:36
Hailsham, adj Ingrams Way 08:37
Coppards, adj Woodside Hall 08:40
Coppards, opp Natewood 08:41
Polegate Cophall Roundabout (S-bound) 08:44
Polegate, adj St George's Church 08:47
Polegate, adj Brightling Road 08:47
Lower Willingdon, opp Broad Road end 08:48
Lower Willingdon, opp Thurrock Close 08:49
Lower Willingdon, opp The Triangle 08:50
Willingdon, opp Coopers Hill 08:51
Willingdon Church Street (SE-bound) 08:52
Willingdon, adj Woodland Avenue 08:54
Upperton, opp Selmeston Road 08:56
Upperton, adj District General Hospital 08:58
Upperton, opp Rutland Close 09:00
Upperton, adj The Hurst Arms 09:01
Upperton, adj Selwyn Road 09:03
Upperton, opp Moat Croft Road 09:05
Upperton, opp Henleaze 09:06
Eastbourne, adj Hartfield Road 09:07
Eastbourne Railway Station (Stop R2) 09:08
Eastbourne Terminus Road (arrivals) 09:10

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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