56 - Old Bosham - Chichester

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South

Chichester St Pancras - Southbourne The Bourne Community College

Chichester St Pancras (NE-bound) 07:0810:0811:3312:5815:5317:1818:33
Chichester, adj Farndell Close 07:1010:1111:3613:0115:5617:2118:35
Chichester, adj Victoria Road 07:1110:1211:3713:0215:5717:2218:36
Chichester Oving Road (o/s 90) 07:1210:1311:3813:0315:5817:2318:36
Chichester Charles Avenue North (SW-bound) 07:1310:1411:3913:0415:5917:2418:36
Chichester Charles Avenue (o/s 157) 07:1310:1411:3913:0415:5917:2418:37
Chichester Osborne Crescent (o/s 64) 07:1410:1511:4013:0516:0017:2518:37
Chichester Windsor Road (o/s 30) 07:1510:1611:4113:0616:0117:2618:38
Chichester, opp Gilmore Road 07:1710:1811:4313:0816:0317:2818:39
Chichester Florence Road (just after) 07:1710:1811:4313:0816:0317:2818:40
Chichester Pound Farm Road (W-bound) 07:1810:2011:4513:1016:0517:3018:41
Chichester The Hornet (W-bound) 07:1910:2111:4613:1116:0617:3118:41
Chichester Market (Stop M) 07:2010:2311:4813:1316:0817:3318:43
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop G) 07:2110:2411:4913:1416:0917:3418:44
Chichester Bus Station (Bay 7) 07:23p10:26p11:51p13:16p16:11p17:36p18:45
Chichester South Street (Stop D) 07:2708:5210:3211:5713:2214:2216:1717:42
Chichester Cathedral (Stop C1) 07:2908:5410:3411:5913:2414:2416:1917:44
Chichester, opp Parklands Road 07:3108:5610:3612:0113:2614:2616:2117:46
Chichester, opp Sherborne Road 07:3208:5710:3712:0213:2714:2716:2217:47
Fishbourne, adj Tesco Footpath 07:3409:0010:4012:0513:3014:3016:2517:50
Fishbourne, adj Frederick Road 07:3509:0110:4112:0613:3114:3116:2617:51
Fishbourne, after Clay Lane 07:3709:0310:4312:0813:3314:3316:2817:53
Fishbourne, adj Deeside Avenue 07:3809:0410:4412:0913:3414:3416:2917:54
Fishbourne, adj Roman Way 07:3909:0510:4512:1013:3514:3516:3017:55
Fishbourne, opp Salthill Road 07:3909:0510:4512:1013:3514:3516:3017:55
Fishbourne, opp Blackboy Lane 07:4009:0610:4612:1113:3614:3616:3117:56
Fishbourne, adj Garden Centre 07:4009:0710:4712:1213:3714:3716:3217:57
Bosham, adj Chequer Lane 07:4109:0810:4812:1313:3814:3816:3317:58
Broadbridge, adj Walton Lane 07:4209:0910:4912:1413:3914:3916:3417:59
Broadbridge, adj The White Swan 07:43
Broadbridge, opp The White Swan 09:1010:5012:1513:4014:4016:3518:00
Bosham County Primary School (adj) 07:47
Bosham, opp Co-op 09:1110:5112:1613:4116:3618:01
Bosham, opp Green Lane 07:48
Bosham, adj Green Lane 09:1210:5212:1713:4216:3718:02
Bosham, adj Southfield House 07:48
Bosham, opp The Berkeley Arms 09:1310:5312:1813:4316:3818:03
Bosham, adj Co-op 07:49
Bosham, adj Sunny Way 09:1410:5412:1913:4416:3918:04
Broadbridge, o/s Berrymead Cottages 07:5114:41
Bosham, in Car Park 09:1510:5512:2013:4516:4018:05
Bosham, opp Newells Lane 07:5314:43
Chidham, opp Cockleberry Farm 07:5414:44
Chidham, opp Drift Lane 07:5514:44
Nutbourne, adj The Barleycorn 07:5614:46
Nutbourne, opp Pottery Lane 07:5714:46
Nutbourne, opp Hamcroft 07:5814:47
Nutbourne, adj Farm Lane 07:5914:48
Southbourne, opp Inlands Road 08:0014:49
Southbourne, opp The Travellers Joy 08:0014:49
Southbourne Railway Station (opp) 08:0114:50
Southbourne, o/s The Bourne Community College 08:0314:52

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Southbourne The Bourne Community College - Chichester St Pancras

Southbourne, o/s The Bourne Community College 14:55
Southbourne Railway Station (adj) 14:57
Southbourne, adj The Travellers Joy 14:57
Southbourne, adj Inlands Road 14:58
Nutbourne, opp Farm Lane 14:59
Nutbourne, adj Hamcroft 15:00
Nutbourne, adj Pottery Lane 15:01
Nutbourne, opp The Barleycorn 15:02
Chidham, adj Drift Lane 15:02
Chidham, adj Cockleberry Farm 15:03
Bosham, adj Newells Lane 15:04
Broadbridge, opp Berrymead Cottages 15:06
Broadbridge, adj The White Swan 15:07
Broadbridge, opp Walton Lane 15:08
Bosham County Primary School (adj) 15:11
Bosham, opp The Berkeley Arms 15:14
Bosham, adj Sunny Way 15:17
Bosham, in Car Park 08:2009:3011:0012:2513:5015:2016:4518:10
Bosham, opp Sunny Way 08:2109:3111:0112:2613:5115:2116:4618:11
Bosham, adj The Berkeley Arms 08:2209:3211:0212:2713:5215:2216:4718:12
Bosham, opp Green Lane 08:2309:3311:0312:2813:5315:2316:4818:12
Bosham, adj Southfield House 08:2309:3411:0312:2813:5315:2316:4818:12
Bosham, adj Co-op 08:2409:3511:0412:2913:5415:2416:4918:13
Broadbridge, adj The White Swan 08:2509:3611:0512:3013:5515:2516:5018:14
Broadbridge, opp Walton Lane 08:2609:3711:0612:3113:5615:2616:5118:14
Bosham, opp Chequer Lane 08:2709:3811:0712:3213:5715:2716:5218:15
Fishbourne, opp Garden Centre 08:2809:3911:0712:3213:5715:2716:5218:15
Fishbourne, adj Blackboy Lane 08:2909:4111:0812:3313:5815:2816:5318:16
Fishbourne, adj Salthill Road 08:3009:4111:0912:3413:5915:2916:5418:16
Fishbourne, opp Roman Way 08:3009:4211:0912:3413:5915:2916:5418:17
Fishbourne, opp Deeside Avenue 08:3109:4311:1012:3514:0015:3016:5518:17
Fishbourne, before Clay Lane 08:3209:4411:1112:3614:0115:3116:5618:18
Fishbourne, opp Frederick Road 08:3509:4711:1312:3814:0315:3316:5818:20
Fishbourne, opp Appledram Lane North 08:3609:4811:1412:3914:0415:3416:5918:21
Fishbourne, opp Tesco Footpath 08:3609:4811:1412:3914:0415:3416:5918:21
Chichester, adj Sherborne Road 08:3909:5111:1712:4214:0715:3717:0218:23
Chichester, adj Parklands Road 08:4109:5211:1812:4314:0815:3817:0318:23
Chichester Cathedral (Stop P) 08:4409:5511:2012:4514:1015:4017:0518:25
Chichester South Street (Stop E) 08:4509:5611:2112:4614:1115:4117:0618:26
Chichester Bus Station (Bay 7) 08:4809:59p11:24p12:49p14:1415:44p17:09p18:28p
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop I) 07:0610:0511:3012:5515:5017:1518:31
Chichester Market (Stop L) 07:0710:0611:3112:5615:5117:1618:32
Chichester St Pancras (NE-bound) 07:0810:0811:3312:5815:5317:1818:33

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

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