56 - Salisbury - Boynton - Warminster

A bus service operated by Beeline Coaches

Salisbury - Boynton - Warminster, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday only

Warminster - Boynton - Salisbury, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday only

Warminster, o/s Broadway Roundabout 09:10
Warminster Azalea Drive (N-bound) 09:13
Warminster Were Close (E-bound) 09:15
Warminster Grovelands Roundabout (S-bound) 09:16
Warminster George Street Place (E-bound) 09:18
Warminster Market Place (E-bound) 09:20
Warminster Esso Garage (SE-bound) 09:20
Warminster Highbury Park (E-bound) 09:21
Boreham Bradfield Close (E-bound) 09:21
Boreham Smallbrook Lane (SE-bound) 09:22
Bishopstrow Eastleigh Stables (S-bound) 09:25
Sutton Veny, o/s The Lodge 09:27
Sutton Veny The Woolpack (SE-bound) 09:28
Sutton Veny Dymocks Lane (E-bound) 09:28
Sutton Veny Bus Shelter (NW-bound) 09:30
Sutton Veny Church of St John (SE-bound) 09:30
Tytherington Church (E-bound) 09:35
Corton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 09:40
Boyton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 09:42
Sherrington Village (SE-bound) 09:44
Stockton Carriers Arms (E-bound) 09:50
Bapton Watermeadow Lane (E-bound) 09:55
Wylye, opp Wylie Terrace 10:00
Hanging Langford Duck Street (SE-bound) 10:05
Little Langford The Farm (E-bound) 10:10
Great Wishford St Giles Church (S-bound) 10:15
Stoford, opp Village Hall 10:18
South Newton Bus Shelter (S-bound) 10:20
South Newton East End (SE-bound) 10:21
South Newton, o/s White Cottages 10:22
Quidhampton Plough Cottage (S-bound) 10:23
Wilton, o/s Kingsway Trading Estate 10:24
Wilton Shopping Village (E-bound) 10:25
Wilton Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:26
Wilton Fugglestone (E-bound) 10:26
Quidhampton Park Wall Junction (E-bound) 10:27
Quidhampton White Horse Gate (E-bound) 10:27
Quidhampton Foots Hill (E-bound) 10:28
Bemerton Skew Bridge (E-bound) 10:30
Bemerton Canadian Avenue (SE-bound) 10:30
Salisbury Charnwood Road (E-bound) 10:31
Salisbury Finchley Road (E-bound) 10:31
Salisbury Fountain Way (E-bound) 10:31
Salisbury Windsor Street (E-bound) 10:32
Salisbury St Paul's Church (SE-bound) 10:32
Salisbury Hayters Almshouses (E-bound) 10:33
Salisbury United Reform Church (SE-bound) 10:33
Salisbury Coach Stop (SW-bound) 10:35

Timetable data from Beeline Coaches/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 18 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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