6 - Southampton - Totton - Lyndhurst - Lymington

A bus service operated by Bluestar

Southampton - Totton - Lyndhurst - Lymington

Southampton WestQuay (Stop BS) 11:2013:2015:2017:2018:50
Southampton ASDA & Marlands (N-bound) 11:2113:2115:2117:2118:51
Southampton SeaCity Museum (Stop AL) 11:2213:2215:2217:2218:52
Southampton Central Station (Stop SB) 11:2413:2415:2417:2418:54
Freemantle Four Post Hill (NW-bound) 11:2413:2415:2417:2418:54
Freemantle Queenstown Road (W-bound) 11:2613:2615:2617:2618:56
Freemantle Christ Church (W-bound) 11:2613:2615:2617:2618:56
Freemantle Millbrook Station (NW-bound) 11:2813:2815:2817:2818:58
Millbrook Regents Park Road (W-bound) 11:2913:2915:2917:2918:59
Millbrook King Georges Avenue (NW-bound) 11:3013:3015:3017:3019:00
Millbrook Roundabout (NW-bound) 11:3213:3215:3217:3219:02
Redbridge, opp Parkside Avenue 11:3213:3215:3217:3219:02
Redbridge Roundabout (NW-bound) 11:3313:3315:3317:3319:03
Totton Station (Stop D) 11:3613:3615:3617:3619:05
Totton St Theresas Church (Stop C) 11:3713:3715:3717:3719:06
Totton Asda (Stop A) 11:3713:3715:3717:3719:06
Totton Batts Corner (SE-bound) 11:3913:3915:3917:3919:09
Rushington Bartram Road (SW-bound) 11:4013:4015:4017:4019:10
Totton Rushington Roundabout (SW-bound) 11:4113:4115:4117:4119:11
Rushington, opp Culford Way 11:4313:4315:4317:4319:12
Rushington Manor Close (SW-bound) 11:4413:4415:4417:4419:13
Rushington, adj Spicers Way 11:4513:4515:4517:4519:14
Rushington, opp Mill Way 11:4613:4615:4617:4619:16
Hounsdown, nr Ibbotson Way 11:4713:4715:4717:4719:17
Foxhills (NW-bound) 11:4813:4815:4817:4819:18
Foxhills School (SW-bound) 11:4913:4915:4917:4919:18
Foxhills Close (SW-bound) 11:5013:5015:5017:5019:19
Foxhills Whartons Lane (W-bound) 11:5113:5115:5117:5119:20
Foxhills, adj Dene Way 11:5213:5215:5217:5219:20
Ashurst, adj Ash Grove 11:5313:5315:5317:5319:21
Foxhills Lyndhurst Road (SE-bound) 11:5313:5315:5317:5319:22
Ashurst, opposite Co-Op 11:5413:5415:5417:5419:22
Ashurst, adj Shopping Parade 11:5513:5515:5517:5519:23
Ashurst Railway Station (SW-bound) 11:5513:5515:5517:5519:23
Ashurst Lodge (SW-bound) 11:5613:5615:5617:5619:24
Ashurst Lodgehill Cottage (SW-bound) 11:5713:5715:5717:5719:25
Lyndhurst, opp Thatched Cottage Park 11:5913:5915:5917:5919:27
Lyndhurst Queens Road (SW-bound) 11:5913:5915:5917:5919:27
Lyndhurst, opp Fire Station 12:0014:0016:0018:0019:28
Goose Green Foxlease (S-bound) 12:0114:0116:0118:0119:29
Clayhill The Crown Stirrup (S-bound) 12:0214:0216:0218:0219:29
Clayhill, opp Clay Hill Schools 12:0214:0216:0218:0219:29
Balmer Lawn New Park (S-bound) 12:0614:0616:0618:0619:32
Balmer Lawn Hotel (S-bound) 12:0914:0916:0918:0919:34
Brockenhurst College (adj) 12:1014:1016:1018:1019:35
Brockenhurst Station (S-bound) 12:1214:1216:1218:1219:36
Brockenhurst, opp The Foresters Arms 12:1214:1216:1218:1219:36
Brockenhurst, adj Gates Garage 12:1314:1316:1318:1319:37
South Weirs, opp Brockenhurst Primary School 12:1314:1316:1318:1319:37
South Weirs, adj Collyers Road 12:1414:1416:1418:1419:38
Setley, opp Brockenhurst Golf Club 12:1514:1516:1518:1519:39
Setley, adj Latchmoor Corner 12:1614:1616:1618:1619:40
Setley The Filly Inn (SE-bound) 12:1814:1816:1818:1819:41
Setley House (SE-bound) 12:1814:1816:1818:1819:42
Battramsley, adj The Spinney 12:1914:1916:1918:1919:42
Battramsley, adj Rosie Lea House 12:2014:2016:2018:2019:43
Battramsley Cross Boldre Grange (SE-bound) 12:2014:2016:2018:2019:43
Boldre Battramsley Cross (S-bound) 12:2114:2116:2118:2119:44
Lower Buckland, adj Ricardo Way 12:2314:2316:2318:2319:46
Lower Buckland Lymington New Forest Hospital (W-bound) 12:2514:2516:2518:2519:47
Lower Buckland, opp Ricardo Way 12:2614:2616:2618:2619:48
Lower Buckland, opp The Monkey House 12:2814:2816:2818:2819:49
Lower Buckland Alexandra Road (S-bound) 12:2814:2816:2818:2819:50
Lymington Queen Elizabeth Avenue (S-bound) 12:2914:2916:2918:2919:51
Lymington, o/s Sports Ground 12:3014:3016:3018:3019:51
Lymington, opp Main Post Office 12:3214:3216:3218:3219:53
Lymington, opp Station Street 12:3414:3416:3418:3419:55

Lymington - Lyndhurst - Totton - Southampton

Lymington, adj Station Street 09:4011:4013:4015:4017:25
Lymington Main Post Office (o/s Peacocks) 09:4211:4213:4215:4217:27
Lymington Priestlands Place (SW-bound) 09:4611:4613:4615:4617:31
Lymington, opp Sports Ground 09:4611:4613:4615:4617:31
Lymington Queen Elizabeth Avenue (N-bound) 09:4711:4713:4715:4717:32
Lower Buckland Alexandra Road (N-bound) 09:4711:4713:4715:4717:33
Lower Buckland, adj The Monkey House 09:4811:4813:4815:4817:34
Lower Buckland, adj Ricardo Way 09:5011:5013:5015:5017:36
Lower Buckland Lymington New Forest Hospital (W-bound) 09:5211:5213:5215:5217:38
Lower Buckland, opp Ricardo Way 09:5211:5213:5215:5217:38
Boldre Battramsley Cross (N-bound) 09:5511:5513:5515:5517:41
Battramsley Cross Boldre Grange (NW-bound) 09:5511:5513:5515:5517:41
Battramsley, opp Rosie Lea House 09:5611:5613:5615:5617:42
Battramsley, opp The Spinney 09:5611:5613:5615:5617:42
Setley House (NW-bound) 09:5711:5713:5715:5717:43
Setley The Filly Inn (NW-bound) 09:5811:5813:5815:5817:44
Setley, opp Latchmoor Corner 10:0012:0014:0016:0017:45
Setley Brockenhurst Golf Club (Entrance) 10:0212:0214:0216:0217:46
South Weirs, opp Collyers Road 10:0312:0314:0316:0317:48
South Weirs, adj Brockenhurst Primary School 10:0412:0414:0416:0417:48
Brockenhurst, opp Gates Garage 10:0512:0514:0516:0517:49
Brockenhurst Station (S-bound) 10:0712:0714:0716:0717:51
Brockenhurst College (opp) 10:0812:0814:0816:0817:52
Balmer Lawn Hotel (N-bound) 10:0912:0914:0916:0917:53
Balmer Lawn New Park (N-bound) 10:1112:1114:1116:1117:55
Clayhill, nr Clay Hill Schools 10:1512:1514:1516:1517:58
Clayhill The Crown Stirrup (N-bound) 10:1512:1514:1516:1517:58
Goose Green Foxlease (N-bound) 10:1612:1614:1616:1617:59
Lyndhurst Goose Green (NW-bound) 10:1612:1614:1616:1617:59
Lyndhurst The Crown Hotel (E-bound) 10:1812:1814:1816:1818:01
Lyndhurst, adj Fire Station 10:2212:2214:2216:2218:03
Lyndhurst Queens Road (NE-bound) 10:2212:2214:2216:2218:03
Lyndhurst, adj Thatched Cottage Park 10:2212:2214:2216:2218:03
Ashurst Lodgehill Cottage (NE-bound) 10:2312:2314:2316:2318:04
Ashurst Lodge (NE-bound) 10:2412:2414:2416:2418:05
Ashurst Railway Station (NE-bound) 10:2512:2514:2516:2518:06
Ashurst, opp Shopping Parade 10:2612:2614:2616:2618:07
Ashurst Co-Op (adjacent) 10:2612:2614:2616:2618:07
Ashurst, opp Ash Grove 10:2812:2814:2816:2818:09
Foxhills, opp Dene Way 10:2912:2914:2916:2918:10
Foxhills Whartons Lane (E-bound) 10:3112:3114:3116:3118:12
Foxhills Close (NE-bound) 10:3112:3114:3116:3118:12
Foxhills School (NE-bound) 10:3212:3214:3216:3218:13
Foxhills (SE-bound) 10:3312:3314:3316:3318:14
Hounsdown, adj Ibbotson Way 10:3512:3514:3516:3518:16
Rushington Mill Way (NE-bound) 10:3512:3514:3516:3518:16
Rushington, nr Spicers Way 10:3712:3714:3716:3718:17
Rushington Manor Close (NE-bound) 10:3812:3814:3816:3818:18
Rushington, adj Culford Way 10:3912:3914:3916:3918:19
Totton Rushington Roundabout (NE-bound) 10:4012:4014:4016:4018:20
Totton Brokenford Lane (NE-bound) 10:4012:4014:4016:4018:20
Totton Batts Corner (NW-bound) 10:4112:4114:4116:4118:21
Totton Shopping Centre (Stop B) 10:4412:4414:4416:4418:24
Totton Station (Stop E) 10:4512:4514:4516:4518:25
Redbridge Roundabout (E-bound) 10:4812:4814:4816:4818:28
Redbridge School (SE-bound) 10:4912:4914:4916:4918:29
Redbridge, adj Parkside Avenue 10:4912:4914:4916:4918:29
Millbrook Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:5012:5014:5016:5018:30
Millbrook King Georges Avenue (E-bound) 10:5212:5214:5216:5218:31
Millbrook Regents Park Road (E-bound) 10:5212:5214:5216:5218:32
Freemantle, adj Waterhouse Lane 10:5412:5414:5416:5418:33
Freemantle Millbrook Station (SE-bound) 10:5412:5414:5416:5418:34
Freemantle Christ Church (E-bound) 10:5612:5614:5616:5618:35
Freemantle Queenstown Road (E-bound) 10:5712:5714:5716:5718:36
Freemantle Wellington Court (E-bound) 10:5712:5714:5716:5718:37
Freemantle Four Post Hill (SE-bound) 10:5812:5814:5816:5818:37
Southampton Central Station (Stop SD) 11:0013:0015:0017:0018:39
Southampton SeaCity Museum (Stop AM) 11:0213:0215:0217:0218:41
Southampton Marlands (Stop AK) 11:0313:0315:0317:0318:42
Southampton WestQuay (Stop BP) 11:0513:0515:0517:0518:43

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