608 - Cheltenham - Chipping Campden - Mickleton

A bus service operated by Pulhams Coaches



Cheltenham - Chipping Campden - Mickleton

Mickleton, opp Meon Road 09:00
Mickleton, opp Three Ways Hotel 09:00
Mickleton, by King's Arms 09:00
Mickleton, opp Pound Lane 09:00
Chipping Campden, opp Attlepin Turn 09:03
Chipping Campden, by Paul's Pike House 09:03
Chipping Campden, after The Bratches 09:04
Chipping Campden, after Cidermill Lane 09:04
Chipping Campden, o/s Noel Arms Hotel 09:05
Chipping Campden, nr Westington Corner 09:05
Chipping Campden, opp Fire Station 09:06
Broad Campden, by Bakers' Arms 09:07
Blockley, by Northwick Park 09:10
Draycott, by Northwick Crossroads 09:12
Aston Magna, opp Phone Box 09:16
Aston Magna, on Church View 09:17
Aston Magna, nr Phone Box 09:18
Draycott, opp Wydelands 09:25
Draycott, by Business Centre 09:26
Blockley, opp Cemetery 09:32
Blockley, nr War Memorial 09:32
Blockley, opp Village Green 09:33
Bourton-on-the-Hill, nr Garage 09:37
Bourton-on-the-Hill, opp St Lawrence's Church 09:39
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by Fenhill Close 09:40
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by St Lawrence's Church 09:40
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by Garage 09:40
Blockley, nr Trooper's Lodge 09:40
Blockley, by Foresters Cottages 09:41
Chipping Campden, nr Springhill Lodge 09:42
Chipping Campden, opp Tilbury Hollow 09:44
Chipping Campden, by Broadway Tower Country Park 09:44
Broadway, opp Fish Hill Picnic Area 09:44
Broadway, adj Sandscroft Avenue 09:46
Broadway, adj Wells Gardens 09:46
Broadway, adj Colletts Fields 09:46
Broadway, adj Clock 09:46
Broadway, opp The Lygon Arms 09:47
Broadway, adj Lifford Hall 09:47
Childswickham, adj Broadway Park 09:50
Childswickham, adj Village Hall 09:51
Childswickham, adj Farmers Lane 09:51
Buckland Fields (before) 09:52
Aston Somerville, adj School Road 09:54
Wormington, by Three Ways South 09:56
Wormington Manor (by) 09:56
Wormington, by St Catherine's Church 09:57
Dumbleton, by St Peter's Church 10:04
Dumbleton, opp Blacksmiths Lane 10:05
Dumbleton, nr Bank Farm Turn 10:05
Great Washbourne, opp Church Lane 10:16
Alderton, opp Gardeners Arms 10:17
Alderton, on Cambridge Square 10:18
Alderton, opp Village Store 10:18
Alderton, after War Memorial 10:18
Alderton Garage (by) 10:19
Little Washbourne, opp The Hobnails 10:20
Little Washbourne Turn (opp) 10:21
Alstone, by Bus Shelter 10:23
Teddington, opp Village Hall 10:25
Oxenton Turn (on) 10:28
Woolstone Turn (corner of) 10:28
Gotherington Cross (just after) 10:29
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Farmers' Arms 10:30
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Stoke Road 10:32
Bishop’s Cleeve, after The Nurseries 10:34
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Smith's Industries North 10:35
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Southam Lane 10:36
Cheltenham, after Racecourse Roundabout 10:40
Cheltenham, before Pittville Pump Room 10:41
Cheltenham, o/s Pittville Park 10:41
Cheltenham, after Wellington Road 10:42
Cheltenham Pittville Street (Stop 17) 10:43
Cheltenham Royal Well Bus Station (Bay C) 10:47
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council
Concessionary Passes are valid from this stop

Mickleton - Chipping Campden - Cheltenham

Cheltenham Royal Well Bus Station (Bay C) 13:15
Cheltenham, after Boots Corner 13:16
Cheltenham, by Anlaby Court 13:17
Cheltenham, opp Pittville Park 13:18
Cheltenham, after Pittville Pump Room 13:19
Cheltenham, before Racecourse Roundabout 13:20
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Hyde Lane 13:24
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Smiths Industries 13:25
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp The Nurseries 13:27
Bishop’s Cleeve, by Stoke Road 13:30
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Farmers' Arms 13:31
Gotherington Cross (after) 13:32
Woolstone Turn (opp) 13:33
Oxenton Turn (after) 13:34
Teddington, o/s Village Hall 13:37
Alstone, opp Bus Shelter 13:39
Little Washbourne Turn (by) 13:40
Little Washbourne, by The Hobnails 13:41
Alderton Garage (opp) 13:42
Alderton, in Cambridge Square 13:44
Alderton, by Gardeners Arms 13:44
Great Washbourne, by Church Lane 13:46
Grafton, adj Hillview Cottages 13:49
Dumbleton, by Bank Farm Turn 13:54
Dumbleton Blacksmiths Lane (corner of) 13:55
Dumbleton, opp St Peter's Church 13:55
Wormington, nr St Catherine's Church 14:03
Wormington Manor (opp) 14:03
Wormington, nr Three Ways North 14:03
Aston Somerville, opp School Road 14:06
Buckland Fields (opp) 14:08
Childswickham, adj Farmers Lane 14:08
Childswickham, adj Village Hall 14:09
Childswickham, adj Broadway Park 14:12
Broadway, opp Lifford Hall 14:14
Broadway, adj The Lygon Arms 14:15
Broadway, opp Clock 14:15
Broadway, opp Colletts Fields 14:15
Broadway, opp Wells Gardens 14:15
Broadway, opp Sandscroft Avenue 14:15
Chipping Campden, nr Broadway Tower Country Park 14:17
Chipping Campden, by Tilbury Hollow 14:18
Chipping Campden, by Springhill Lodge 14:20
Blockley, opp Foresters Cottages 14:20
Blockley, by Trooper's Lodge 14:21
Bourton-on-the-Hill, nr Garage 14:21s
Bourton-on-the-Hill, opp St Lawrence's Church 14:21s
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by Fenhill Close 14:22s
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by St Lawrence's Church 14:22
Bourton-on-the-Hill, by Garage 14:24s
Blockley, o/s Village Green 14:29
Blockley, nr War Memorial 14:29
Blockley, o/s Cemetery 14:30
Draycott, nr Business Centre 14:35s
Draycott Wydelands (corner of) 14:37s
Aston Magna, opp Phone Box 14:43s
Aston Magna, on Church View 14:45s
Aston Magna, nr Phone Box 14:45s
Draycott, opp Wydelands 14:48s
Draycott, nr Northwick Crossroads 14:49s
Blockley, nr Northwick Park 14:51
Broad Campden, opp Bakers' Arms 14:54
Chipping Campden, o/s Fire Station 14:55
Chipping Campden, by Westington Corner 14:56
Chipping Campden, o/s Town Hall 14:57
Chipping Campden, before Cidermill Lane 14:57
Chipping Campden, opp The Bratches 14:57
Chipping Campden, nr Paul's Pike House 14:58
Chipping Campden, by Attlepin Turn 14:58
Mickleton, after Pound Lane 15:01
Mickleton, opp King's Arms 15:01
Mickleton, before Three Ways Hotel 15:01
Mickleton, nr Meon Road 15:02
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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