620 - Old Sodbury - Yate - Bath

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West

Stop Closure: Sunningdale
09:30–15:30, 1 March 2024

Stop will be closed between 9:30 - 3:30 on 1 March 2024

Old Sodbury The Cross Hands - Bath City Centre Bus Station

Old Sodbury The Cross Hands (E-bound) 06:1507:1509:1512:1515:15
Old Sodbury Camers (N-bound) 06:1607:1609:1612:1615:16
Old Sodbury The Dog Inn (W-bound) 06:1707:1709:1812:1715:18
Old Sodbury Commonmead Lane (W-bound) 06:1807:1809:1812:1815:18
Chipping Sodbury Colts Green (W-bound) 06:1907:1909:1912:1915:19
Chipping Sodbury The Bell Hotel (W-bound) 06:2007:2009:2012:2015:20
Chipping Sodbury Kingrove Crescent (SW-bound) 06:2107:2109:2112:2115:21
Chipping Sodbury The Boot (NW-bound) 06:2107:2109:2112:2115:21
Chipping Sodbury The Clock (W-bound) 06:2307:2309:2312:2315:23
Chipping Sodbury School (N-bound) 15:27
Chipping Sodbury Bowling Hill (NW-bound) 06:2407:2409:2412:2415:28
Yate The Ridge (NW-bound) 06:2407:2409:2412:2415:29
Yate Shopping Centre (Stop A) 06:2607:2609:2612:2615:31
Chipping Sodbury Mallard Close (S-bound) 06:3107:3109:3112:31
Yate Wentworth (SW-bound) 15:36
Chipping Sodbury Goldcrest Road (W-bound) 06:3307:3309:3312:33
Yate Sunningdale (S-bound) 15:38
Yate Dovecote (W-bound) 06:3407:3409:3412:34
Yate Bredon (W-bound) 06:3407:3409:3412:3415:38
Yate Abbotswood (W-bound) 06:3507:3509:3512:3515:39
Yate Pitchcombe (W-bound) 06:3607:3609:3612:3615:40
Yate Rodborough (S-bound) 06:3707:3709:3712:3715:40
Westerleigh Nibley Turn (S-bound) 06:3807:3809:3812:3815:41
Westerleigh Wapley Turn (S-bound) 06:3907:3909:3912:3915:42
Westerleigh War Memorial (S-bound) 06:4007:4009:4012:4015:43
Westerleigh Shorthill Road (SE-bound) 06:4007:4009:4012:40
Westerleigh Mill Crescent (W-bound) 15:43
Westerleigh Broad Lane (SW-bound) 15:44
Westerleigh Kidney Hill (S-bound) 15:44
Westerleigh Sunnybank (E-bound) 15:44
Westerleigh Hill Crossroads (E-bound) 15:46
Westerleigh Crematorium (S-bound) 06:4307:4309:4312:4315:48
Pucklechurch Motorway Bridge (S-bound) 06:4407:4409:4412:4415:49
Pucklechurch Castle Road (SW-bound) 06:4607:4609:4612:4615:51
Pucklechurch Village Hall (E-bound) 06:4707:4709:4712:4715:52
Pucklechurch Maple Walk (SW-bound) 06:4707:4709:4712:4715:52
Pucklechurch Kestrel Drive (S-bound) 06:4807:4809:4812:4815:53
Pucklechurch Goldfinch Way (E-bound) 06:4907:4909:4912:4915:54
Abson Road (S-bound) 06:5107:5209:5212:5215:57
Abson Woodside Farm (S-bound) 06:5207:5409:5412:5415:59
Wick Naishcombe Hill (S-bound) 06:5407:5509:5512:5516:00
Wick Mendip View (SW-bound) 06:5507:5609:5612:5616:01
Wick Church Road (E-bound) 06:5507:5709:5712:5716:02
Wick The Carpenters Arms (SE-bound) 06:5607:5809:5812:5816:03
Wick The Rose and Crown (E-bound) 06:5707:5909:5912:5916:04
Wick Oldbury Lane (E-bound) 06:5707:5909:5912:5916:04
Wick Tracy Park (S-bound) 06:5808:0010:0013:0016:05
Beach Farm Turn (S-bound) 07:0108:0210:0213:0216:07
Lansdown Battlefields (S-bound) 07:0308:0410:0413:0416:09
Lansdown Langridge Turn (S-bound) 07:0508:0610:0613:0616:11
Lansdown Blathwayt Arms (SE-bound) 07:0708:0710:0713:0716:12
Ensleigh Hamilton House (SE-bound) 07:1208:1310:1213:1216:16
Ensleigh Lansdown Park (S-bound) 07:1208:1410:1213:1216:17
Lansdown Kingswood School (S-bound) 07:1308:1510:1313:1316:18
Lansdown Hamilton Road (S-bound) 07:1408:1610:1413:1416:19
Lansdown Sion Road (SE-bound) 07:1408:1710:1413:1416:19
Lansdown St Stephen's Church (S-bound) 07:1508:1810:1513:1516:20
Lansdown Ballance Street (SE-bound) 07:1608:2010:1613:1616:21
Lansdown Belvedere (S-bound) 07:1708:2010:1713:1716:22
Bath Alfred Street (Ab) 07:1808:2110:1813:1816:23
Bath Milsom Street (Sc) 07:1808:2210:1813:1816:23
Bath Grand Parade (Ci) 07:1908:2410:1913:1916:24
Bath Manvers Street (Be) 07:2108:2610:2113:2116:26
Bath Bus Station (Bay 3) 07:2208:2710:2213:2216:27

Bath City Centre Bus Station - Old Sodbury The Cross Hands

Bath Bus Station (Bay 3) 07:3010:3513:3516:4517:45
Bath Manvers Street (Bg) 07:3010:3513:3516:4517:45
Bath Guildhall (Cg) 07:3110:3613:3616:4617:46
Bath Broad Street (Sd) 07:3210:3713:3716:4717:47
Bath Alfred Street (Aa) 07:3310:3813:3816:4817:48
Lansdown Belvedere (N-bound) 07:3410:3913:3916:4917:49
Lansdown Ballance Street (NW-bound) 07:3410:3913:3916:4917:49
Lansdown Grove (N-bound) 07:3410:3913:3916:4917:49
Lansdown St Stephen's Church (N-bound) 07:3510:4013:4016:5017:50
Lansdown Sion Road (NW-bound) 07:3610:4113:4116:5117:51
Lansdown Hamilton Road (N-bound) 07:3710:4213:4216:5217:52
Lansdown Kingswood School (N-bound) 07:3810:4313:4316:5317:53
Ensleigh Lansdown Park (NW-bound) 07:3810:4313:4316:5317:53
Ensleigh Hamilton House (NW-bound) 07:3910:4413:4416:5417:54
Ensleigh Lansdown Cemetery (NW-bound) 07:4010:4513:4516:5517:55
Lansdown Blathwayt Arms (NW-bound) 07:4510:5013:5017:0018:00
Lansdown Langridge Turn (NW-bound) 07:4510:5013:5017:0018:00
Lansdown Battlefields (N-bound) 07:4710:5213:5217:0218:02
Beach Farm Turn (NW-bound) 07:4810:5313:5317:0318:03
Wick Tracy Park (N-bound) 07:5010:5513:5517:0518:05
Wick Oldbury Lane (W-bound) 07:5110:5613:5617:0618:06
Wick The Rose and Crown (W-bound) 07:5210:5713:5717:0718:07
Wick The Carpenters Arms (W-bound) 07:5210:5713:5717:0718:07
Wick Church Road (N-bound) 07:5310:5813:5817:0818:08
Wick Mendip View (NE-bound) 07:5310:5813:5817:0818:08
Wick Naishcombe Hill (N-bound) 07:5410:5913:5917:0918:09
Abson Woodside Farm (N-bound) 07:5611:0114:0117:1118:11
Abson Road (N-bound) 07:5811:0314:0317:1318:13
Pucklechurch Goldfinch Way (W-bound) 08:0111:0614:0617:1618:16
Pucklechurch Kestrel Drive (N-bound) 08:0211:0714:0717:1718:17
Pucklechurch Maple Walk (NE-bound) 08:0311:0814:0817:1818:18
Pucklechurch The Fleur De Lys (W-bound) 08:0411:0914:0917:1918:19
Pucklechurch Castle Road (NE-bound) 08:0411:0914:0917:1918:19
Pucklechurch Laurel Farm (N-bound) 08:0411:0914:0917:1918:19
Pucklechurch Motorway Bridge (N-bound) 08:0511:1014:1017:2018:20
Westerleigh Crematorium (N-bound) 08:0711:1214:1217:2218:22
Westerleigh Hill Crossroads (W-bound) 08:08
Westerleigh Shorthill Road (NW-bound) 11:1414:1417:2418:24
Westerleigh Kidney Hill (N-bound) 08:10
Westerleigh Broad Lane (E-bound) 08:11
Westerleigh Mill Crescent (E-bound) 08:11
Westerleigh War Memorial (N-bound) 08:1211:1514:1517:2518:25
Westerleigh Wapley Turn (N-bound) 08:1211:1514:1517:2518:25
Westerleigh Nibley Turn (N-bound) 08:1311:1614:1617:2618:26
Yate Rodborough (N-bound) 08:1411:1714:1717:2718:27
Yate Pitchcombe (E-bound) 08:1511:1814:1817:2818:28
Yate Abbotswood (E-bound) 08:1611:1814:1817:2818:28
Yate Bredon (E-bound) 08:1611:1914:1917:2918:29
Yate Sunningdale (N-bound) 08:18
Yate Dovecote (E-bound) 11:2014:2017:3018:30
Yate Wentworth (N-bound) 08:19
Chipping Sodbury Goldcrest Road (E-bound) 11:2114:2117:3118:31
Chipping Sodbury Mallard Close (N-bound) 11:2214:2217:3218:32
Yate Shopping Centre (Stop B) 08:2111:2614:2617:3618:36
Yate The Ridge (SE-bound) 08:2611:3114:3117:4118:41
Chipping Sodbury Bowling Hill (SE-bound) 08:2711:3314:3317:4318:43
Chipping Sodbury School (N-bound) 08:30
Chipping Sodbury The Clock (E-bound) 08:3511:3514:3517:4518:45
Chipping Sodbury The Boot (SE-bound) 08:3511:3514:3517:4518:45
Chipping Sodbury The Bell Hotel (E-bound) 08:3611:3614:3617:4618:46
Chipping Sodbury Colts Green (E-bound) 08:3711:3714:3717:4718:47
Old Sodbury Commonmead Lane (E-bound) 08:3811:3814:3817:4818:48
Old Sodbury The Dog Inn (E-bound) 08:3911:3914:3917:4918:49
Old Sodbury Camers (S-bound) 08:4011:4014:4017:5018:50
Old Sodbury The Cross Hands (E-bound) 08:4211:4214:4217:5218:52

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 23 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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