625 - Chelmsford - Southend Gainsborough Drive

Operated by First Essex

Chelmsford, Bus Station - Southend, Boys High School

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 9) 06:43
Chelmsford, opp RC Church 06:49
Chelmsford, adj Queen Street 06:49
Chelmsford, opp South Lodge Hotel 06:51
Chelmsford, adj Moulsham Street 06:51
Chelmsford, adj Wood Street Tesco 06:52
Chelmsford, adj Bruce Grove 06:52
Chelmsford, opp St John's Hospital 06:52
Chelmsford, opp Hylands Parade 06:53
Tile Kiln, adj Linnet Drive 06:54
Tile Kiln, o/s Fowlers Court 06:54
Chelmsford, adj Russell Gardens 06:54
Chelmsford, opp The Running Mare 06:55
Galleywood, opp The Eagle 06:56
Galleywood Common (opp) 06:57
West Hanningfield, adj Bakers Lane 06:58
West Hanningfield, o/s The Ship 07:00
West Hanningfield, adj Downham Road 07:00
Stock, opp Crondon Park 07:01
Stock, opp War Memorial 07:02
Stock, o/s Church 07:03
Stock, o/s Lilystone Hall 07:03
Stock, opp Ingatestone Road 07:04
Stock, o/s Old Kings Head 07:05
Billericay, adj The Vale 07:06
Billericay, opp Perry Street 07:07
Billericay, adj Robin Close 07:07
Billericay, o/s Mayflower School 07:08
Billericay, opp Bush Hall Stores 07:08
Billericay, adj Headley Road 07:09
Billericay, opp St John's School 07:10
Billericay, o/s The Chequers 07:12
Billericay, o/s Boots 07:12
Billericay Sun Corner (S-bound) 07:14
Billericay, opp Laindon Common 07:15
Great Burstead, opp Blackmore Farm 07:15
Great Burstead, opp Church 07:17
Great Burstead, adj Kennel Lane 07:18
Great Burstead, adj Grange Road 07:19
Great Burstead, opp Homefield Close 07:20
Great Burstead, o/s Factory Site 07:20
Barleylands (SE-bound) 07:20
Crays Hill, opp Barleylands Farm Shop 07:21
Crays Hill Whites Bridge (NE-bound) 07:22
Crays Hill, o/s Post Office 07:22
Crays Hill, opp The Shepherd & Dog 07:23
Crays Hill, opp Primary School 07:23
Wickford Jacksons Corner (E-bound) 07:24
Wickford, opp Whitehouse Stores 07:24
Wickford, adj Sugden Avenue 07:25
Wickford, adj Castledon Road 07:26
Wickford, opp Deirdre Avenue 07:26
Wickford Halls Corner (E-bound) 07:28
Wickford, opp Jersey Gardens 07:29
Wickford, o/s Railway Station 07:32
Wickford, o/s The Swans 07:33
Wickford, opp Wick Lane 07:35
Wickford, adj Highcliffe Road 07:36
Shotgate, adj Alicia Avenue 07:36
Shotgate, opp Post Office 07:37
Shotgate Southend Road Rdbt (E-bound) 07:38
Rawreth, adj Old London Road 07:40
Rawreth, opp The Carpenters Arms 07:41
Rawreth Carpenters Arms Rdbt (E-bound) 07:42
Rawreth, o/s Lower Barn Farm 07:43
Rayleigh, adj Victoria Avenue 07:46
Rayleigh, adj Sir Walter Raleigh Drive 07:47
Rayleigh, o/s The Travellers Joy 07:48
Rayleigh, opp Railway Station 07:49
Rayleigh Eastwood Road (SE-bound) 07:51
Rayleigh, adj Queens Road 07:52
Rayleigh, adj Trinity Road 07:53
Rayleigh, adj The Chase 07:54
Rayleigh, adj Clarence Road South 07:56
Rayleigh, adj Lancaster Road 07:56
Eastwood, adj Rayleigh Avenue 07:57
Eastwood Rise (adj) 07:58
Belfairs Park Drive (opp) 08:01
Belfairs, o/s Fairways School 08:02
Belfairs Sports Ground (o/s) 08:04
Belfairs Golf Club (opp) 08:04
Belfairs Popular Roadhouse (E-bound) 08:06
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Tankerville Drive 08:06
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Station Road 08:07
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (E-bound) 08:07
Leigh-on-Sea, adj School Way 08:08
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s Blenheim Park 08:09
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop D) 08:10
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s St Thomas Moore School 08:13
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Mannering Gardens South 08:14
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (E-bound) 08:15
Prittlewell School (opp) 08:16
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop D) 08:18
Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop E) 08:20

Highfield Gardens - Chelmsford, Bus Station

Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop L) 15:45
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop B) 15:47
Prittlewell School (o/s) 15:47
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (W-bound) 15:47
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Mannering Gardens South 15:47
Leigh-on-Sea, opp St Thomas Moore School 15:48
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop B) 15:50
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Blenheim Park 15:50
Leigh-on-Sea, opp School Way 15:51
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (W-bound) 15:51
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Station Road 15:51
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Tankerville Drive 15:53
Belfairs Golf Club (o/s) 15:54
Belfairs Sports Ground (opp) 15:56
Belfairs, opp Fairways School 15:57
Belfairs Park Drive (adj) 15:57
Eastwood, adj Progress Road 15:59
Eastwood Rise (opp) 16:00
Eastwood, adj Glenwood Avenue 16:01
Rayleigh, opp Lancaster Road 16:02
Rayleigh, opp Clarence Road South 16:02
Rayleigh, opp The Chase 16:03
Rayleigh, opp Trinity Road 16:04
Rayleigh, opp Queens Road 16:05
Rayleigh Eastwood Road (NW-bound) 16:06
Rayleigh, adj Railway Station 16:07
Rayleigh, opp The Travellers Joy 16:08
Rayleigh, opp Sir Walter Raleigh Drive 16:09
Rayleigh, opp Victoria Avenue 16:09
Rawreth, opp Lower Barn Farm 16:11
Rawreth Carpenters Arms Rdbt (W-bound) 16:12
Rawreth, o/s The Carpenters Arms 16:13
Rawreth, opp Old London Road 16:14
Shotgate Southend Road Rdbt (W-bound) 16:15
Shotgate, o/s Post Office 16:17
Shotgate, opp Alicia Avenue 16:17
Wickford, opp Highcliffe Road 16:19
Wickford, adj Wick Lane 16:19
Wickford, adj South Beech Avenue 16:20
Wickford, opp The Swans 16:22
Wickford, opp Jersey Gardens 16:22
Wickford, o/s Railway Station 16:24
Wickford, adj Jersey Gardens 16:24
Wickford Halls Corner (W-bound) 16:26
Wickford, adj Deirdre Avenue 16:27
Wickford, opp Castledon Road 16:28
Wickford, opp Sugden Avenue 16:28
Wickford, o/s Whitehouse Stores 16:29
Wickford Jacksons Corner (W-bound) 16:30
Crays Hill, o/s Primary School 16:30
Crays Hill, o/s The Shepherd & Dog 16:32
Crays Hill, opp Post Office 16:32
Crays Hill Old Road (SW-bound) 16:32
Crays Hill Whites Bridge (SW-bound) 16:33
Crays Hill, o/s Barleylands Farm Shop 16:34
Barleylands (NW-bound) 16:35
Great Burstead, opp Factory Site 16:36
Great Burstead, adj Homefield Close 16:37
Great Burstead, opp Grange Road 16:37
Great Burstead, opp Kennel Lane 16:39
Great Burstead, adj Church 16:39
Great Burstead, o/s Blackmore Farm 16:41
Billericay, adj Laindon Common 16:42
Billericay, o/s School 16:43
Billericay, adj Weir Wynd 16:43
Billericay Sun Corner (N-bound) 16:44
Billericay, opp The Chequers 16:45
Billericay, o/s St John's School 16:47
Billericay, opp Headley Road 16:49
Billericay, o/s Bush Hall Stores 16:50
Billericay, opp Mayflower School 16:52
Billericay, opp Robin Close 16:52
Billericay, adj Perry Street 16:52
Billericay, opp The Vale 16:53
Stock, opp Old Kings Head 16:54
Stock, adj Ingatestone Road 16:55
Stock, opp Lilystone Hall 16:55
Stock, opp Church 16:56
Stock, o/s War Memorial 16:58
Stock, adj Crondon Park 16:58
West Hanningfield, opp Downham Road 17:00
West Hanningfield, opp The Ship 17:01
West Hanningfield, opp Bakers Lane 17:02
Galleywood Common (adj) 17:03
Galleywood, o/s The Eagle 17:05
Chelmsford, o/s The Running Mare 17:05
Chelmsford, opp Russell Gardens 17:06
Tile Kiln, opp Fowlers Court 17:06
Tile Kiln, opp Linnet Drive 17:07
Chelmsford, o/s Hylands Parade 17:09
Chelmsford, o/s St John's Hospital 17:10
Chelmsford, opp Wood Street Tesco 17:12
Chelmsford, adj Wood Street 17:12
Chelmsford, o/s South Lodge Hotel 17:14
Chelmsford, opp Queen Street 17:14
Chelmsford, o/s RC Church 17:15
Chelmsford, adj C & E Hospital 17:15
Chelmsford, opp County Hotel 17:18
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 6) 17:21

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