63 - Cwmbran - Chepstow via Pontypool, Usk

A bus service operated by Phil Anslow Travel


Cwmbran - Pontypool, Usk - Chepstow

Cwmbran Bus Station Stand F (at) 07:1710:1013:1016:40
Cwmbran, outside Llantarnam Grange 07:1810:1113:1116:41
Cwmbran Rail Station (nr Car Park ) 07:1810:1113:1116:41
Cwmbran, o/s Allotments 07:1910:1213:1216:42
Cwmbran, before Bronllys Place 07:1910:1213:1216:42
Croesyceiliog, after Edlogan Square 07:2010:1313:1316:43
Croesyceiliog, after Chepstow Rise 07:2010:1313:1316:43
Pontymoile, opp Builders Yard 07:2510:1813:1816:48
Pontymoile, before Trosnant Street 07:2510:1813:1816:48
Pontypool, at Town Hall 4 07:2710:2013:2016:50
Pontypool Park Road (o/s Bank) 06:5507:2910:2213:2216:52
Pontypool Park Road (opp Bank) 06:5507:2910:2213:2216:52
Pontypool, at Town Hall 3 06:5607:3010:2313:2316:53
Pontymoile, before Trosnant Street 06:5707:3110:2413:2416:54
Pontymoile, o/s Lower Park Gates 06:5707:3110:2413:2416:54
New Inn, before Sunlea Crescent 06:5907:3310:2613:2616:56
Pontypool, opp Cwmoody Cottage 07:0207:3610:2913:2916:59
Pontypool, nr Waun-y-Clare Inn 07:0307:3710:3013:3017:00
Pontypool, nr Pont-y-Pia 07:0407:3810:3113:3117:01
Little Mill Village Hall (after) 07:0407:3810:3113:3117:01
Little Mill, before Halfway House 07:0507:3910:3213:3217:02
Monkswood, nr Alexander Place 07:0607:4010:3313:3317:03
Monkswood, nr Stopgate Cottage 07:0607:4010:3313:3317:03
Monkswood, after Beaufort Arms 07:0707:4110:3413:3417:04
Monkswood, nr Lime Tree Cottage 07:0707:4110:3413:3417:04
Monkswood, nr Chapel Farm 07:0807:4210:3513:3517:05
Rhadyr, nr Little Henrhiw 07:0907:4310:3613:3617:06
Rhadyr, nr Cleddon Cottage 07:1007:4410:3713:3717:07
Monmouth, o/s Coleg Gwent 07:1107:4510:3813:3817:08
Usk, nr Woodside 07:1407:4810:4113:4117:11
Usk, before Clock Tower 07:1607:5010:4313:4317:13
Usk, after Greyhound Inn 07:1607:5010:4313:4317:13
Usk, after Olway Bridge 07:1607:5010:4313:4317:13
Llangeview, after Maerdy Bridge 07:1707:5210:4513:4517:15
Gwernesney Flling Station (before) 07:1807:5310:4613:4617:16
Gwernesney, nr Steppes Farm 07:1907:5310:4613:4617:16
Llangwm, after Wern Panna 07:1907:5410:4713:4717:17
Llangwm, after Pentre Lane 07:2007:5510:4813:4817:18
Llangwm, after Bridge Inn 07:2107:5610:4913:4917:19
Llangwm, nr Camp Farm 07:2107:5610:4913:4917:19
Llangwm, nr Oakfield Farm 07:2207:5710:5013:5017:20
Llangwm, nr Ty Coch Farm 07:2207:5710:5013:5017:20
Ty Fry, nr Trevella Farm 07:2407:5910:5213:5217:22
Ty Fry Farm (nr) 07:2407:5910:5213:5217:22
Gaer-fawr, after Goytre Cross 07:2608:0110:5413:5417:24
Gaerllwyd, adj Baptist Church 07:28
Gaerllwyd, opp Baptist Chapel 08:0310:5613:5617:26
Earlswood Common, nr West End 08:0711:0014:0017:30
Earlswood Common, nr Primrosehill 08:0711:0014:0017:30
Earlswood Common, o/s Wellhouse Farm 08:0911:0114:0117:31
Earlswood Common, nr Starvenacre Old School 08:1011:0114:0117:31
Earlswood Common, nr Cock-a-Roosting 08:1111:0214:0217:32
Shirenewton, after Batwell Lane 08:1211:0314:0317:33
Shirenewton, nr Mynders Cottage 08:1211:0314:0317:33
Shirenewton, before Tredegar Arms 08:1411:0414:0417:34
Shirenewton, o/s Tan House 08:1411:0414:0417:34
Mynydd-Bach, after Horsemeadow Rise 08:1511:0514:0517:35
Mynydd-Bach, nr Carpenters Arms 07:3108:1511:0514:0517:35
Mynydd-Bach, nr Pandy Mills 07:3208:1611:0614:0617:36
Howick, o/s Wellhead Lodge 07:3308:1811:0714:0717:37
Howick, nr Lady Mill Path 11:0814:0817:38
Howick, nr Lady Mill Path 07:3408:1911:0814:0817:38
Crossway Green, nr Owls Nest 07:3708:2111:0914:0917:39
Crossway Green, after Chepstow Comprehensive 07:38
Crossway Green, in Chepstow Comprehensive School 08:22
Crossway Green, before Kingsmark Lane 11:1014:1017:40
Chepstow, in Welsh Street 07:3808:23
Chepstow Community Hosp (o/s) 11:1114:1117:41
Chepstow, after St Kingsmark Avenue 07:3908:24
Hardwick Village, opp Larkfield Garage 11:1214:1217:42
Chepstow Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 07:4008:2511:1514:1517:45

Chepstow - Pontypool, Usk - Cwmbran

Crossway Green, in Chepstow Comprehensive School 15:25
Chepstow Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 08:2511:2015:3017:47
Chepstow, before St Kingsmark Avenue 08:25
Hardwick Village, after Larkfield Garage 11:2215:3217:49
Chepstow, in Welsh Street 08:26
Chepstow Community Hosp (opp) 11:2415:3417:51
Crossway Green, before Chepstow Comprehensive 08:26
Crossway Green, after Kingsmark Lane 11:2415:3417:51
Crossway Green, nr Owls Nest 08:2711:2515:3517:52
Howick, nr Lady Mill Path 08:3011:2715:3717:54
Howick, opp Wellhead Lodge 08:3011:2815:3817:55
Mynydd-Bach, nr Pandy Mills 08:3211:3015:4017:57
Mynydd-Bach, nr Carpenters Arms 08:3411:3215:4217:59
Mynydd-Bach, after Horsemeadow Rise 08:3411:3215:4217:59
Shirenewton, after Tan House 08:3411:3215:4217:59
Shirenewton, after Tredegar Arms 11:3215:4217:59
Shirenewton, nr Mynders Cottage 08:3411:3215:4217:59
Shirenewton, after Batwell Lane 08:3511:3315:4318:00
Earlswood Common, nr Cock-a-Roosting 08:3511:3315:4318:00
Earlswood Common, nr Starvenacre Old School 08:3511:3315:4318:00
Earlswood Common, opp Wellhouse Farm 08:3611:3415:4418:01
Earlswood Common, nr Primrosehill 08:3611:3415:4418:01
Earlswood Common, nr West End 08:3711:3515:4518:02
Gaerllwyd, adj Baptist Church 08:4111:3915:4918:06
Gaer-fawr, after Goytre Cross 08:4211:4015:5018:07
Ty Fry Farm (nr) 08:4411:4215:5218:08
Ty Fry, nr Trevella Farm 08:4411:4215:5218:08
Llangwm, nr Ty Coch Farm 08:4611:4415:5418:09
Llangwm, nr Oakfield Farm 08:4611:4415:5418:10
Llangwm, nr Camp Farm 08:4711:4515:5518:10
Llangwm, before Bridge Inn 08:4811:4615:5618:11
Llangwm, before Pentre Lane 08:4811:4615:5618:11
Llangwm, before Wern Panna 08:4911:4715:5718:12
Gwernesney, nr Steppes Farm 08:4911:4815:5818:12
Gwernesney Flling Station (before) 08:5011:4815:5818:13
Llangeview, before Maerdy Bridge 08:5111:4915:5918:14
Usk, before Olway Bridge 08:5211:5116:0118:15
Usk, before Greyhound Inn 08:5211:5116:0118:15
Usk, after Clock Tower 08:5311:5216:0218:16
Usk, nr Woodside 11:5316:0318:17
Usk College (opp) 08:5711:5716:0718:21
Rhadyr, nr Cleddon Cottage 08:5711:5716:0718:21
Rhadyr, nr Little Henrhiw 08:5711:5716:0718:21
Monkswood, nr Chapel Farm 08:5911:5916:0918:23
Monkswood, nr Lime Tree Cottage 09:0012:0016:1018:23
Monkswood, after Beaufort Arms 09:0012:0016:1018:24
Monkswood, nr Stopgate Cottage 09:0112:0116:1118:24
Monkswood, nr Alexander Place 09:0112:0116:1118:25
Little Mill, after Halfway House 09:0212:0216:1218:26
Little Mill Village Hall (o/s) 09:0312:0316:1318:26
Pontypool, nr Pont-y-Pia 09:0412:0416:1418:27
Pontypool, nr Waun-y-Clare Inn 09:0512:0516:1518:27
Pontypool, o/s Cwmoody House 09:0512:0516:1518:28
New Inn, after Sunlea Crescent 09:0812:0816:1818:29
Pontymoile, opp Builders Yard 09:1012:1016:2018:30
Pontymoile, before Trosnant Street 09:1012:1016:2018:31
Pontypool, at Town Hall 4 09:1212:1216:2218:32
Pontypool Park Road (o/s Bank) 09:1412:1416:24
Pontypool Park Road (opp Bank) 12:1416:24
Pontypool, at Town Hall 3 09:1512:1516:25
Pontymoile, before Trosnant Street 09:1612:1616:26
Croesyceiliog, after Chepstow Rise 12:2116:31
Croesyceiliog, after Edlogan Square 09:2312:2216:32
Croesyceiliog, before The Willows 09:2312:2216:32
Croesyceiliog, o/s Allotments 09:2312:2316:33
Cwmbran Rail Station (opp Car Park ) 09:2412:2316:33
Cwmbran Bus Station Stand H (at) 09:24
Cwmbran Bus Station Stand G (at) 09:24
Cwmbran Bus Station Stand F (at) 09:2512:2516:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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