630 - Hamble - Barton Peveril College

A bus service operated by Bluestar

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Hamble - Barton Peveril College

Hamble-le-Rice, opp The Square 09:10
Hamble-le-Rice Copse Lane (W-bound) 09:10
Hamble-le-Rice Hamble Fire Station (NW-bound) 09:11
Hamble-le-Rice Beaulieu Road (NW-bound) 09:11
Hamble-le-Rice Verdon Avenue (NE-bound) 09:12
Hamble-le-Rice, adj Sports Ground 09:13
Hound, opp Broadway 09:14
Hound, opp Satchell Lane 09:15
Hound St Marys Church (W-bound) 09:16
Netley Yaverland (N-bound) 09:17
Butlocks Heath Bowcombe (N-bound) 09:18
Weston Tenterton Avenue (NW-bound) 09:19
Weston The Gardeners Arms (N-bound) 09:19
Weston Infant School (NW-bound) 09:20
Weston Junior School (SW-bound) 09:21
Weston, adj Scott Road 09:22
Weston, adj Squires Walk 09:23
Weston Ticonderoga Gardens (N-bound) 09:23
Woolston Swift Road (NW-bound) 09:24
Woolston Church Road (NW-bound) 09:25
Woolston, opp Foundry Court 09:25
Woolston Centenary Quay (NW-bound) 09:26
Woolston Health Clinic (N-bound) 09:27
Woolston Johns Road (E-bound) 09:29
Woolston Fort Road (SE-bound) 09:30
Woolston, opp St Annes Road 09:31
Woolston Sholing Station (NE-bound) 09:32
Woolston Millers Pond (E-bound) 09:33
Sholing, opp St Monica School 09:35
Sholing, opp Butts Road Tesco 09:36
Sholing Landseer Road (NE-bound) 09:37
Sholing Butts Square (NE-bound) 09:38
Thornhill, opp Orpen Road 09:40
Thornhill Dumbleton's Towers (NW-bound) 09:42
Thornhill, opp Chettle Road 09:42
Thornhill Ellwood Avenue (Adjacent) 09:43
Thornhill, opp Holcroft Road 09:44
Thornhill Fairfax Court (NW-bound) 09:45
Thornhill Park Browning Avenue (N-bound) 09:46
Thornhill Park Thornhill Avenue (W-bound) 09:47
Thornhill Park, opp Post Office 09:48
Thornhill Park, opp Mon Crescent 09:48
Bitterne Bath Road (W-bound) 09:49
Bitterne, opp Library 09:50
Bitterne Leisure Centre (Stop BG) 09:51
Bitterne Shops (Stop BA) 09:53
Bitterne Midanbury Lane (NW-bound) 09:55
Bitterne Park Triangle (W-bound) 09:59
Bitterne Park Priory Road (W-bound) 10:00
St Denys Church (o/s) 10:01
Eastleigh, o/s Barton Peveril College 10:15

Barton Peveril College - Hamble

Eastleigh, o/s Barton Peveril College 12:1514:25
St Denys Church (opp) 12:25s14:35s
Bitterne Park Priory Road (E-bound) 12:26s14:36s
Bitterne Park Triangle (SE-bound) 12:27s14:37s
Bitterne Bullar Road (SE-bound) 12:29s14:39s
Bitterne Midanbury Lane (SE-bound) 12:30s14:40s
Bitterne Lance's Hill (SE-bound) 12:31s14:41s
Bitterne Lance's Hill (Stop BC) 12:31s14:41s
Bitterne Shops (Stop BD) 12:32s14:42s
Bitterne Leisure Centre (Stop BE) 12:34s14:44s
Bitterne Bath Road (E-bound) 12:35s14:45s
Thornhill Park, adj Mon Crescent 12:36s14:46s
Thornhill Park, o/s Post Office 12:37s14:47s
Thornhill Park Thornhill Avenue (E-bound) 12:38s14:48s
Thornhill Park Browning Avenue (S-bound) 12:39s14:49s
Thornhill Fairfax Court (S-bound) 12:40s14:50s
Thornhill, adj Holcroft Road 12:40s14:50s
Thornhill, opposite Ellwood Avenue 12:41s14:51s
Thornhill, adj Chettle Road 12:42s14:52s
Thornhill Dumbleton's Towers (SE-bound) 12:43s14:53s
Sholing Ivy Dene (SW-bound) 12:45s14:55s
Sholing Butts Square (SW-bound) 12:46s14:56s
Sholing Landseer Road (SW-bound) 12:48s14:58s
Sholing, adj Butts Road Tesco 12:48s14:58s
Sholing South East Road (SW-bound) 12:49s14:59s
Sholing, o/s St Monica School 12:50s15:00s
Woolston Millers Pond (W-bound) 12:50s15:00s
Woolston Sholing Station (SW-bound) 12:51s15:01s
Woolston, adj St Annes Road 12:52s15:02s
Woolston Fort Road (NW-bound) 12:53s15:03s
Woolston, opp St Patricks Church 12:53s15:03s
Woolston Johns Road (W-bound) 12:54s15:04s
Woolston Keswick Road (SW-bound) 12:55s15:05s
Woolston Centenary Quay (SW-bound) 12:57s15:07s
Woolston, adj Foundry Court 12:57s15:07s
Woolston Church Road (SE-bound) 12:58s15:08s
Woolston Swift Road (SE-bound) 12:58s15:08s
Woolston Mayfield Garage (SE-bound) 12:59s15:09s
Weston, opp Duncan Close 13:00s15:10s
Weston Barnfield Road (NE-bound) 13:00s15:10s
Weston, opp Scott Road 13:01s15:11s
Weston Junior School (NE-bound) 13:02s15:12s
Weston Infant School (SE-bound) 13:02s15:12s
Weston The Gardeners Arms (S-bound) 13:03s15:13s
Weston Tenterton Avenue (SE-bound) 13:04s15:14s
Butlocks Heath Bowcombe (S-bound) 13:05s15:15s
Netley Yaverland (S-bound) 13:06s15:16s
Netley, nr Abbeyfields Close 13:07s15:17s
Hound St Marys Church (E-bound) 13:08s15:18s
Hound, adj Satchell Lane 13:09s15:19s
Hound, adj Broadway 13:09s15:19s
Hamble-le-Rice, opp Sports Ground 13:10s15:20s
Hamble-le-Rice Verdon Avenue (SW-bound) 13:11s15:21s
Hamble-le-Rice Beaulieu Road (SE-bound) 13:12s15:22s
Hamble-le-Rice Hamble Fire Station (E-bound) 13:13s15:23s
Hamble-le-Rice Copse Lane (E-bound) 13:14s15:24s
Hamble-le-Rice, opp The Square 13:1515:25

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 22 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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