637 - Hall Ings H11 - Clayton The Avenue

A bus service operated by First Bradford

Bradford, Thornton Road (Bradford)
From 14 May 2024

Services towards Bradford diverting until further notice due to traffic congestion at Thornton Road, Bradford

Services 615, 616 & 619 towards Bradford are diverting via City Road, Sunbridge Road, Barry Street & Godwin Street to Nelson Street.

636 & 637 towards Bradford are diverting via Lower Grattan Road, Sunbridge Road, Barry Street & Godwin Street to Nelson Street.

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Hall Ings H11 - Clayton The Avenue

Bradford Hall Ings (stop H11) 05:4606:21then every 30 minutes until17:5118:5419:5420:5421:54
Bradford, at City Park A 05:4706:2217:5218:5519:5520:5521:55
Bradford City Park C 05:4706:2217:5218:5519:5520:5521:55
Bradford Arkwright House 05:4806:2317:5318:5619:5620:5621:56
Listerhills Longside Lane 05:4906:2417:5418:5719:5720:5721:57
Listerhills, opp Norcroft Street 05:4906:2517:5518:5819:5820:5821:57
Listerhills, opp Preston Street 05:4906:2617:5618:5819:5820:5821:58
Shearbridge Summerville Road 05:5006:2717:5718:5919:5920:5921:59
Lidget Green Cottam Avenue 05:5106:2817:5819:0020:0021:0021:59
Lidget Green, at Horton Grange Road 05:5106:2917:5919:0120:0121:0122:00
Lidget Green, opp Coppice Wood Avenue 05:5206:3018:0019:0120:0121:0122:01
Lidget Green, opp Legrams Mill Lane 05:5206:3018:0019:0220:0221:0222:01
Lidget Green Cemetery Road 05:5306:3118:0119:0220:0221:0222:02
Scholemoor, opp Springfield Avenue 05:5306:3218:0219:0320:0321:0322:03
Scholemoor, at Spencer Road 05:5306:3318:0319:0320:0321:0322:03
Scholemoor, at Clayton Road Aldi 05:5406:3418:0419:0420:0421:0422:04
Scholemoor Avenue 05:5606:3418:0419:0420:0421:0422:04
Clayton Maythorne Drive 05:5706:3618:0619:0620:0621:0622:06
Clayton, opp Pentland Avenue 05:5806:3818:0819:0720:0721:0722:07
Clayton, opp Pasture Side Terrace 05:5806:3918:0919:0820:0821:0822:08
Clayton, at Thornton View Road 05:5906:4118:1119:0920:0921:0922:08
Clayton, opp Pentland Ave West 06:0006:4218:1219:1020:1021:1022:09
Clayton Nursery Road 06:0106:4318:1319:1020:1021:1022:10
Clayton Victoria Park 06:0106:4418:1419:1120:1121:1122:11
Clayton Town End A 06:0106:4618:1619:1220:1221:1222:12
Clayton, at Druids Street 06:0319:1320:1321:1322:13
Clayton, at Harry Lane 06:0519:1420:1421:1422:14
Clayton Westminster Drive 06:0619:1520:1521:1522:15
Clayton The Avenue 06:0719:1520:1521:1522:15

Clayton The Avenue - Hall Ings H11

Clayton The Avenue 05:40then every 30 minutes until19:2519:5520:53
Clayton Town End A 06:5018:20
Clayton, at Westminster Drive 19:2519:5520:53
Clayton Harry Lane 19:2619:5620:54
Clayton Druids Street 19:2619:5620:54
Clayton Town End B 19:2719:5720:55
Clayton Victoria Park (opp) 05:4106:5118:2119:2719:5720:55
Clayton Nursery Road 05:4206:5218:2219:2819:5820:56
Clayton Pentland Ave West 05:4206:5218:2219:2819:5820:56
Clayton, opp Thornton View Road 05:4306:5318:2319:2919:5920:57
Clayton, at Pasture Side Terrace 05:4306:5418:2419:2919:5920:57
Clayton Pentland Avenue 05:4406:5518:2519:3020:0020:58
Clayton Maythorne Drive 05:4406:5618:2619:3020:0020:58
Scholemoor Avenue (at) 05:4506:5718:2719:3120:0120:59
Scholemoor Clayton Road Aldi 05:4606:5818:2819:3220:0221:00
Scholemoor, opp Spencer Road 05:4606:5918:2919:3320:0321:01
Scholemoor, at Springfield Avenue 05:4707:0018:3019:3420:0421:02
Lidget Green, at Cemetery Road 05:4807:0118:3119:3520:0521:03
Lidget Green Legrams Mill Lane 05:4907:0218:3219:3620:0621:04
Lidget Green Coppice Wood Avenue 05:4907:0318:3319:3620:0621:04
Lidget Green Horton Grange Road 05:5007:0418:3419:3720:0721:05
Lidget Green Cottam Avenue 05:5107:0518:3519:3820:0821:06
Shearbridge, opp Summerville Road 05:5207:0618:3619:4020:1021:08
Listerhills Preston Street 05:5307:0818:3819:4120:1121:09
Listerhills, at Norcroft Street 05:5307:0818:3819:4220:1221:10
Listerhills Grattan Road 05:5407:1018:4019:4320:1321:11
Bradford City Park G 05:5507:1118:4119:4420:1421:12
Bradford City Park B (opp.) 05:5607:1218:4219:4520:1521:13
Bradford Hall Ings (stop H11) 05:5807:1518:4519:4820:1821:16

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 15 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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