648 - Fleetwood - Poulton Schools

A bus service operated by Transpora North West

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Monday to Friday, Poulton Hodgson Academy days (not bank holidays)


Fleetwood, by Queens Terrace 07:13
Fleetwood, by Albert Square 07:13
Fleetwood, o/s St Marys Church 07:13
Fleetwood, by Mount Street 07:14
Fleetwood, by Elm Street 07:14
Fleetwood, by Birch Street 07:14
Fleetwood, opp Agnew Road 07:15
Fleetwood, o/s Aldi Poulton Road 07:15
Fleetwood, o/s Queens Hotel 07:16
Fleetwood, adj Westview 07:17
Larkholme, o/s Health Centre 07:17
Larkholme Lane (by) 07:19
Larkholme, by Cardinal Allen HS 07:20
Rossall Beach, by South Strand 07:21
Rossall Beach, by Rossall Lane 07:22
Rossall Beach, opp Westbourne Road 07:23
Rossall Beach, opp Waygate 07:24
Cleveleys, opp Rossall Gardens 07:25
Cleveleys, opp Beach Road 07:27
Cleveleys, opp Rough Lea Road 07:28
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop B) 07:29
Cleveleys, by Victoria Hotel 07:29
Cleveleys, by Clarence Ave 07:30
Cleveleys, opp Stockdove Wood 07:31
Cleveleys, by Central Avenue North 07:32
Thornton, opp Mayfield Avenue 07:33
Thornton, by Pheasant Wood Drive 07:34
Burn Naze, opp Rippingale Way 07:35
Burn Naze, o/s Springfield Drive 07:35
Burn Naze, opp Reta Drive 07:35
Trunnah Church (by) 07:36
Thornton, o/s Gardeners Arms 07:36
Trunnah, opp Marsh Mill 07:37
Thornton, by Longton Avenue 07:37
Thornton, opp Spar 07:38
Thornton, by Hillylaid Road 07:39
Thornton, opp Briar Road 07:40
Thornton, by Ash Drive 07:42
Thornton Centre (Stop 2) 07:43
Thornton, opp Lime Grove 07:43
Thornton Four Lane Ends (Stop 3) 07:45
Thornton, by Neville Drive 07:46
Norcross, by Newton Grove 07:48
Rington, by New Lane 07:49
Rington, by Arundel Drive 07:50
Carleton, opp Castle Gardens 07:53
Carleton, opp Greenheys Ave 07:53
Carleton, opp Tudor Close 07:54
Carleton, opp Crematorium 07:55
Carleton, opp Meadow Crescent 07:56
Carleton, by Fairway 07:56
Carleton, by Blackpool Sixth Form College 07:57
Carleton, adj Aspire Academy 07:58
Boundary Park, by Poulton Old Road 07:58
Boundary Park, opp Dinmore Avenue 07:59
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Mossbourne Rd 08:01
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Compley Avenue 08:02
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Poulton Road Primary School 08:03
Little Poulton, opp Hodgson High School 08:07
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Moorland Road 08:08
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Holts Lane Estate 08:09
Hardhorn, by Garstang Road 08:11
Hardhorn, by Beech Drive 08:12
Hardhorn, by Carr Lane 08:13
Hardhorn, by Green Drive 08:14
Hardhorn, by Linderbreck Lane 08:16
High Cross, adj Longhouse Lane 08:17
High Cross, opp Highcross Avenue 08:18
High Cross, by Baines High School 08:19
High Cross, o/s Baines HS school only 08:20

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only


High Cross, o/s Baines HS school only 15:10
High Cross, by Stafford Avenue 15:10
Hardhorn, opp Beech Drive 15:12
Hardhorn, adj Garstang Road 15:13
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Hardhorn Rd 15:14
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Spar shop 15:16
Little Poulton, by Hodgson School 15:20
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp St Johns RCPS 15:20
Poulton-le-Fylde, by St Chads Primary School 15:22
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Hardhorn Crossroads 15:22
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Compley Avenue 15:22
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Mossbourne Road 15:23
Boundary Park, by Boundary Court 15:23
Boundary Park, by Poulton Old Road 15:24
Carleton, opp Aspire Academy 15:24
Carleton, opp Blackpool Sixth Form College 15:24
Carleton, opp Fairway 15:25
Carleton, by Meadow Crescent 15:25
Carleton, by Crematorium 15:25
Carleton, by Tudor Close 15:26
Carleton, by Greenheys Ave 15:26
Carleton, opp Moorfield Ave 15:26
Carleton, by Castle Gardens 15:27
Carleton, opp Arundel Drive 15:27
Rington, opp New Lane 15:29
Norcross, opp Newton Grove 15:30
Thornton, opp Neville Drive 15:31
Thornton Four Lane Ends (Stop 1) 15:33
Thornton, by Lime Grove 15:34
Thornton, by Mayfield Gardens 15:35
Thornton Centre (Stop 3) 15:36
Thornton, by Edgeway Place 15:36
Thornton, by Briar Road 15:36
Thornton, by Bancroft Ave 15:37
Thornton, by Spar 15:38
Thornton, opp Longton Avenue 15:38
Trunnah, by Fleetwood Road North 15:38
Thornton, opp Gardeners Arms 15:39
Trunnah Church (opp) 15:39
Burn Naze, by Reta Drive 15:40
Burn Naze, by Rippingale Way 15:41
Thornton, opp Pheasants Wood 15:42
Thornton, by Mayfield Avenue 15:42
Cleveleys, opp Central Avenue North 15:45
Cleveleys, by Stockdove Wood 15:46
Cleveleys, opp Clarence Avenue 15:47
Cleveleys, opp Victoria Hotel 15:48
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop C) 15:50
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop A) 15:50
Cleveleys, by Library 15:51
Cleveleys, by Thornton Gate 15:52
Rossall Beach, by Way Gate 15:54
Rossall Beach, by Westbourne Road 15:55
Rossall Beach, by Rossall School 15:56
Larkholme, by House Of Time 15:56
Larkholme, by Melbourne Avenue 15:57
Larkholme Lane (by) 15:58
Larkholme, opp Health Centre 15:59
Fleetwood, by Westview 15:59
Fleetwood, opp Queens Hotel 16:01
Fleetwood, by Mersey Road 16:02
Fleetwood, by Agnew Road 16:02
Fleetwood, by Strawberry Gardens 16:03
Fleetwood, adj Elm Street 16:04
Fleetwood, by Preston Street 16:05
Fleetwood, opp Albert Square 16:06
Fleetwood, by Queens Terrace 16:09

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from Coastliner, 8 March 2024

Transpora North West


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