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653 - Halling - Cuxton - Cookham Wood Schools - Huntsman Corner

A bus service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey

Halling - Cuxton - Cookham Wood Schools - Huntsman Corner

Halling, opp Marsh Road 06:57
Halling, opp The Five Bells 06:58
Halling, opp Britannia Close 06:59
Halling, adj Howlsmere Close 06:59
Halling, adj Jade Hill 07:04
Halling, adj Fire Station 07:05
Halling Vicarage Road (o/s 19) 07:06
Upper Halling, at Browndens Road 07:10
Upper Halling, nr Pilgrims Road 07:11
Halling, opp Jade Hill 07:14
Halling, adj St Andrews Park 07:15
N Halling, opp Cuxton Marina 07:17
N Halling, adj Pilgrims Road 07:18
Cuxton, o/s St Michael's Church 07:20
Cuxton, opp The White Hart 07:21
Cuxton, adj Scout Hut 07:21
Cuxton James Road (o/s 26) 07:23
Cuxton, opp Reginald Avenue 07:25
Cuxton, opp Whiteleaves Rise 07:27
Cuxton, opp Nine Acres Road 07:27
Cuxton Charles Drive (o/s 111) 07:28
Cuxton, opp Junior School 07:29
Cuxton, opp Scout Hut 07:30
Cuxton Sundridge Hill Bottom (NE-bound) 07:31
Sundridge Hill, adj Pilgrims Way 07:32
Sundridge Hill, adj Ranscombe Farm 07:33
Medway Valley Park, opp Ballard Business Park 07:36
Strood, adj Poplar Road 07:37
Strood, adj Hawthorn Road 07:39
Strood Darnley Arch (N-bound) 07:39
Strood St Nicholas Church (Stop A) 07:41
Strood Canal Road (Stop D) 07:43
Rochester Guildhall Museum (Stop A) 07:44
Rochester Railway Station (Stop D) 07:45
Rochester Community Hub (Stop C) 07:46
Rochester East Row (Stop L) 07:47
Rochester, opp Watts Avenue 07:48
Rochester, adj Longley Road 07:49
Rochester, adj St Margaret's Cemetery 07:50
Rochester, adj Warden Road 07:51
Rochester, opp Priestfields 07:51
Rochester, o/s Grammar Schools 07:53
Rochester, o/s Grammar Schools 07:56
Rochester, opp Hawser Road 07:57
Warren Wood, o/s Primary Academy 08:00
Rochester, opp Cloisterham Road 08:01
Rochester, opp Jiniwin Road 08:01
Rochester Horsted Way (NE-bound) 08:02
Chatham, opp The Ridgeway 08:03
Chatham, adj Wallace Road 08:03
Chatham Huntsmans Corner (N-bound) 08:05
Schooldays only

Huntsman Corner - Cookham Wood Schools - Cuxton - Halling

Rochester, o/s Grammar Schools 15:25
Rochester, opp Hawser Road 15:27
Warren Wood, o/s Primary Academy 15:30
Rochester, opp Cloisterham Road 15:31
Rochester, opp Jiniwin Road 15:32
Rochester Horsted Way (NE-bound) 15:33
Chatham, opp The Ridgeway 15:34
Chatham, adj Wallace Road 15:35
Chatham Huntsmans Corner (N-bound) 15:37
Chatham, opp Letchworth Avenue 15:37
Chatham, opp Football Ground 15:38
Chatham, opp Cemetery 15:38
Chatham, adj Gladstone Road 15:40
Chatham, opp Westmount Avenue 15:41
Chatham Railway Station (Stop B) 15:42
Chatham, opp St Bart's Hospital 15:43
Rochester, adj Jacksons Fields 15:44
Rochester Star Hill (Stop K) 15:45
Rochester Community Hub (Stop N) 15:46
Rochester Railway Station (Stop E) 15:48
Rochester Guildhall Museum (Stop P) 15:50
Strood Canal Road (Stop E) 15:55
Strood Matalan (Stop F) 15:55
Strood, adj Morrisons 15:56
Strood Priory Road (NW-bound) 15:57
Strood Darnley Arch (S-bound) 15:58
Strood, opp Hawthorn Road 15:59
Strood, opp Poplar Road 16:00
Medway Valley Park, adj Ballard Business Park 16:01
Sundridge Hill, opp Ranscombe Farm 16:05
Sundridge Hill, opp Pilgrims Way 16:06
Cuxton Sundridge Hill Bottom (SW-bound) 16:08
Cuxton, adj The White Hart 16:08
Cuxton, adj Scout Hut 16:09
Cuxton James Road (o/s 26) 16:09
Cuxton, opp Reginald Avenue 16:10
Cuxton, opp Whiteleaves Rise 16:11
Cuxton, opp Nine Acres Road 16:11
Cuxton Charles Drive (o/s 111) 16:12
Cuxton, opp Junior School 16:13
Cuxton, opp Scout Hut 16:14
Cuxton, opp St Michael's Church 16:14
N Halling, opp Pilgrims Road 16:16
N Halling, adj Cuxton Marina 16:17
Halling, opp St Andrews Park 16:19
Halling, adj Jade Hill 16:20
Halling, adj Fire Station 16:20
Halling Vicarage Road (o/s 19) 16:21
Upper Halling, at Browndens Road 16:24
Upper Halling, nr Pilgrims Road 16:25
Halling, opp Jade Hill 16:29
Halling, opp Howlsmere Close 16:32
Halling, adj Britannia Close 16:33
Halling, adj The Five Bells 16:33
Halling, adj Marsh Road 16:35
Schooldays only

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