676 - Little Waltham - Chelmsford - Colchester (Norman Way Schools)

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

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Little Waltham - Chelmsford - Colchester (Norman Way Schools)

Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 15:45
Colchester, opp Park Road 15:47
Colchester, opp The Avenue 15:48
Colchester, opp Beverley Road 15:48
Colchester, opp Essex County Hospital 15:50
Hatfield Peverel, adj Maldon Road 16:14
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Duke of Wellington 16:15
Hatfield Peverel, opp Station Road 16:17
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Swan Inn 16:17
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The William B 16:17
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (W-bound) 16:18
Boreham, adj Damases Lane 16:20
Boreham, opp Waltham Rd 16:21
Boreham, o/s Recreation Ground 16:22
Boreham, adj Hurrell Down 16:22
Boreham, opp Elm Way 16:23
Boreham House (o/s) 16:26
Springfield, o/s Royal Mail 16:29
Springfield, opp Sainsburys 16:31
Springfield, o/s Army Reserves Centre 16:32
Springfield, opp Pump Lane 16:33
Springfield, opp Aldi 16:33
Springfield, opp The Plough 16:34
Springfield, adj Oaklea Avenue 16:34
Springfield, adj Brookhurst Close 16:35
Springfield Park, o/s Chelmsford Prison 16:36
Chelmsford, adj Boswells Drive 16:36
Chelmsford, opp Town Centre Tesco Store 16:37
Chelmsford Parkway (Stop G) 16:39
Chelmsford, opp Rose & Crown 16:43
Chelmsford, o/s Admirals Park 16:44
Chelmsford, opp Highfield Road 16:45
Chelmsford Chignal Corner (N-bound) 16:46
Chignall Estate, adj Kennet Way 16:49
North Melbourne Chignal Road (N-bound) 16:49
North Melbourne, adj Micawber Way 16:50
North Melbourne, opp Morrisons 16:51
North Melbourne, adj Havisham Way 16:51
North Melbourne, adj Weller Grove 16:51
North Melbourne, adj Quilp Drive 16:52
Woodhall Estate, opp Longleat Close 16:53
Broomfield, adj New Road 16:56
Broomfield, adj Church Green 16:56
Broomfield, adj Jubilee Avenue 16:56
Broomfield, opp Butlers Farm 16:57
Broomfield, opp Croxton's Mill 16:58
Broomfield, adj Woodhouse Lane 16:59
Little Waltham, opp Chelmer Avenue 17:00
Little Waltham Ash Tree Corner (NW-bound) 17:01

School Days Only

Colchester (Norman Way Schools) - Chelmsford - Little Waltham

Little Waltham Ash Tree Corner (S-bound) 07:05
Broomfield, opp Woodhouse Lane 07:06
Broomfield, o/s Croxton's Mill 07:06
Broomfield, o/s Butlers Farm 07:07
Broomfield, opp Jubilee Avenue 07:07
Broomfield, opp Church Green 07:07
Broomfield, opp New Road 07:08
Woodhall Estate, adj Longleat Close 07:10
North Melbourne, opp Quilp Drive 07:11
North Melbourne, opp Weller Grove 07:12
North Melbourne, o/s Morrisons 07:13
North Melbourne, opp Micawber Way 07:13
North Melbourne Chignal Road (S-bound) 07:13
Chignall Estate, opp Kennet Way 07:14
Chelmsford Chignal Corner (E-bound) 07:17
Chelmsford, adj Highfield Road 07:17
Chelmsford, opp Admirals Park 07:17
Chelmsford, o/s Rose & Crown 07:19
Chelmsford, opp County Hotel 07:20
Chelmsford Parkway (Stop Eb) 07:25
Chelmsford, o/s Town Centre Tesco Store 07:26
Chelmsford, opp Boswells Drive 07:27
Springfield Park, opp Chelmsford Prison 07:29
Springfield, opp Brookhurst Close 07:29
Springfield, opp Oaklea Avenue 07:29
Springfield, o/s The Plough 07:31
Springfield, o/s Aldi 07:32
Springfield, opp Army Reserves Centre 07:34
Springfield, adj Sainsburys 07:37
Springfield, opp Royal Mail 07:37
Boreham House (opp) 07:39
Boreham, adj Elm Way 07:40
Boreham, opp Hurrell Down 07:40
Boreham, opp Recreation Ground 07:41
Boreham, adj Waltham Rd 07:42
Boreham, opp Damases Lane 07:42
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (E-bound) 07:44
Hatfield Peverel, opp The William B 07:46
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Swan Inn 07:46
Hatfield Peverel, adj Station Road 07:47
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Duke of Wellington 07:49
Lexden, o/s The Crown 08:16
Lexden, opp Church 08:16
Colchester, adj Glen Avenue 08:17
Colchester, opp Fitzwalter Road 08:17
Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 08:18
Colchester, opp Park Road 08:20
Colchester, opp The Avenue 08:22
Colchester, opp Beverley Road 08:23

School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

Stephensons of Essex


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