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69 - Alfold - Pulborough - Arundel - Worthing

A bus service operated by Compass Travel


Alfold - Pulborough - Arundel - Worthing

Alfold Crossways (S-bound) 09:15
Alfold, adj Chilton Close 09:15
Alfold, opp Rosemary Lane 09:16
Alfold Bars, adj Pigbush Lane 09:18
Loxwood, adj Merry Hills Lane 09:19
Loxwood, adj Linden House 09:20
Loxwood, opp Post Office 09:21
Loxwood, adj Onslow Arms 09:21
Loxwood, adj Brewhurst Lane 09:22
Loxwood, opp Plaistow Road 09:22
Loxwood, adj Sports Centre 09:22
Ifold, opp Oak Tree Stores 09:24
Ifold Plaistow Road (NW-bound) 09:24
Ifold, opp Chalk Road 09:25
Ifold, adj Pittsgate 09:26
Plaistow, adj Quennells 09:27
Plaistow Stores (opp) 09:27
Plaistow, adj Church 09:28
Plaistow The Street (S-bound) 09:28
Plaistow, adj Bushfield 09:28
Plaistow, adj Flitchings Farm 09:29
Plaistow, opp Crouchlands Farm 09:30
Kirdford, opp Spitwick Barn 09:31
Kirdford Mackerel's Common (opp 15) 09:33
Kirdford, opp Apple Tree Cottage 09:33
Kirdford Pound Corner (SE-bound) 09:35
Kirdford, before Memorial 09:36
Kirdford, adj Normandie Stud 09:36
Kirdford, adj Barkfold Manor 09:37
Wisborough Green, opp Boxal Bridge 09:39
Wisborough Green Skiff Common (E-bound) 09:39
Wisborough Green, opp Montague Farm 09:40
Wisborough Green, opp Wyatt Close 09:41
Wisborough Green, opp Recreation Ground 09:41
Wisborough Green, o/s The Three Crowns 09:42
Wisborough Green, adj Glebe Way 09:42
Wisborough Green, adj Oakwood 09:43
Billingshurst, opp Wharf Farm 09:44
Billingshurst, adj Hole Farm 09:45
Billingshurst, opp Bridgewaters Farm 09:46
Billingshurst, adj Village Hall 09:48
Billingshurst, opp Jengers Mead 09:48
Billingshurst, opp The Kings Arms 09:48
Billingshurst, adj The Weald School 09:49
Parbrook, adj Natts Lane 09:50
Parbrook, adj Cranham Avenue 09:50
Billingshurst, opp St Andrews Farm 09:52
Adversane, adj Hadfold Farm 09:52
Adversane, opp Blacksmiths Arms 09:54
Adversane Stane Street (SW-bound) 09:54
Adversane, opp Brinsbury College 09:55
N Heath nr Pulborough, opp Mulsey Farm 09:55
N Heath nr Pulborough, opp Blake Cottages 09:56
Codmore Hill, opp Blackgate Lane 09:57
Codmore Hill, adj Cray Lane 09:58
Pulborough, opp Stane Street Close 09:59 09:59
Pulborough, opp Tesco 10:00
Pulborough, opp London Road Garage 10:00
Pulborough Swan Bridge (S-bound) 10:01
Pulborough, adj Winters Farm 10:02
Hardham, adj Church 10:03
Coldwaltham, opp Old London Road 10:05
Coldwaltham, opp Church 10:06
Coldwaltham, adj Brookview 10:07
Watersfield, adj River Lane 10:08
Watersfield Bury Road (S-bound) 10:08
Bury, adj Recreation Ground 10:10
Bury, adj The Hollow 10:11
Bury, adj The Squire and Horse 10:12
Bury Village Hall (S-bound) 10:12
Bury, adj Coombe Crescent 10:13
Houghton, opp George and Dragon 10:16
Houghton, adj Duchess Lodge 10:18
Arundel, adj Green Doors Lodge 10:20
Arundel, opp Cricket Hill Farm 10:21
Arundel, opp The St Marys Gate Inn 10:22
Arundel, o/s Norfolk Arms 10:23
Arundel Queen Street (SE-bound) 10:23
Arundel, opp Railway Station 10:24
Crossbush Lane (adj) 10:25
Poling Corner (E-bound) 10:28
Littlehampton, adj Dover Lane 10:29
Patching, opp The World's End 10:32
Patching, opp Coldharbour Lane 10:34
Clapham, opp Village Hall 10:35
Clapham Common (adj) 10:37
Clapham, opp Titnore Lane 10:37
Clapham, opp Castle Goring Mews 10:40
Clapham, opp The Coach and Horses 10:41
Durrington, adj Cote Street 10:42
Durrington, opp Ivydore Avenue North 10:43
Salvington, o/s Swandean Hospital 10:43
Salvington, adj Hayling Rise 10:44
Salvington, adj Mill Lane 10:45
Offington Corner (E-bound) 10:47
Offington Drive (opp) 10:47
Offington, adj Hillside Avenue 10:48
Broadwater Grove Lodge Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:49
Broadwater Green (opp) 10:50
Broadwater, adj Cricketers Parade 10:50
Broadwater, adj Church 10:51
Broadwater, adj Manor Sports Ground 10:51
Worthing, adj Cecilian Avenue 10:53
Worthing Broadwater Bridge (S-bound) 10:53
Worthing, adj Lennox Road 10:54
Worthing High Street (S-bound) 10:56
Worthing Steyne Gardens (S-bound) 10:57
Worthing, o/s The Lido 10:59

Worthing - Arundel - Pulborough - Alfold

Worthing, opp The Lido 13:20
Worthing The Steyne (N-bound) 13:22
Worthing High Street (N-bound) 13:24
Worthing, opp Lennox Road 13:25
Worthing Broadwater Bridge (N-bound) 13:26
Worthing, opp Cecilian Avenue 13:27
Broadwater, opp Manor Sports Ground 13:28
Broadwater, opp Church 13:29
Broadwater Green (adj) 13:29
Broadwater Grove Lodge Roundabout (NW-bound) 13:30
Offington, opp Hillside Avenue 13:31
Offington Drive (adj) 13:31
Offington Corner (W-bound) 13:32
Salvington, opp Mill Lane 13:32
Salvington, opp Hayling Rise 13:32
Salvington, opp Swandean Hospital 13:33
Durrington, adj Ivydore Avenue North 13:33
Durrington, opp Cote Street 13:33
Clapham, adj The Coach and Horses 13:34
Clapham, adj Castle Goring Mews 13:34
Clapham, adj Titnore Lane 13:35s
Clapham Common (opp) 13:36s
Clapham, adj Village Hall 13:36s
Patching Coldharbour Lane (W-bound) 13:38s
Patching, adj Coldharbour Lane 13:39s
Patching, adj The World's End 13:39s
Littlehampton, opp Dover Lane 13:41
Poling Corner (W-bound) 13:42
Crossbush Lane (opp) 13:44
Arundel, adj Railway Station 13:45
Arundel Queen Street (NW-bound) 13:45
Arundel Riverbank (W-bound) 13:46
Arundel, o/s The St Marys Gate Inn 13:46
Arundel, o/s St Philip's School 13:46
Arundel, adj Cricket Hill Farm 13:48
Arundel, opp Green Doors Lodge 13:48
Houghton, opp Duchess Lodge 13:50
Houghton, adj George and Dragon 13:54
Bury, opp Coombe Crescent 13:56
Bury Village Hall (W-bound) 13:57
Bury, opp The Squire and Horse 13:58
Bury, opp The Hollow 13:58
Bury, opp Recreation Ground 13:59
Watersfield Bury Road (N-bound) 14:00
Watersfield, opp River Lane 14:02
Coldwaltham, opp Brookview 14:06
Coldwaltham, o/s Church 14:06
Coldwaltham, adj Old London Road 14:07
Hardham, opp Church 14:08
Pulborough, opp Winters Farm 14:10
Pulborough Swan Bridge (N-bound) 14:10
Pulborough, o/s London Road Garage 14:11
Pulborough, o/s Tesco 14:11
Pulborough, adj Stane Street Close 14:13 14:13
Codmore Hill, opp Cray Lane 14:13
Codmore Hill, adj Blackgate Lane 14:14
N Heath nr Pulborough, adj Blake Cottages 14:14
N Heath nr Pulborough, adj Mulsey Farm 14:15
Adversane, adj Brinsbury College 14:16
Adversane Stane Street (NE-bound) 14:16
Adversane, adj Blacksmiths Arms 14:17
Adversane, opp Hadfold Farm 14:18
Billingshurst, adj St Andrews Farm 14:19
Parbrook, opp Cranham Avenue 14:20
Parbrook, opp Natts Lane 14:20
Billingshurst, adj The Kings Arms 14:22
Billingshurst, adj Jengers Mead 14:23
Billingshurst High Street North (N-bound) 14:23
Billingshurst, adj Bridgewaters Farm 14:25
Billingshurst, opp Hole Farm 14:26
Billingshurst, adj Wharf Farm 14:26
Wisborough Green, opp Oakwood 14:28
Wisborough Green, opp Glebe Way 14:28
Wisborough Green, opp The Three Crowns 14:29
Wisborough Green, adj Recreation Ground 14:29s
Wisborough Green, adj Wyatt Close 14:29s
Wisborough Green, adj Montague Farm 14:30s
Wisborough Green Skiff Common (W-bound) 14:30s
Wisborough Green, adj Boxal Bridge 14:31s
Kirdford, opp Barkfold Manor 14:32s
Kirdford, opp Normandie Stud 14:33s
Kirdford, after Memorial 14:34s
Kirdford Pound Corner (NW-bound) 14:34s
Kirdford, adj Apple Tree Cottage 14:35s
Kirdford Mackerel's Common (o/s 18) 14:37s
Kirdford, adj Spitwick Barn 14:38s
Plaistow, adj Crouchlands Farm 14:39s
Plaistow, opp Flitchings Farm 14:39s
Plaistow, opp Bushfield 14:40s
Plaistow The Street (N-bound) 14:40s
Plaistow, opp Church 14:41s
Plaistow, o/s Primary School 14:41s
Plaistow Stores (adj) 14:41s
Plaistow, opp Quennells 14:41s
Ifold, opp Pittsgate 14:42s
Ifold, adj Chalk Road 14:43s
Ifold Plaistow Road (SE-bound) 14:44s
Ifold, adj Oak Tree Stores 14:45s
Loxwood, opp Sports Centre 14:46s
Loxwood, adj Plaistow Road 14:46
Loxwood, opp Brewhurst Lane 14:47
Loxwood, opp Onslow Arms 14:48
Loxwood, adj Post Office 14:49
Loxwood, opp Linden House 14:49
Loxwood, opp Merry Hills Lane 14:50
Alfold Bars, opp Pigbush Lane 14:51
Alfold, adj Rosemary Lane 14:52
Alfold, opp Chilton Close 14:54
Alfold Crossways (N-bound) 14:55
may run 14 mins early on Loxwood - Alford section

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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