703 - Shrewsbury Road / Beresford Road - Frankby Road / Frankby Green - Shrewsbury Road / Kingsmead Road

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Monday to Friday, LiverpoolCityRegionSchool days (not Monday 29 May) until Friday 1 September 2023

Frankby Green (Adjacent) 07:15
Oxton Beresford Road (Adjacent) 16:00
Frankby Stiles (Opposite) 07:16
Oxton, adj Kingsmead Road 16:00
Newton Park Road (Adjacent) 07:17
Oxton, opp Shrewsbury Close 16:01
Newton Cross Lane (Adjacent) 07:18
Claughton Tollemache Road (Adjacent) 16:01
Larton Woodland Road (Adjacent) 07:18
Claughton Upton Road (Adjacent) 16:02
Grange Wirral Mount (Adjacent) 07:19
Claughton, opposite Foxglove Road 16:03
Newton Black Horse Close (Adjacent) 07:20
Claughton, opp Bidston Avenue 16:04
Newton Abbots Way (Adjacent) 07:21
Birkenhead Flaybrick Close (Adjacent) 16:04
Newton Gresford Avenue (Adjacent) 07:21
Birkenhead Arkle Road (Adjacent) 16:05
West Kirby, adj Broxton Avenue 07:22
Bidston, opposite Challis Street 16:06
West Kirby, adj Birkett Road 07:22
Bidston Hoblyn Road (Adjacent) 16:06
West Kirby, adj Jubilee Drive 07:23
Bidston, opp Hurrell Road 16:07
West Kirby Redhouse Lane (Adjacent) 07:23
Bidston Village Road (adj) 16:07
West Kirby Bridge Road (Near) 07:24
Bidston Station (Stop B) 16:09
West Kirby Grange Road (Near) 07:24
Moreton, opposite Reeds Lane 16:12
West Kirby, adj Black Horse Hill 07:26
Moreton, adj Stuart Avenue 16:13
Grange Beacon Drive (Adjacent) 07:27
Moreton, adj Alwyn Gardens 16:14
Grange Gourleys Lane (Adjacent) 07:28
Moreton Chadwick Street (Adjacent) 16:15
Grange, opposite Fleck Lane 07:28
Moreton, adj Rosslyn Drive 16:15
Caldy, adj Telegraph Road 07:32
Moreton Borrowdale Road (Adjacent) 16:15
Caldy, opposite Kings Drive 07:35
Moreton Cobham Road (Adjacent) 16:16
Kirby Park Croft Drive West (Adjacent) 07:36
Moreton, opposite Ely Avenue 16:16
Kirby Park Melloncroft Drive (Near) 07:36
Moreton Acton Lane (Near) 16:17
Kirby Park, opp Mount Road 07:38
Saughall Massie Garden Hey Road (Adjacent) 16:17
West Kirby Sandy Lane (Adjacent) 07:39
Carr Houses, opposite Greenfield Kennels 16:19
West Kirby, opp Mostyn Avenue 07:40
Meols Heron Road (Adjacent) 16:21
West Kirby, adj Shrewsbury Road 07:40
Meols Station (Stop B ) 16:21
West Kirby Dee Lane (Adjacent) 07:42
Meols Banks Avenue (Adjacent) 16:23
West Kirby, adj Lingdale Road 07:42
Meols Bertram Drive (Adjacent) 16:24
West Kirby West Lodge Drive (Adjacent) 07:43
Sandhey Bertram Drive (Adjacent) 16:25
West Kirby, opp Graham Road 07:44
Hoylake Manor Road Station (Stop B) 16:26
West Kirby, opp Winnington Road 07:45
Hoylake Melrose Avenue (Adjacent) 16:28
Hoylake, opp Morpeth Road 07:46
Hoylake Alderley Road (Adjacent) 16:28
Hoylake Station (Stop B) 07:48
Hoylake Station (Stop A) 16:29
Hoylake Alderley Road (Adjacent) 07:49
Hoylake, adj Morpeth Road 16:31
Hoylake, adj Shaw Street 07:50
West Kirby, adj Winnington Road 16:33
Hoylake Manor Road Station (Stop A) 07:51
West Kirby, adj Graham Road 16:34
Sandhey, opposite Bertram Drive 07:52
West Kirby, opposite West Lodge Drive 16:35
Meols, opposite Bertram Drive 07:53
West Kirby Bridge Road (Adjacent) 16:36
Meols Brosters Lane (Adjacent) 07:54
West Kirby, adj North Road 16:38
Meols Station (Stop A) 07:55
West Kirby Dunraven Road (Adjacent) 16:38
Meols, adj Barn Hey Crescent 07:57
West Kirby Church Road (Adjacent) 16:38
Carr Houses, outside Greenfield Kennels 07:58
West Kirby Hydro Avenue (Adjacent) 16:39
Moreton, adj Millhouse Lane 08:01
West Kirby Hilbre Road (Adjacent) 16:40
Moreton Bermuda Road (Near) 08:02
Kirby Park Ludlow Drive (Adjacent) 16:41
Moreton, opposite Meadowbrook Road 08:02
Kirby Park, adj Mount Road 16:42
Moreton, adj Joan Avenue 08:03
West Kirby, nr Melloncroft Drive 16:42
Moreton, opp Rosslyn Drive 08:04
Caldy Wood (Adjacent) 16:45
Moreton Knutsford Road (Adjacent) 08:05
Caldy, opp Croft Drive East 16:47
Moreton, opp Chapelhill Road 08:05
Kirby Park Grange Cross Lane (NW-bound) 16:49
Moreton, adj Danger Lane 08:06
Newton Boundary Road (Adjacent) 16:50
Moreton Reeds Lane (Adjacent) 08:07
Newton, opposite Grammar School Lane 16:52
Bidston Station (Stop A) 08:10
Grange Burlingham Avenue (NW-bound) 16:52
Bidston, adj Compton Road 08:12
Grange, opposite Beacon Drive 16:52
Bidston, adj Hurrell Road 08:12
West Kirby Monks Way (Adjacent) 16:53
Bidston Gautby Road (Adjacent) 08:13
West Kirby, opp Ashburton Road 16:54
Bidston, opposite Egan Road 08:14
West Kirby Grange Road (Near) 16:54
Birkenhead Sumner Road (Near) 08:14
West Kirby Bridge Road (Near) 16:54
Birkenhead, adj Lansdowne Road 08:15
West Kirby, opposite Redhouse Lane 16:55
Claughton, opp Flaybrick Close 08:15
West Kirby, opp Jubilee Drive 16:56
Claughton, adj Bidston Avenue 08:15
West Kirby, opp Grainger Avenue 16:56
Claughton Tollemache Road (Near) 08:17
Newton, opposite Gresford Avenue 16:57
Claughton Upton Road (Near) 08:17
Newton Gilroy Road (Adjacent) 16:57
Claughton Tollemache Road (Adjacent) 08:18
Newton, opposite Black Horse Close 16:57
Claughton Tollemache Road (Adjacent) 08:18
Grange, opposite Wirral Mount 16:58
Claughton Shrewsbury Close (Near) 08:19
Grange Fulton Avenue (Adjacent) 16:59
Oxton, opp Kingsmead Road 08:20
Larton China Farm Lane (Adjacent) 17:00
Frankby Stiles (Adjacent) 17:02
Frankby Green (Opposite) 17:05
Operates on schooldays only.

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