73 - Maldon - Langford - Hatfield Peverel - Springfield - Chelmsford

A bus service operated by First Essex


Chelmsford - Springfield - Hatfield Peverel - Langford - Maldon

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 3) 07:1510:1512:1514:1516:4017:55
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 11) 07:1510:1512:1514:1516:4017:55
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Ca) 07:1610:1612:1614:1616:4117:56
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Da) 07:1710:1712:1714:1716:4217:57
Chelmsford Parkway (Stop Eb) 07:1810:1912:1914:1916:4417:59
Chelmsford, o/s Town Centre Tesco Store 07:2010:2112:2114:2116:4618:01
Chelmsford, opp Boswells Drive 07:2110:2112:2114:2116:4618:01
Springfield Park, opp Chelmsford Prison 07:2210:2312:2314:2316:4818:03
Springfield, opp Brookhurst Close 07:2310:2412:2414:2416:4918:04
Springfield, opp Oaklea Avenue 07:2410:2512:2514:2516:5018:05
Springfield, o/s The Plough 07:2610:2712:2714:2716:5218:07
Springfield, o/s Aldi 07:2610:2712:2714:2716:5218:07
Springfield, opp T A Centre 07:2810:2912:2914:2916:5418:09
Springfield, adj Sainsburys 07:3010:3112:3114:3116:5618:11
Springfield, opp Royal Mail 07:3010:3112:3114:3116:5618:11
Boreham House (opp) 07:3210:3312:3314:3316:5818:13
Boreham, adj Elm Way 07:3310:3412:3414:3416:5918:14
Boreham, opp Hurrell Down 07:3410:3512:3514:3517:0018:15
Boreham, opp Recreation Ground 07:3510:3612:3614:3617:0118:16
Boreham, adj Waltham Rd 07:3610:3712:3714:3717:0218:17
Boreham, opp Damases Lane 07:3610:3712:3714:3717:0218:17
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (E-bound) 07:3710:3812:3814:3817:0318:18
Hatfield Peverel, opp William Boosey 07:3910:4012:4014:4017:0518:20
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Swan Inn 07:3910:4012:4014:4017:0518:20
Hatfield Peverel, adj Station Road 07:3910:4012:4014:4017:0518:20
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Duke of Wellington 07:4010:4112:4114:4117:0618:21
Hatfield Peverel, opp New Road 07:4110:4212:4214:4217:0718:22
Hatfield Peverel, opp Church Road 07:4110:4212:4214:4217:0718:22
Hatfield Peverel, opp Cross Keys 07:4210:4312:4314:4317:0818:23
Hatfield Peverel Nounsley Corner (SE-bound) 07:4410:4512:4514:4517:1018:25
Hatfield Peverel Jenkins Lane (N-bound) 07:4510:4612:4614:4617:1118:26
Ulting Does Corner (SE-bound) 07:4710:4912:4914:4917:1418:29
Ulting, opp Blackwater Cottage 07:4710:4912:4914:4917:1418:29
Langford, opp Business Park 07:4910:5012:5014:5017:1518:30
Langford, opp Ulting Lane 07:5010:5112:5114:5117:1618:31
Langford Hatfield Road (SE-bound) 07:5010:5112:5114:5117:1618:31
Langford, adj Church 07:5210:5312:5314:5317:1818:33
Langford Place (opp) 07:5310:5412:5414:5417:1918:34
Langford Holloway Road (SE-bound) 07:5410:5512:5514:5517:2018:35
Heybridge, opp Crescent Road 07:5510:5612:5614:5617:2118:36
Heybridge, opp Holloway Road Church 07:5510:5612:5614:5617:2118:36
Heybridge, o/s The Benbridge Hotel 07:5610:5712:5714:5717:2218:37
Heybridge, o/s Church 07:5610:5712:5714:5717:2218:37
Heybridge, o/s Bentalls Shopping Centre 07:5610:5812:5814:5817:2318:38
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (E-bound) 07:5710:5912:5914:5917:2418:39
Heybridge, adj Limbourne Drive 07:5911:0113:0115:0117:2618:41
Heybridge, adj Ramsey Close 07:5911:0113:0115:0117:2618:41
Heybridge, adj Coopers Avenue 08:0011:0113:0115:0117:2618:41
Heybridge, opp Basin Road 08:0111:0213:0215:0217:2718:42
Heybridge, adj The Colliers 08:0411:0513:0515:0517:3018:45
Heybridge Basin Road (N-bound) 08:0511:0613:0615:0617:3118:46
Heybridge, opp Coopers Avenue 08:0611:0713:0715:0717:3218:47
Heybridge, opp Lawling Avenue 08:0711:0813:0815:0817:3318:48
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (W-bound) 08:0711:0813:0815:0817:3318:48
Heybridge, opp Bentalls Shopping Centre 08:0811:0913:0915:0917:3418:49
Heybridge, opp Church 08:0911:1013:1015:1017:3518:50
Maldon, adj Bates Road 08:0911:1013:1015:1017:3518:50
Maldon The Causeway (S-bound) 08:1011:1113:1115:1117:3618:51
Maldon Tesco Store (Stop 1) 08:1111:1213:1215:1217:3718:52
Maldon, o/s The White Horse 08:1311:1513:1515:1517:4018:55
Maldon, o/s Upper Plume School 08:1311:1613:1615:1617:4118:56
Maldon, opp Washington Road 08:1411:1713:1715:1717:4218:57
Maldon Fambridge Road (W-bound) 08:1511:1813:1815:1817:4318:58
Maldon, adj Essex Road 08:1511:1813:1815:1817:4318:58
Maldon Acacia Drive (NW-bound) 08:1611:1913:1915:1917:4418:59
Maldon, opp St Giles Close 08:1711:2013:2015:2017:4519:00
Maldon Cherry Garden (SE-bound) 08:1811:2113:2115:2117:4619:01
Journey funded by Essex County Council

Maldon - Langford - Hatfield Peverel - Springfield - Chelmsford

Maldon, adj Milton Road 20:50
Maldon, opp Fambridge Close 20:51
Maldon Cherry Garden (SE-bound) 08:2511:2513:2515:3017:50
Maldon, adj St Giles Close 08:2511:2513:2515:3017:50
Maldon Acacia Drive (SE-bound) 08:2611:2613:2615:3117:51
Maldon, opp Essex Road 08:2711:2713:2715:3217:52
Maldon Fambridge Road (E-bound) 08:2811:2813:2815:3317:53
Maldon, adj Washington Road 08:2811:2813:2815:3317:5320:52
Maldon, opp Upper Plume School 08:2911:2913:2915:3417:5420:53
Maldon, o/s All Saints Church 08:3111:3113:3115:3617:5620:55
Maldon Tesco Store (Stop 1) 08:3411:3413:3415:3917:59
Maldon, opp Bates Road 08:3511:3513:3515:4018:0020:58
Heybridge, o/s Church 08:3611:3613:3615:4118:01
Heybridge, o/s Bentalls Shopping Centre 08:3711:3713:3715:4218:02
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (E-bound) 08:3911:3913:3915:4418:04
Heybridge, adj Limbourne Drive 08:4111:4113:4115:4618:06
Heybridge, adj Ramsey Close 08:4111:4113:4115:4618:06
Heybridge, adj Coopers Avenue 08:4111:4113:4115:4618:06
Heybridge, adj The Colliers 08:4511:4513:4515:5018:10
Heybridge Basin Road (N-bound) 08:4611:4613:4615:5118:11
Heybridge, opp Coopers Avenue 08:4711:4713:4715:5218:12
Heybridge, opp Lawling Avenue 08:4711:4713:4715:5218:12
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (W-bound) 08:4811:4813:4815:5318:13
Heybridge, opp Bentalls Shopping Centre 08:4911:4913:4915:5418:14
Heybridge, opp Church 08:4911:4913:4915:5418:14
Heybridge, opp The Benbridge Hotel 08:5011:5013:5015:5518:1520:59
Heybridge, adj Holloway Road Church 08:5011:5013:5015:5518:1520:59
Heybridge, adj Crescent Road 08:5011:5013:5015:5518:1520:59
Langford Holloway Road (NW-bound) 08:5111:5113:5115:5618:1621:00
Langford Place (o/s) 08:5111:5113:5115:5618:1621:00
Langford, opp Church 08:5311:5313:5315:5818:1821:02
Langford Hatfield Road (NW-bound) 08:5411:5413:5415:5918:1921:02
Langford, adj Ulting Lane 08:5411:5413:5415:5918:1921:03
Langford, o/s Business Park 08:5511:5513:5516:0018:2021:03
Ulting, o/s Blackwater Cottage 08:5611:5613:5616:0118:2121:04
Ulting Does Corner (NW-bound) 08:5711:5713:5716:0218:2221:05
Hatfield Peverel Jenkins Lane (S-bound) 08:5911:5913:5916:0418:2421:07
Hatfield Peverel Nounsley Corner (NW-bound) 09:0112:0114:0116:0618:2621:09
Hatfield Peverel, o/s Cross Keys 09:0212:0214:0216:0718:2721:10
Hatfield Peverel, adj Church Road 09:0312:0314:0316:0818:2821:11
Hatfield Peverel, adj New Road 09:0312:0314:0316:0818:2821:11
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Duke of Wellington 09:0412:0414:0416:0918:2921:12
Hatfield Peverel, opp Station Road 09:0512:0514:0516:1018:3021:13
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Swan Inn 09:0512:0514:0516:1018:3021:13
Hatfield Peverel, o/s William Boosey 09:0512:0514:0516:1018:3021:13
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (W-bound) 09:0612:0614:0616:1118:3121:14
Boreham, adj Damases Lane 09:0812:0814:0816:1318:3321:16
Boreham, opp Waltham Rd 09:0912:0914:0916:1418:3421:17
Boreham, o/s Recreation Ground 09:0912:0914:0916:1418:3421:17
Boreham, adj Hurrell Down 09:1012:1014:1016:1518:3521:18
Boreham, opp Elm Way 09:1112:1114:1116:1618:3621:19
Boreham House (o/s) 09:1212:1214:1216:1718:3721:20
Springfield, o/s Royal Mail 09:1512:1514:1516:2018:4021:23
Springfield, opp Sainsburys 09:1612:1614:1616:2118:4121:24
Springfield, o/s T A Centre 09:1712:1714:1716:2218:4221:25
Springfield, opp Pump Lane 09:1812:1814:1816:2318:4321:26
Springfield, opp Aldi 09:1912:1914:1916:2418:4421:27
Springfield, opp The Plough 09:2012:2014:2016:2518:4521:28
Springfield, adj Oaklea Avenue 09:2112:2114:2116:2618:4621:29
Springfield, adj Brookhurst Close 09:2212:2214:2216:2718:4721:29
Springfield Park, o/s Chelmsford Prison 09:2212:2214:2216:2718:4721:30
Chelmsford, adj Boswells Drive 09:2312:2314:2316:2818:4821:31
Chelmsford, opp Town Centre Tesco Store 09:2412:2414:2416:2918:4921:31
Chelmsford Mildmay Car Park (Stop G) 09:2612:2614:2616:3118:5121:33
Chelmsford Retail Market (Stop 2) 09:2812:2814:2816:3318:5321:34
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 12) 09:29s12:29s14:29s16:34s18:54s21:35s
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 3) 09:3012:3014:3016:3518:5521:36
Journey funded by Essex County Council

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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