735 - Coventry - Furnace End via Fillongley

A bus service operated by Coventry Minibuses


Severn Road - Village Farm

Gosford Green Severn Rd (adjacent) 15:25
Gosford Green, after St George's Rd 15:25
Gosford Green, adj Newlands Court 15:27
Gosford Green Far Gosford Street (adjacent) 15:30
Gosford Green, after All Saints Square 15:31
Coventry Grove St (Stop CU5) 15:33
Coventry Code (Stop FX1) 15:34
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 12:0513:3515:35
Coventry Cross Cheaping (Stop BS5) 12:0513:3515:35
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL1) 12:0613:3615:36
Coventry Nauls Mill House (adjacent) 12:0713:3715:37
Bishopgate Green, adj Barr's Hill School 12:0713:3715:37
Bishopgate Green, opp Swillington Rd 12:0813:3815:38
Radford, adj Lawrence Saunders Road 12:0913:3915:39
Radford, before Otterbrook Court 12:0913:3915:39
Radford, after Engleton Road 12:1013:4015:40
Radford, adj Three Spires Avenue 12:1113:4115:41
Radford House (adj) 12:1213:4215:42
Coundon, opp Wallace Rd 12:1213:4215:42
Coundon, opp Kipling Rd 12:1313:4315:43
Whitmore Park, adj Copthorne 12:1413:4415:44
Brownshill Green, opp Keresley Church 12:1513:4515:45
Brownshill Green, before Long Lane 12:1613:4615:46
Brownshill Green, after Long Lane 12:1713:4715:47
Brownshill Green, adj Keresley Manor 12:1713:4715:47
Keresley, opp Queenswood 12:1913:4915:49
Keresley, opp Horse & Jockey 12:2013:5015:50
Corley, adj Church 12:2213:5215:52
Corley, opp Cheshire Farm 13:55
Corley Moor, opp Bull & Butcher 15:56
Corley Ash, adj Saracens Head 12:2813:58
Fillongley, adj Crossroads 12:3014:0016:03
Devitts Green, adj Woodside 12:3614:0616:09
Old Arley, adj Meadow Croft 12:3814:0816:11
Old Arley, adj Bournebrook View 14:0816:11
Old Arley, nr Rectory Road 14:0916:12
New Arley, nr Colliers Way 14:0916:12
New Arley, opp Stonehouse Lane 14:1016:13
New Arley, opp Lamp Lane 14:1116:14
New Arley, opp Arley Social Club 14:1116:14
New Arley, opp Ransome Road 14:1216:15
New Arley, opp Infant School 14:1316:16
New Arley, adj George Street 14:1316:16
New Arley, adj Hill Top 14:1316:16
Ansley, nr Arley Lane 14:1516:18
Ansley, opp Croft Mead 14:15
Ansley, adj Social Club 14:16
Ansley, opp Ludford Close 14:17
Ansley, nr Village Farm 14:18
Calls on request only at Corley Moor
Continues to Coleshill by request only
Calls at Stockingford & Nuneaton on request

Village Farm - Severn Road

Ansley, adj Ludford Close 09:4512:45
Ansley, adj Lord Nelson 09:4612:46
Nuneaton, adj Greenmoor Road 07:15
Nuneaton, nr North Street 07:15
Nuneaton, opp Marsdale Drive 07:16
Nuneaton, adj Denehurst Way 07:16
Stockingford Heath End Road (Adk) 07:17
Stockingford, opp Westbury Road 07:17
Stockingford, adj Arbury Hall 07:19
Stockingford, nr Wiclif Way 07:20
Stockingford, opp Wiclif Way 07:21
Stockingford, opp Park Lane 07:21
Ansley, adj Turn 07:2609:4712:47
New Arley, opp Hill Top 07:2709:4812:48
New Arley, adj Infant School 07:2909:4912:49
New Arley, opp Ransome Road 07:2909:4912:49
New Arley, adj Arley Social Club 07:2909:5012:50
New Arley, adj Lamp Lane 07:3009:5012:50
New Arley, opp Colliers Way 07:3109:5112:51
Old Arley, adj Station Road 07:3109:5212:52
Old Arley, nr Oak Avenue 07:3209:5312:53
Old Arley, adj War Memorial 07:3309:5412:54
Devitts Green, opp Woodside 07:3509:5612:56
Fillongley, adj Crossroads 07:4110:0113:01
Fillongley, opp Wood End Lane 10:0213:02
Corley Ash, opp Saracens Head 10:0313:03
Corley, adj Cheshiire Farm 10:04
Corley Moor, adj Bull & Butcher 07:4810:06
Corley, adj Cheshiire Farm 07:51
Corley, opp Cheshire Farm 10:09
Corley, opp The Glebe 07:5410:1213:09
Keresley, adj Horse & Jockey 07:5410:1213:09
Keresley, adj Queenswood 07:5510:1313:10
Brownshill Green, opp Keresley Manor 07:5610:1413:11
Brownshill Green, before Long Lane 07:5710:1513:12
Brownshill Green, after Long Lane 07:5710:1513:12
Brownshill Green Keresley Church (adjacent) 07:5810:1613:13
Whitmore Park, opp Copthorne 07:5910:1713:14
Coundon, adj Kipling Rd 08:0010:1813:15
Coundon, adj Wallace Rd 08:0110:1813:15
Radford, opposite Brownshill Green Rd 08:0310:1913:16
Radford, opp Three Spires Avenue 08:0410:2113:18
Radford, opp Engleton Road 08:0610:2213:19
Radford, after Otterbrook Court 08:0710:2313:20
Radford, opp Lawrence Saunders Road 08:0810:2413:21
Bishopgate Green, adj Swillington Rd 08:1010:2513:22
Bishopgate Green, opp Barr's Hill School 08:1110:2613:23
Coventry, opp Nauls Mill House 08:1210:2613:23
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL4) 08:1410:2813:25
Coventry Well St (Stop BS3) 08:1510:2813:25
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 08:1710:3013:27
Coventry Baths (Stop CU4) 08:18
Coventry Gosford Street (Stop CU3) 08:18
Coventry University (Stop CU1) 08:19
Gosford Green, opposite Far Gosford Street 08:21
Gosford Green, adj Hugh Road 08:23
Gosford Green, before Anglian Way 08:24
Gosford Green, before St George's Rd 08:26
Gosford Green, opposite Severn Rd 08:27
Calls on request only at Corley Moor

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset