743 - News Lane / Hydes Brow - Prescot Road / Freckleton Road

A bus service operated by Ogden Coaches


Monday to Friday, not Sch holidays

Hydes Brow, opp Henderson Drive 07:43
Rainford, opp Maggots Nook Road 07:43
Rainford Junction Rainford Station (Stop A) 07:45
Rainford Junction, adj Bushey Lane 07:45
Rainford Junction, nr Springfield 07:46
Park Hill Red Delph Lane (Adjacent) 07:47
Park Hill, opposite Ormskirk Road 07:48
Park Hill Bushey Lane (Near) 07:48
Park Hill Red Delph Lane (Adjacent) 07:49
Rainford Junction, opp Dairy Farm Road 07:51
Rainford, adj Eden Avenue 07:52
Rainford, adj Old Lane 07:52
Rainford, adj Cross Pit Lane 07:54
Rainford, adj Leyland Road 07:54
Rainford, adj Southerns Lane 07:56
Rainford, adj Hopgood Crescent 07:59
Rainford By-pass (adj) 08:02
Hill Top Bottle And Glass (SE-bound) 08:04
Hill Top St Helens Road (S-bound) 08:06
Hill Top, opp Longwood Close 08:06
Bleak Hill Brow, adj East Lancashire Road 08:06
Bleak Hill Brow, adj Malt House Court 08:06
Cowley Hill, adj Hammill Street 08:08
Cowley Hill, adj Tennis Street 08:09
Cowley Hill, adj Harris Street 08:09
Cowley Hill, adj Ruskin Drive 08:10
Cowley Hill, adj Swinburne Road 08:11
Cowley Hill, adj Fairfield Road 08:12
Cowley Hill, adj Beaconsfield Road 08:12
Eccleston, adj Kiln Close 08:13
Eccleston, adj Kiln Lane 08:14
Eccleston, adj Washbrook Close 08:14
Eccleston, adj Mill Brow 08:15
Eccleston, adj Chapel Lane 08:16
Eccleston, opp The Avenue 08:17
Eccleston, adj Alder Hey Road 08:19
St Helens Newtown, opposite Ellison Drive 08:20
West Park Gladstone Street (Adjacent) 08:21
West Park Constance Street (Adjacent) 08:22
West Park, outside Prescot Road 08:23
West Park, adj Roby Street 08:24
Grange Park Road (adj) 08:25
Grange Park Freckleton Road (W-bound) 08:26
Grange Park, opp Freckleton Road 08:27
Operates on schooldays only.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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