743 - Eden Avenue - Freckleton Road

A bus service operated by Arriva Merseyside


Monday to Friday, school days

Grange Park, opp Freckleton Road 16:20
Grange Park, o/s No. 324 16:20
Grange Park, opp Margery Road 16:21
W Park, adj Regents Road 16:22
W Park, adj Grosvenor Road 16:23
W Park, adj Prescot Road 16:23
W Park, adj Moxon Street 16:24
W Park, opp Doulton Street 16:24
St Helens Newtown, o/s Dunriding Lane 16:25
Eccleston, adj Holme Road 16:26
Eccleston, adj The Avenue 16:28
Eccleston, nr Millfields 16:28
Eccleston, adj The Spires 16:29
Eccleston, adj The Cloisters 16:30
Eccleston, adj Chapel Lane 16:31
Eccleston, adj Crocketts Walk 16:31
Bleak Hill Brow, adj Bleak Hill Road 16:32
Eccleston, adj Brookside Avenue 16:33
Cowley Hill, adj Coronation Road 16:33
Cowley Hill, adj Hartington Road 16:34
Cowley Hill, adj Rosebery Road 16:34
Cowley Hill, adj Hammill Street 16:35
Cowley Hill, adj Tennis Street 16:36
Cowley Hill, adj Dentons Green Lane 16:36
Cowley Hill, adj Harris Street 16:37
Cowley Hill, adj Ruskin Drive 16:37
Cowley Hill, adj Swinburne Road 16:38
Bleak Hill Brow, adj Dartmouth Drive 16:40
Windle, adj East Lancashire Road 16:41
Hill Top, adj Longwood Close 16:44
Hill Top St Helens Road (S-bound) 16:44
Hill Top, adj St Helens Road 16:46
Rainford By-pass (adj) 16:48
Rainford, adj Wellfield 16:49
Rainford, adj Thickwood Moss Lane 16:50
Rainford, opp Whalley Avenue 16:52
Rainford, adj The Avenue 16:52
Rainford, opp Alfred Street 16:52
Rainford, adj Moss Brow 16:53
Rainford Parklands (NE-bound) 16:53
Muncaster, opp Helen Bank Drive 16:54
Muncaster, adj Hydes Brow 16:54
Hydes Brow, adj Old Lane 16:54
Hydes Brow, adj News Lane 16:55
Hydes Brow, opp Henderson Drive 16:55
Rainford, opp Maggots Nook Road 16:56
Rainford Junction Rainford Station (Stop A) 16:58
Rainford Junction, adj Bushey Lane 16:59
Rainford Junction, nr Springfield 17:00
Park Hill, adj Red Delph Lane 17:01
Park Hill, opp Ormskirk Road 17:03
Park Hill, nr Bushey Lane 17:03
Park Hill, adj Red Delph Lane 17:04
Rainford Junction, opp Dairy Farm Road 17:07
Rainford, adj Eden Avenue 17:09

Timetable data from Arriva UK Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 22 April 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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