747 - Pocklington - York

A bus service operated by East Yorkshire

Pocklington - York

York - Pocklington

York Rail Station (RC) 09:0012:4015:2517:35
York Rougier Street (CH) 09:0112:4115:2717:37
York Micklegate (CJ) 09:0212:4215:2817:38
York, o/s Clifford's Tower 09:0412:4415:3017:40
York Piccadilly (Setting Down Only) 09:0612:4615:3317:43
York Merchantgate (PC) 09:0612:4815:3517:45
York, opp Student Castle 09:0612:4815:3517:45
York, o/s Huby Court 09:0712:4915:3617:46
York, o/s Waggon and Horses 09:0712:4915:3617:46
Hull Road, o/s Lansdowne Terrace 09:0812:5015:3717:47
Hull Road, opp The Boulevard 09:0812:5015:3717:47
Hull Road, o/s Matmer House 09:0912:5115:3817:48
Hull Road, adj Milson Grove 09:1012:5215:3917:49
Hull Road, opp Windmill Lane 09:1112:5315:4017:50
Hull Road, opp Archbishop Holgate's School 09:1112:5315:4117:51
Hull Road, opp Badger Hill Shops 09:1212:5415:4217:52
Hull Road, adj Canham Grove 09:1312:5515:4217:52
Hull Road B&Q 09:1312:5515:4317:53
Osbaldwick Redbarn Drive 09:1412:5615:4417:54
Osbaldwick Link Road 09:1512:5715:4517:55
Murton Village (o/s Harcourt House) 09:1913:0215:5518:01
Holtby, adj Panman Lane 09:2313:0616:0018:06
Gate Helmsley Duke of York Inn (NE-bound) 09:2513:0816:0318:09
Gate Helmsley The Manor House (E-bound) 09:2613:0916:0418:10
Stamford Bridge The Square 09:3013:1116:0718:12
Full Sutton Prison 13:15
Full Sutton Moor Lane 09:3913:1916:1318:18
Fangfoss Main Road (adj) 09:4413:2416:1818:23
Bolton Main Road 09:4613:2616:2018:25
Yapham Main Street 09:5013:3016:24
Meltonby Road 09:5213:3216:26
Bishop Wilton Main Street 09:5413:3416:28
Pocklington George Street 10:0513:4516:3918:31
Pocklington Eyms Depot 10:1013:5016:4318:32

Timetable data from East Yorkshire, 2 April 2024

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