77 - Cirencester - Highworth

Operated by Stagecoach West

Highworth - Cirencester

Highworth Swindon Street (N-bound) 07:4012:4016:30
Highworth Stapleton Close (W-bound) 07:4012:4016:30
Highworth Station Road (N-bound) 07:4012:4016:30
Highworth Home Farm (N-bound) 07:4112:4116:31
Highworth Islay Crescent (E-bound) 07:4112:4116:31
Highworth Folly Crescent (SE-bound) 07:4212:4216:32
Highworth Westrop (SE-bound) 07:4212:4216:32
Highworth Haresfield Roundabout (N-bound) 07:4312:4316:33
Upper Inglesham (N-bound) 07:4712:4716:37
Lechlade, nr Londis Shop 07:5212:5216:42
Lechlade, by The Bakery 07:5212:5216:42
Lechlade, after Jubilee Hall 07:5312:5316:43
Lechlade Keble Close (corner of) 07:5312:5316:43
Lechlade Vennymore (Stop) 07:5512:5516:45
Lechlade, by Old Railway Close 07:5612:5616:46
Lechlade, opp Keble Close 07:5712:5716:47
Lechlade, nr Jubilee Hall 07:5812:5816:48
Lechlade, opp The Bakery 07:5912:5916:49
Lechlade, on Market Place 08:0013:0016:50
Lechlade, opp Moorgate 08:0113:0116:51
Lechlade, opp Garden Centre 08:0213:0216:52
Lechlade, by Claydon Farm Cottages 08:0513:0516:55
Fairford, by Whelford Road Garage 08:0813:0816:58
Fairford, opp Hatherop Lane 08:1113:1117:01
Fairford, on Hatherop Lane 08:1213:1217:02
Fairford, opp Fire Station 08:1213:1217:02
Fairford, after Churchill Place 08:1313:1317:03
Fairford, opp Cricket Field 08:1413:1417:04
Fairford, nr Market Place 08:1513:1517:05
Fairford, opp The Vortex Inn 08:1513:1517:05
Fairford, opp The Home Farm 08:1613:1617:06
Fairford, by Cherrytree House School Stop 08:1713:1717:07
Meysey Hampton, before High Street 08:2013:2017:10
Meysey Hampton, opp Greenacres Park 08:2113:2117:11
Poulton, opp Elf Meadow 08:2413:2417:14
Ampney St Peter, opp Red Lion 08:2513:2517:15
Ampney St Peter, opp Village Street 08:2613:2617:16
Ampney Crucis, by St Mary's Church 08:2713:2717:17
Ampney Crucis, opp Crown of Crucis Hotel 08:2813:2817:18
Ampney Crucis, opp Ampney Park 08:2913:2917:19
Norcote House (by) 08:3013:3017:20
Cirencester, after Kingshill Lane 08:3113:3117:21
The Beeches Pheasant Way (corner of) 08:3213:3217:22
The Beeches, before Whitelands Road 08:3313:3317:23
Cirencester, opp The Forum 08:4013:4017:30

Cirencester - Highworth

Cirencester, opp The Forum 08:4511:3517:35
Cirencester, opp Beeches Car Park 08:4611:3617:36
The Beeches, after The Green 08:5011:4017:40
The Beeches, after Whitelands Road 08:5111:4117:41
The Beeches, opp Churchill Road 08:5111:4117:41
Cirencester, before Kingshill Lane 08:5111:4117:41
Norcote House (nr) 08:5311:4317:43
Ampney Crucis, nr Ampney Park 08:5411:4417:44
Ampney Crucis, nr Crown of Crucis Hotel 08:5611:4617:46
Ampney Crucis, opp St Mary's Church 08:5711:4717:47
Ampney St Peter, before Village Street 08:5711:4717:47
Poulton, after Elf Meadow 09:0011:5017:50
Meysey Hampton, o/s Greenacres Park 09:0211:5217:52
Meysey Hampton, after High Street 09:0311:5317:53
Fairford, by The Home Farm 09:0811:5817:58
Fairford, nr The Vortex Inn 09:0911:5917:59
Fairford, after Market Place 07:0009:1012:0018:00
Fairford, o/s Cricket Field 07:0009:1012:0018:00
Fairford, opp Churchill Place 07:0109:1112:0118:01
Fairford, by Fire Station 07:0109:1112:0118:01
Fairford, in Hatherop Lane 07:0209:1212:0218:02
Fairford, nr Hatherop Lane 07:0209:1212:0218:02
Fairford, opp Whelford Road Garage 07:0409:1412:0418:04
Lechlade, by Claydon House 07:0809:1812:0818:08
Lechlade, o/s Garden Centre 07:0909:1912:0918:09
Lechlade Moorgate (corner of) 07:1009:2012:1018:10
Lechlade, nr Londis Shop 07:1209:2212:1218:12
Lechlade, by The Bakery 07:1209:2212:1218:12
Lechlade, after Jubilee Hall 07:1309:2312:1318:13
Lechlade Keble Close (corner of) 07:1309:2312:1318:13
Lechlade Vennymore (Stop) 07:1509:2512:1518:15
Lechlade, by Old Railway Close 07:1609:2612:1618:16
Lechlade, opp Keble Close 07:1709:2712:1718:17
Lechlade, nr Jubilee Hall 07:1809:2812:1818:18
Lechlade, opp The Bakery 07:1909:2912:1918:19
Lechlade, on Market Place 07:2009:3012:2018:20
Upper Inglesham (S-bound) 07:2512:2518:25
Highworth Haresfield Roundabout (S-bound) 07:3012:3018:30
Highworth Swindon Street (S-bound) 07:3512:3518:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 13 July 2024

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