777 - Ecclesfield - Stocksbridge

A bus service operated by Heatons Coaches

Monday to Friday

Ecclesfield - Stocksbridge

Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Washington Road 07:55
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Mill Road 07:55
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Whitley Lane 07:55
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 07:56
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (adj) 07:57
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 07:58
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 07:58
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 07:59
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Burncross Road 07:59
Chapeltown, opp Lound Side/Belmont Avenue 08:00
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Mount Pleasant Drive 08:01
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 08:02
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Griffiths Road 08:04
Chapeltown, opp School Road/Worrall Road 08:05
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Worrall Road 08:06
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Entwhistle Road 08:08
High Green, nr Greengate Lane/School Road 08:10
High Green, adj Greengate Lane/Worrall Road 08:10
High Green, adj Foster Way/Freeman Gardens 08:10
High Green, adj Foster Way/Acre Gate 08:11
High Green, nr Foster Way/Cottam Road 08:12
High Green, adj Foster Way/Sunny Bank 08:12
High Green, at Foster Way/Potters Gate 08:14
High Green, nr Thompson Hill/Potter Hill Lane 08:15
High Green, adj Thompson Hill/Hague Lane 08:18
Deepcar, adj Wortley Road/Station Road 08:27
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/Carr Road 08:27
Deepcar, at Manchester Road/St Johns Road 08:28
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/Haywood Lane 08:28
Deepcar, at Manchester Road/Haywood Lane 08:29
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/New Street 08:30
Deepcar, nr Manchester Road/Ashfield Road 08:30
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/New Road 08:31
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/Nanny Hill 08:32
Stocksbridge, opp Manchester Road/Fox Valley Way 08:33
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/Johnson Street 08:33
Stocksbridge, at Manchester Road/Hole House Lane 08:34
Stocksbridge, opp Hole House Lane/Whitwell Crescent 08:35
Stocksbridge, o/s Shay House Lane/Linden Crescent 08:36

School Days Only

Stocksbridge - Ecclesfield

Stocksbridge, opp Shay House Lane/Kenworthy Road 15:07
Stocksbridge, adj Shay House Lane/Shay Road 15:07
Stocksbridge, adj Hole House Lane/Whitwell Crescent 15:08
Stocksbridge, adj Hole House Lane/Manchester Road 15:08
Stocksbridge, nr Manchester Road/Gibson Lane 15:09
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/Fox Valley Way 15:10
Stocksbridge, opp Manchester Road/New Road 15:11
Deepcar, nr Manchester Road/Ash Lane 15:12
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/New Street 15:12
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/Haywood Lane 15:13
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/St Johns Road 15:14
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/Carr Road 15:15
Deepcar, opp Wortley Road/Station Road 15:16
Wortley, at Penistone Road/Boothwood Lodge 15:20
High Green, adj Thompson Hill/Ashwood Road 15:24
High Green, opp Thompson Hill/Potter Hill Lane 15:24
High Green, adj Foster Way/Milgrove Crescent 15:25
High Green, opp Foster Way/Sheringham Close 15:25
High Green, nr Foster Way/Francis Grove 15:25
High Green, opp Foster Way/Freeman Gardens 15:26
High Green, adj Greengate Lane/Miles Road 15:27
High Green, opp Greengate Lane/School Road 15:27
Chapeltown, nr School Road/Greengate Lane 15:28
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Greenwood Road 15:29
Chapeltown, opp School Road/Griffiths Road 15:30
Chapeltown, adj Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 15:32
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Mafeking Place 15:33
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Sussex Road 15:35
Chapeltown, at Lound Side/Market Place 15:36
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Market Place 15:37
Chapeltown, at Market Place/Lound Side 15:38
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 15:38
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 15:39
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 15:40
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (opp) 15:40
Ecclesfield, opp Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 15:42
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Whitley View 15:43
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Washington Road 15:44

School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024