811 - Broughton - Deeside Ind Park - Birkenhead - Moreton

A bus service operated by A2B Travel


Tower Wharf (Birkenhead)

From 7 June 2020

Tower Wharf will be closed, at Tower Road, from Monday 8 June 2020 until approximately February 2021.

Route 811 will travel as normal from Leasowe to Rendell Street, then via Tower Road, Canning Street, then as normal route (omitting Tower Road and Pump Road). This service will return via the reverse of this route.


Corporation Road (Birkenhead)

2–16 November 2020

From Monday 2nd November 2020 until Monday 16th November 2020 Corporation Road, Birkenhead will be closed from the junction of Duke Street to the junction of Rendel Street. The closure is expected to be in place for 14 days.

409, 411 and 811 are affected. See Merseytravel Travel Updates for diversion details.



Monday to Friday

Moreton - Birkenhead - Deeside Ind Park - Broughton

Moreton, adj Knutsford Road 04:0206:0207:02
Moreton, opp Chapelhill Road 04:0206:0207:02
Moreton, adj Danger Lane 04:0306:0307:03
Moreton, adj Reeds Lane 04:0306:0307:03
Bidston Station (Stop A) 04:0706:0707:07
Bidston, adj Compton Road 04:0806:0807:08
Bidston, adj Hurrell Road 04:0906:0907:09
Bidston, adj Gautby Road 04:0906:0907:09
Bidston, opp Egan Road 04:1006:1007:10
Birkenhead, adj Townsend Street 04:1206:1207:12
Birkenhead, nr Corporation Road 04:1606:1607:16
Birkenhead, adj Livingstone Street 04:1806:1807:18
Birkenhead, adj Berner Street 04:1806:1807:18
Birkenhead, adj Corporation Road 04:1906:1907:19
Birkenhead, opp Tower Wharf 04:2106:2107:21
Seacombe 12 Quays Ferry Terminal (E-bound) 04:2306:2307:23
Birkenhead, adj Tower Wharf 04:2506:2507:25
Birkenhead, opp Taylor Street 04:2606:2607:26
Woodside, adj Cheshire Lines Building 04:2706:2707:27
Woodside Interchange (Stop B) 04:2806:2807:28
Woodside Hamilton Square Station (Stop BD) 04:2806:2807:28
Woodside, opp Cheshire Lines Building 04:2906:2907:29
Birkenhead Argyle Street (Stop C) 04:3006:3007:30
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 5) 04:3306:3307:33
Birkenhead, adj Grange Road East 04:3306:3307:33
Tranmere, adj Campbeltown Road 04:3506:3507:35
Tranmere, adj Turbine Road 04:3606:3607:36
Rock Ferry, adj St Pauls Road 04:3806:3807:38
Rock Ferry, adj Bedford Place 04:3906:3907:39
Rock Ferry, adj The Hawthornes 04:4006:4007:40
Rock Ferry, opp Knowsley Road 04:4006:4007:40
Rock Ferry, adj Platt Grove 04:4106:4107:41
Rock Ferry, opp Hassal Road 04:4106:4107:41
New Ferry Park, adj Earl Street 04:4306:4307:43
New Ferry, adj Beaconsfield Road 04:4306:4307:43
New Ferry, adj Portbury Close 04:4406:4407:44
New Ferry, adj Shore Drive 04:4406:4407:44
Bromborough Pool Village (SE-bound) 04:4706:4707:47
Bromborough Pool, adj Riverbank Road 04:4906:4907:49
Bromborough Stadium Road (SE-bound) 04:5106:5107:51
Bromborough, adj Plantation Road 04:5206:5207:52
Bromborough, adj Hardknott Road 04:5406:5407:54
Bromborough, opp Woodyear Road 04:5606:5607:56
Carlett Park, opp Plymyard Cemetery 04:5706:5707:57
Carlett Park, opp Park Road 04:5806:5807:58
Eastham, opp Carlett Boulevard 04:5906:5907:59
Eastham, opp Bridle Road 05:0007:0008:00
Eastham Rake, adj Eastham Village Road 05:0007:0008:00
Eastham Rake, nr M53 05:0107:0108:01
Hooton Crossroads (S-bound) 05:0307:0308:03
Childer Thornton, opp St Mary's Church 05:0307:0308:03
Childer Thornton, opp School Lane 05:0407:0408:04
Childer Thornton, o/s St Paul's Church 05:0407:0408:04
Little Sutton, o/s Red Lion PH 05:0507:0508:05
Little Sutton, o/s Traveller's Rest 05:0507:0508:05
Little Sutton Wetherby Way (cnr) 05:0607:0608:06
Little Sutton, opp Ledsham Park Drive 05:0607:0608:06
Little Sutton, opp Roxburgh Road 05:0707:0708:07
Little Sutton, opp Cheshire Yeoman 05:0707:0708:07
Two Mills, o/s Mini Showroom 05:1107:1108:11
Shotwick Dale Bridge (nr) 05:1207:1208:12
Shotwick, opp Woodbank Farm 05:1307:1308:13
Connah’s Quay Parkway 05:1407:1408:14
Connah’s Quay GDC Building 05:1507:1508:15
Garden City Manetti 05:1507:1508:15
Garden City Newtech Square 05:1507:1508:15
Connah’s Quay Great Bear Distribution 05:1907:1908:19
Garden City Deeside Ind Park (Zone 1) 05:2207:2208:22
Garden City Welsh Road 05:2307:2308:23
Garden City, opp Cycle Bridge 05:2307:2308:23
Garden City Deva Business Park 05:2307:2308:23
Garden City Drome Corner 05:2407:2408:24
Garden City Post Office 05:2507:2508:25
Garden City Sealand School 05:2507:2508:25
Queensferry, o/s Expressway Business Park 05:2707:2708:27
Queensferry Station Road Q 05:2807:2808:28
Queensferry Aston Road sliproad 05:2907:2908:29
Queensferry Asda 05:3007:3008:30
Big Mancot Mechanics' Arms 05:3207:3208:32
Sandycroft School 05:3407:3408:34
Sandycroft Glendale Avenue 05:3507:3508:35
Mancot Royal St Francis' Church 05:3607:3608:36
Sandycroft Bridge Inn 05:3607:3608:36
Broughton Brook Lane 05:3807:3808:38
Broughton Manor Farm 05:3807:3808:38
Broughton Little Roodee 05:3907:3908:39
Broughton Airfield View 05:3907:3908:39
Broughton Manor Lane 05:4007:4008:40
Broughton Wood Lane 05:4107:4108:41
Broughton Airbus 05:4207:4208:42
Broughton Tesco 05:4407:4408:44

Broughton - Deeside Ind Park - Birkenhead - Moreton

Broughton Tesco 16:1717:17
Broughton Airbus 16:1917:19
Broughton Wood Lane 16:1917:19
Broughton Manor Lane 16:2017:20
Broughton Airfield View 16:2117:21
Broughton Little Roodee 16:2117:21
Broughton Manor Farm 16:2217:22
Broughton Brook Lane 16:2217:22
Sandycroft Bridge Inn 16:2417:24
Sandycroft St Francis' Church 16:2517:25
Sandycroft Glendale Avenue 16:2617:25
Big Mancot Mechanics' Arms 16:3017:28
Queensferry Station Road 16:3417:33
Queensferry, opp Expressway Business Park 16:3417:33
Garden City Sealand School 16:3517:35
Garden City Post Office 16:3617:36
Garden City Drome Corner 16:3617:36
Garden City Deva Business Park 16:3717:37
Garden City, o/s Cycle Bridge 16:3717:37
Garden City Welsh Road 16:3717:37
Garden City Deeside Ind Park (Zone 1) 16:3817:38
Connah’s Quay Great Bear Distribution 16:4217:42
Connah’s Quay Parkway 16:4817:45
Connah’s Quay GDC Building 16:4917:46
Garden City Manetti 16:4917:46
Garden City Newtech Square 16:5017:46
Shotwick, nr Woodbank Farm 16:5417:48
Shotwick Dale Bridge (o/s) 16:5517:48
Two Mills, opp Mini Showroom 16:5917:50
Ledsham Welsh Road (N-bound) 17:0117:52
Little Sutton, nr Cheshire Yeoman 17:0217:53
Little Sutton Roxburgh Road (cnr) 17:0317:53
Little Sutton Ledsham Park Drive (cnr) 17:0317:54
Little Sutton Hillcrest Road (cnr) 17:0417:54
Little Sutton, opp Traveller's Rest 17:0417:55
Little Sutton, opp Red Lion PH 17:0517:55
Childer Thornton, o/s Burleydam Garden Centre 17:0517:56
Childer Thornton, nr Half Way House 17:0617:56
Childer Thornton, nr St Mary's Church 17:0717:57
Hooton Crossroads (N-bound) 17:0817:58
Eastham Rake, nr M53 17:0917:59
Eastham Rake, opp Eastham Village Road 17:1018:00
Eastham, adj Bridle Road 17:1218:01
Eastham, adj Carlett Boulevard 17:1218:01
Carlett Park, adj Heygarth Road 17:1318:02
Carlett Park, o/s Plymyard Cemetery 17:1418:03
Bromborough, adj Allport Road 17:1618:05
Bromborough, adj Mendell Close 17:1618:05
Bromborough, opp Hardknott Road 17:1818:07
Bromborough Plantation Road (N-bound) 17:1818:08
Bromborough Stadium Road (NW-bound) 17:1918:09
Bromborough Pool Thermal Road (NW-bound) 17:2018:11
Bromborough Pool Village (NW-bound) 17:2218:14
Bromborough Pool New Chester Road (NE-bound) 17:2218:14
New Ferry, opp Shore Drive 17:2418:16
New Ferry, opp Willowbank Road 17:2518:17
New Ferry, opp Legh Road 17:2718:18
New Ferry Park (o/s) 17:2718:18
Rock Ferry, adj Hassal Road 17:2818:19
Rock Ferry, adj Knowsley Road 17:2818:20
Rock Ferry, adj Rock Lane West 17:2918:20
Rock Ferry, adj Bedford Road 17:3018:21
Rock Ferry, opp Woburn Place 17:3018:22
Tranmere, adj Union Street 17:3118:23
Tranmere, opp Turbine Road 17:3218:24
Tranmere, opp Valiant Way 17:3218:25
Birkenhead, adj Grange Road 17:3418:27
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 1) 17:3518:28
Birkenhead, opp Burlington Street 17:3518:28
Birkenhead, nr Market Street 17:3718:30
Woodside, adj Hamilton Street 17:3918:31s
Woodside Interchange (Stop A) 17:4118:33
Woodside Hamilton Square Station (Stop BD) 17:4118:33
Woodside, opp Cheshire Lines Building 17:4118:33
Birkenhead, adj Lord Street 17:4218:34
Birkenhead, opp Tower Wharf 17:4418:36
Seacombe 12 Quays Ferry Terminal (E-bound) 17:4618:38
Birkenhead, adj Tower Wharf 17:4718:39
Birkenhead, adj Freeman Street 17:4718:40
Birkenhead, adj Watson Street 17:4818:41
Birkenhead, opp Berner Street 17:4818:42
Birkenhead, adj Livingstone Street 17:4918:42
Birkenhead, adj Duke Street 17:5018:44
Birkenhead, adj Cavendish Street 17:5018:44
Birkenhead, adj Ilchester Road 17:5318:50
Bidston, opp Challis Street 17:5418:51
Bidston, adj Hoblyn Road 17:5418:51
Bidston, opp Hurrell Road 17:5618:53
Bidston Village Road (adj) 17:5618:54
Bidston Station (Stop B) 17:5618:54
Moreton, opp Reeds Lane 17:5918:57
Moreton, adj Stuart Avenue 17:5918:58
Moreton, adj Alwyn Gardens 18:0018:59
Moreton, adj Garden Lane 18:0119:00
Moreton Station (Stop B) 18:01
Moreton, adj Tarran Drive 18:02
Moreton, opp Ditton Lane 18:03
Moreton, adj Lingham Lane 18:03
Leasowe Castle, adj Oakmere Close 18:04
Leasowe Castle, opp Reeds Lane 18:05
Leasowe, adj Castleway North 18:08
Leasowe, adj Hudson Road 18:09
Leasowe, opp MacKenzie Road 18:09
Leasowe, adj Ross Avenue 18:11
Leasowe, opp No. 22 18:12

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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