822 - Pocklington - York - Ripon - Grassington

Operated by East Yorkshire



Pocklington - York, Ripon - Grassington

Pocklington Opp EYMS 08:55
Pocklington West Green 08:55
Allerthorpe Hodsow Ln 08:56
Pocklington A1079 08:58
Barmby Moor A1079 08:58
Barmby Moor A1079 08:59
Barmby Moor A1079 09:01
A1079 Wilberfoss 09:02
Wilberfoss A1079 09:03
Catton Lane End 09:05
Kexby, o/s Old School House 09:07
Dunnington Four Lane Ends (o/s Holmfields) 09:10
Dunnington, opp Grimston Court 09:12
Grimston, adj Bingley House Farm 09:13
Hull Road, opp Canham Grove 09:14
Hull Road Badger Hill Shops 09:15
Hull Road, o/s Archbishop Holgate's School 09:15
Hull Road, adj Windmill Lane 09:16
Hull Road, opp Milson Grove 09:17
Hull Road, opp The Beeswing 09:18
Hull Road, o/s The Boulevard 09:18
Hull Road, opp Lansdowne Terrace 09:19
York, o/s St Lawrence Church 09:20
York The Barbican Coach Stop 09:21
York, opp Edinburgh Arms 09:22
York Rougier Street (CC) 09:25
York Rail Station (RH) 09:27
York Blossom Street (BC) 09:30
York Cambridge Street (opp Mount Ephraim) 09:31
Holgate Hill (adj Holgate Bridge Gardens) 09:31
Holgate, opp Fox Inn 09:32
Holgate Park (opp) 09:32
Holgate, adj Grantham Drive 09:33
Holgate, opp Seldon Road 09:33
Holgate, adj Malvern Avenue 09:34
Acomb, opp Ouse Acres 09:34
Acomb, opp Plantation Drive 09:35
Acomb, adj Wheatlands Grove 09:36
Beckfield Lane, opp Low Poppleton Lane 09:36
Upper Poppleton, adj Wheatlands 09:37
Upper Poppleton, adj Garden Centre 09:38
Upper Poppleton, opp Red Lion A59 09:39
Hessay A59 (adj New Road) 09:42
Moor Monkton Crossroads (NW-bound) 09:44
Wilstrop Nun Monkten Lane End (W-bound) 09:49
Kirk Hammerton, adj Station Road 09:50
Green Hammerton, adj Bernard Lane 09:52
Green Hammerton Rosedale Cottage (NW-bound) 09:52
Little Ouseburn Lane End (NW-bound) 09:56
Aldborough Hill Top (NE-bound) 10:04
Aldborough, opp The Square 10:05
Boroughbridge, adj Opp St James Square 10:10
Boroughbridge, opp Crown Hotel 10:10
Boroughbridge, adj Anchor Inn 10:11
Langthorpe Corner (NW-bound) 10:11
Langthorpe Corner (W-bound) 10:11
Langthorpe Fox And Hounds (W-bound) 10:12
Skelton on Ure, adj Broom Close Farm 10:14
Skelton on Ure Reading Room (N-bound) 10:17
Skelton on Ure Post office (N-bound) 10:18
Skelton on Ure Skelton Grange (N-bound) 10:18
Bridge Hewick, adj Racecourse 10:24
Ripon Skelldale Caravan Park (W-bound) 10:25
Ripon Firs Avenue (NW-bound) 10:25
Ripon Bowling Club (W-bound) 10:26
Ripon Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 10:28
Studley Royal (SW-bound) 10:4013:1014:50
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre (E-bound) 10:4513:1514:55
Fell Beck, opp Half Moon Inn 11:0015:10
Glasshouses Lupton Bank Top (W-bound) 11:0615:16
Pateley Bridge Panorama Way (NW-bound) 11:0815:18
Pateley Bridge Panorama Walk (N-bound) 11:0915:19
Pateley Bridge King Street (NE-bound) 11:1015:20
Greenhow Hill, adj Coldstones Cut 11:2015:30
Greenhow Hill St Mary's Church (W-bound) 11:2315:33
Stump Cross Caverns (W-bound) 11:2715:37
Hartlington Grimwith Reservoir (W-bound) 11:3115:41
Hebden Clarendon Hotel (E-bound) 11:3515:45
Grassington National Park Centre (NW-bound) 11:4015:50

Grassington - York, Ripon - Pocklington

Grassington National Park Centre (NW-bound) 12:0015:55
Grassington Elbolton (SE-bound) 12:0015:55
Hebden Clarendon Hotel (E-bound) 12:0415:59
Hartlington Grimwith Reservoir (E-bound) 12:0716:02
Stump Cross Caverns (E-bound) 12:1216:07
Greenhow Hill Lily Green (SE-bound) 12:1316:08
Greenhow Hill St Mary's Church (E-bound) 12:1516:10
Greenhow Hill, opp Coldstones Cut 12:1716:12
Pateley Bridge King Street (NE-bound) 12:2516:20
Pateley Bridge Panorama Walk (S-bound) 12:2516:25
Pateley Bridge Panorama Way (SE-bound) 12:2616:26
Glasshouses Lupton Bank Top (E-bound) 12:2716:27
Blazefield House Farm (adj) 12:2816:28
Fell Beck, adj Half Moon Inn 12:3116:31
Risplith Grantley Lane End (E-bound) 12:3716:37
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre (E-bound) 12:4514:2516:45
Studley Royal (NE-bound) 12:4914:2916:49
Bishopton River Laver Caravan Park (NE-bound) 12:5414:3416:54
Ripon Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 12:5814:3816:58
Ripon Bowling Club (E-bound) 17:01
Ripon Firs Avenue (SE-bound) 17:01
Ripon Skelldale Caravan Park (E-bound) 17:02
Bridge Hewick, opp Racecourse 17:03
Skelton on Ure Skelton Grange (S-bound) 17:09
Skelton on Ure Post Office (S-bound) 17:10
Skelton on Ure Reading Room (S-bound) 17:10
Langthorpe Fox And Hounds (E-bound) 17:15
Langthorpe Corner (E-bound) 17:16
Langthorpe Corner (SE-bound) 17:16
Boroughbridge, opp Anchor Inn 17:16
Boroughbridge, adj Crown Hotel 17:17
Boroughbridge St James Square (E-bound) 17:18
Aldborough, adj The Square 17:21
Aldborough Hill View (SW-bound) 17:21
Little Ouseburn Lane End (SW-bound) 17:28
Green Hammerton The Bay Horse Inn (SE-bound) 17:33
Green Hammerton Springbank Surgery (SE-bound) 17:33
Kirk Hammerton, opp Station Road 17:34
Wilstrop Nun Monkton Lane End (SW-bound) 17:35
Moor Monkton Crossroads (SE-bound) 17:38
Upper Poppleton, adj Red Lion A59 17:42
Upper Poppleton, opp Garden Centre 17:44
Nether Poppleton, opp Wheatlands 17:44
Acomb, adj Low Poppleton Lane 17:46
Acomb, opp Wheatlands Grove 17:46
Acomb, adj Plantation Drive 17:47
Acomb, opp Cranbrook Avenue 17:47
Holgate, opp Malvern Avenue 17:48
Holgate, adj Seldon Road 17:49
Holgate, opp Grantham Drive 17:49
Holgate Park (o/s) 17:50
Holgate, adj Fox Inn 17:51
Holgate Hill (opp Hollybank House) 17:51
York, adj Cambridge Street 17:52
York Blossom Street (BB) 17:53
York Rail Station (RD) 17:54
York Rougier Street (CH) 17:58
York, o/s Clifford's Tower 18:00
York, o/s Waggon and Horses 18:03
Hull Road, o/s Lansdowne Terrace 18:03
Hull Road, opp The Boulevard 18:04
Hull Road, o/s Matmer House 18:05
Hull Road, adj Milson Grove 18:06
Hull Road, opp Windmill Lane 18:07
Hull Road, opp Archbishop Holgate's School 18:08
Hull Road, opp Badger Hill Shops 18:10
Hull Road, adj Canham Grove 18:10
Hull Road B&Q 18:10
Grimston, opp Bingley House Farm 18:11
Dunnington, o/s Grimston Court 18:12
Dunnington, o/s The Windmill 18:14
Dunnington, adj Four Lane Ends 18:15
Kexby, opp Old School House 18:18
Catton Lane End 18:19
Wilberfoss A1079 18:21
A1079 Wilberfoss 18:22
A1079 Near Wilberfoss 18:23
A1079 Barmby Moor 18:25
Barmby Moor A1079 18:26
Pocklington A1079 18:26
Allerthorpe Hodsow Ln 18:28
Pocklington West Green 18:29
Pocklington West Green 18:29
Pocklington Eyms Depot 18:30

Timetable data from East Yorkshire, 26 September 2023

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