83 - House of Bruar - Aberfeldy

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Aberfeldy - House of Bruar

Aberfeldy, at Chapel Street 11:0314:0317:00
Aberfeldy, at Taybridge Drive 11:0514:0517:02
Aberfeldy, at Taybridge Terrace 11:0614:0617:03
Aberfeldy, at Chapel Street 11:0814:0817:05
Aberfeldy, at Industrial Estate 11:0814:0817:05
Aberfeldy, at Caravan Site 11:0914:0917:06
Grandtully, opp Castle 11:1414:1417:11
Grandtully, at Croftcap Cottage 11:1614:1617:13
Little Ballinluig, opp Aultbeag Road 11:1714:1717:14
Grandtully, opp Hotel 11:1814:1817:15
Logierait, at Eastertyre 11:2314:2317:20
Logierait, opp Church 11:2514:2517:22
Ballinluig, opp Post Office 11:2714:2717:24
Ballinluig, opp Inn 11:2814:2817:25
Ballinluig, at Tulliemet Road End 11:2814:2817:25
Ballinluig, at Post Office 11:2914:2917:26
Ballinluig Bus Bay (Northbound) 11:3014:3017:27
Moulinearn, at Level Crossing 11:3414:3417:31
Milton of Edradour, opp East Haugh 11:3714:3717:34
Pitlochry, at Aldour 11:3914:3917:36
Pitlochry, opp Newholme Avenue 11:4014:4017:37
Pitlochry, at Fishers Hotel 11:4014:4017:37
Pitlochry, at West End Car Park 11:4114:4117:38
Pitlochry, opp Fishers Hotel 11:4214:4217:39
Pitlochry, at Well Brae 11:4314:4317:40
Pitlochry, at Darach Road 11:4414:4417:41
Pitlochry, opp Tomcroy Terrace 11:4614:4617:43
Pitlochry, at High School 11:4714:4717:44
Moulin, at Balnadrum Terrace 11:4814:4817:45
Pitlochry, at Knockard Road 11:4914:4917:46
Pitlochry, opp Lettoch Terrace 11:5014:5017:47
Pitlochry, at Town Hall 11:5114:5117:48
Pitlochry, at West End Car Park 11:5214:5217:49
Pitlochry, at Dysart Road 11:5214:5217:49
Pitlochry, at Clunie Bridge Road 11:5314:5317:50
Faskally, at Campsite 11:5514:5517:52
Killiecrankie, at Visitor Centre 11:5714:5717:54
Killiecrankie, opp Village Hall 11:5814:5817:55
Blair Atholl, at Tilt Hotel 12:0415:0418:01
Blair Atholl, at Atholl Arms 12:0515:0518:02
House of Bruar car park (at) 12:1215:1218:09

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 3 July 2024

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