83A - Fosse Rd South - Leicester via Aylestone, Knighton Ln, Clarendon Park & University

A service operated by Centrebus (North)


Monday to Friday


Newfoundpool, adj Central Road 07:25
W End, o/s Hinckley Road 07:30
W End, adj Westcotes Drive 07:31
W End, adj Ashleigh Road 07:32
Leicester Imperial Avenue (SW-bound) 07:34
W End, adj Harlaxton Street 07:35
Leicester, adj Fulhurst Avenue 07:38
Leicester, o/s Medical Centre 07:39
Braunstone, adj Dumbleton Avenue 07:40
W End, adj Meredith Road 07:41
Leicester, adj Rowley Fields Avenue 07:42
Leicester, adj Ellesmere College 07:45
Aylestone, o/s St Andrews Church 07:49
Aylestone, opp Wigston Lane 07:51
Aylestone, o/s Hall Lane 07:52
Aylestone Road (o/s) 07:53
Aylestone Milligan Road (E-bound) 07:56
Aylestone, nr Heathcott Road 07:58
Aylestone, adj Wren Close 07:59
Aylestone, opp Recreation Ground 08:00
Aylestone Leisure Centre (adj) 08:01
Knighton, opp Aston Hill 08:03
Knighton, opp Lancaster Boys School 08:04
Leicester, adj Heather Road 08:06
Knighton Fields, opp Houlditch Road 08:07
Leicester, adj Leopold Road 08:08
Clarendon Park, o/s Lytton Road 08:10
Clarendon Park Road (N-bound) 08:12
Clarendon Park, adj Howard Road 08:12
Clarendon Park, adj St Leonards Road 08:14
Clarendon Park, o/s Adderley Road 08:15
Southfields, opp Welford Road Cemetery 08:17
Leicester College (opp) 08:18
Leicester, adj Sawday Street 08:19
Leicester, adj Walnut Street 08:20
Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital (Stand 1) 08:21
Leicester, adj Bonners Lane 08:22
Leicester Pocklingtons Walk (Stand EQ) 08:24
Leicester Town Hall Square (Stand ES) 08:25
Leicester Charles Street (Stand CK) 08:27
Leicester Haymarket Bus Station (Stand HE) 08:30


Leicester Haymarket Bus Station (Stand HE) 15:05
Leicester Charles Street (Stand CF) 15:06
Leicester Rutland Street (Stand EK) 15:07
Leicester Welford Place (Stand EM) 15:09
Leicester Tower Street (Stand 1) 15:10
Leicester Nelson Mandela Park (Stand 3) 15:11
Leicester, o/s Tigers Way 15:11
Southfields, adj Welford Road Cemetery 15:12
Leicester, adj University Road 15:13
Clarendon Park, opp Adderley Road 15:14
Clarendon Park, opp St Leonards Road 15:15
Clarendon Park, opp Howard Road 15:16
Clarendon Park Road (S-bound) 15:17
Clarendon Park, opp Lytton Road 15:18
Leicester, after Clarendon Park Road 15:19
Knighton Fields, o/s Houlditch Road 15:20
Leicester, opp Heather Road 15:21
Knighton, o/s Lancaster Boys School 15:22
Knighton, o/s Aston Hill 15:23
Aylestone Leisure Centre (opp) 15:25
Aylestone, adj Recreation Ground 15:26
Aylestone Wren Close (Stop 2) 15:26
Aylestone, adj Heathcott Road 15:27
Aylestone, o/s Duncan Road 15:28
Aylestone Milligan Road (W-bound) 15:29
Aylestone, adj Hampshire Road 15:31
Aylestone, opp Hall Lane 15:32
Aylestone, adj Wigston Lane 15:33
Aylestone, opp St Andrews Church 15:33
Leicester, opp Ellesmere College 15:36
Leicester, adj Jaguar Garage 15:37
Braunstone, opp Dumbleton Avenue 15:39
Leicester, opp Medical Centre 15:40
Leicester, opp Fulhurst Avenue 15:40
Leicester, o/s Gooding Avenue 15:40
W End, opp Harlaxton Street 15:41
Leicester Imperial Avenue (NE-bound) 15:42
W End, adj Beaconsfield Road 15:43
W End, opp Westcotes Drive 15:45
W End, adj Hinckley Road 15:46
W End, opp Noble Street 15:48
Newfoundpool, adj Pool Road 15:50
Newfoundpool, adj Beatrice Road 15:51
Newfoundpool, opp Central Road 15:53

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