84 - Colchester - Sudbury

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Colchester to Sudbury

Mile End, adj Cordelia Drive 07:32
Mile End, opp Chapman's Farm 07:32
Great Horkesley, adj Green Lane 07:34
Great Horkesley, o/s Half Butt 07:35
Great Horkesley, adj Coach Road 07:35
Great Horkesley, adj Old House Road 07:36
Great Horkesley, adj School Lane 07:38
Great Horkesley, adj Tog Lane 07:39
Great Horkesley, adj London Road 07:40
Nayland, adj Doctors Surgery 07:44
Nayland, opp Mill Street 07:45
Nayland, opposite Longwood House 07:45
Stoke-by-Nayland, opp Village Hall 07:50
Stoke-by-Nayland, adj The Angel 07:50
Stoke-by-Nayland, opposite The Blundens 07:53
Stoke-by-Nayland, o/s Middle School 07:53
Leavenheath, opp Shelter 07:59
Leavenheath, adj Edies Lane 08:00
Leavenheath, adj Elm Tree Lane 08:01
Leavenheath, opp Elm Tree Lane 08:04
Leavenheath, opp Edies Lane 08:05
Leavenheath, o/s Shelter 08:06
Leavenheath, opp Hare and Hounds 08:10
Assington, adj Water Tower 08:12
Assington Shoulder Of Mutton (Near) 08:15
Newton, opp Airey Close 08:21
Newton Green, adj Saracens Head 08:22
Cornard Tye, adj Joes Road 08:23
Sudbury, opp Northern Road 08:26
Great Cornard, opp Rede Way 08:27
Great Cornard, opposite The Drift 08:28
Great Cornard, opp Broom Street 08:28
Great Cornard, adj Wells Hall Road 08:29
Great Cornard, o/s Thomas Gainsborough School 08:30
Great Cornard, adj Broom Street 08:31
Great Cornard, adj Queensway 08:32
Great Cornard, opp Beech Road 08:32
Great Cornard, adj Pot Kiln Lane 08:33
Great Cornard, opposite St Andrews Road 08:34
Great Cornard, o/s Glenside 08:34
Great Cornard, opp Stannards Way 08:35
Great Cornard, opp Kings Meadow 08:35
Sudbury, opp Lucas Road 08:37
Sudbury Bus Station (Stand C) 08:40

Sudbury to Colchester

Sudbury Bus Station (Stand C) 06:5715:07
Sudbury, adj Lucas Road 06:5715:08
Sudbury Sainsbury's (Adjacent) 06:5815:09
Sudbury, adj Cats Lane 06:5915:10
Great Cornard, adj Stannards Way 07:0015:11
Great Cornard, opp Glenside 07:0015:12
Great Cornard, opp Highbury Way 07:0115:13
Great Cornard, adj Beech Road 07:0115:13
Great Cornard, opposite Queensway 07:0215:15
Great Cornard, o/s Thomas Gainsborough School 15:20
Great Cornard, adj Broom Street 15:20
Great Cornard, adj The Drift 07:0215:21
Great Cornard Minsmere Way (Adjacent) 07:0315:21
Great Cornard, adj Rede Way 07:0315:22
Great Cornard, adj Raydon Way 07:0415:22
Great Cornard, adj Chelsworth Avenue 07:0515:23
Sudbury, adj Northern Road 07:0615:24
Cornard Tye, opp Joes Road 07:0815:27
Newton Green, opp Saracens Head 07:1015:29
Newton Green, adj Links View 07:1015:29
Newton, adj Airey Close 07:1115:30
Assington Shoulder Of Mutton (Near) 07:1715:36
Assington, opp Water Tower 07:2115:40
Leavenheath, adj Hare and Hounds 07:2215:41
Leavenheath, opp Shelter 07:2315:42
Leavenheath, adj Edies Lane 07:2315:42
Leavenheath, adj Elm Tree Lane 07:2415:43
Leavenheath, opp Elm Tree Lane 07:2615:45
Leavenheath, opp Edies Lane 07:2615:45
Leavenheath, o/s Shelter 07:2715:46
Leavenheath, opp Hare and Hounds 07:3015:49
Stoke-by-Nayland, opp Middle School 07:3515:53
Stoke-by-Nayland The Blundens (Adjacent) 07:3615:54
Stoke-by-Nayland, opp The Angel 07:3715:55
Stoke-by-Nayland, adj Village Hall 07:3815:56
Nayland Longwood House (Adjacent) 07:4216:00
Nayland, adj Mill Street 07:4216:00
Nayland, opp Doctors Surgery 07:4416:02
Great Horkesley, opp London Road 07:4716:05
Great Horkesley, opp Tog Lane 07:4816:06
Great Horkesley, opp School Lane 07:5016:08
Great Horkesley, opp Old House Road 07:5016:08
Great Horkesley, opp Coach Road 07:5316:10
Great Horkesley, opp Half Butt 07:5416:11
Great Horkesley, opp Green Lane 07:5416:11
Mile End, adj Chapman's Farm 07:5516:12
Mile End, opp Cordelia Drive 07:5616:13
Mile End, opp The Dog & Pheasant 07:5616:13
Mile End, opp Constable Close 07:5716:14
Mile End, opp Turner Road 07:5916:16
Mile End, opp Beaumont Close 08:0016:16
Colchester, adj Kingswood Road 08:0016:16
Colchester General Hospital (Stop 2) 08:0116:17
Colchester, adj Wryneck Close 08:0216:18
Colchester, adj Turner Rise 08:0316:19
Colchester Bruff Close (W-bound) 08:0416:20
Colchester Groves Close (Stop B) 08:0516:21
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand F) 08:0616:22
Colchester, o/s The Albert 08:0716:23
Colchester, adj Causton Road 08:0816:24
Colchester Middleborough (S-bound) 08:0916:25
Colchester High Street (Stop Fa) 08:1116:27
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 08:1516:29
Colchester, o/s Essex County Hospital 08:19
Colchester, adj Beverley Road 08:21
Colchester, adj The Avenue 08:22
Colchester, adj Park Road 08:22
Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 08:25

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