85A - Arundel - Chichester via Barnham

A bus service operated by Compass Travel

Monday to Friday

Arundel to Chichester via Barnham

Arundel Riverbank (W-bound) 09:5513:55
Arundel Maltravers Street (SW-bound) 09:5513:55
Arundel Pearson Road (NW-bound) 09:5813:58
Arundel Jarvis Road (N-bound) 10:0014:00
Binsted, adj Havenwood Park 10:0314:03
Walberton, adj Oak Cottage 10:0414:04
Walberton, opp Manser Road 10:0514:05
Walberton, opp The Street 10:0614:06
Walberton, o/s Old Vicarage 10:0614:06
Walberton, opp The Holly Tree 10:0714:07
Walberton, adj Dairy Lane 10:0714:07
Walberton The Green (W-bound) 10:0814:08
Walberton The Bungalows (o/s 25) 10:0814:08
Barnham, opp Kingsmill Road 10:1014:10
Barnham, opp Dial Close 10:1114:11
Barnham, adj Railway Station 10:1214:12
Barnham, opp Elm Grove 10:1214:12
Barnham, opp Downview Road 10:1314:13
Eastergate, adj Church Lane 10:1414:14
Eastergate War Memorial (W-bound) 10:1514:15
Westergate, adj School 10:1514:15
Nyton The Island (W-bound) 10:1614:16
Aldingbourne Crossroads (NW-bound) 10:1714:17
Oving, opp St Andrew's Close 10:21
Aldingbourne, adj Limmer Pond 14:17
Drayton, adj WSCC Depot 10:23
Crockerhill, adj Marsh Lane 14:18
Shopwyke Hall (adj) 10:24
Chichester Arundel Road (SW-Bound) 10:27
Chichester, o/s Sainsbury's 10:2914:24
Chichester Westhampnett Road (SW-bound) 10:3014:25
Chichester, opp St Richards Hospital Entrance 10:3214:27
Chichester, opp Orchard Avenue 10:34
Chichester, adj Litten Terrace 14:28
Chichester Cathedral (Stop P) 10:38
Chichester Market (Stop M) 14:30
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop G) 14:30
Chichester South Street (Stop D) 14:32
Chichester Cathedral (Stop C3) 14:33

Chichester via Barnham to Arundel

Chichester Cathedral (Stop P) 12:4516:34
Chichester South Street (Stop E) 12:4616:35
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop I) 12:4816:37
Chichester Market (Stop L) 12:4916:38
Chichester, opp Litten Terrace 12:5016:39
Chichester, adj St Richard's Hospital Entrance 12:5216:41
Chichester, adj Harvester Close 12:5416:43
Chichester Westhampnett Road (NE-bound) 12:5416:43
Chichester, o/s Sainsbury's 12:5716:46
Shopwyke Hall (opp) 13:0016:49
Drayton, opp WSCC Depot 13:0216:51
Oving, adj St Andrew's Close 13:0516:54
Aldingbourne Crossroads (NE-bound) 13:0816:57
Nyton The Island (E-bound) 13:1016:59
Westergate, adj Barnett Close 13:1016:59
Eastergate War Memorial (E-bound) 13:1016:59
Eastergate, opp Church Lane 13:1117:00
Barnham, adj Downview Road 13:1217:01
Barnham, adj Elm Grove 13:1317:02
Barnham, opp Railway Station 13:1417:03
Barnham, adj Dial Close 13:1417:03
Barnham, adj Kingsmill Road 13:1517:04
Walberton The Bungalows (opp 14) 13:1817:07
Walberton The Green (E-bound) 13:1917:08
Walberton, adj Tye Lane 13:1917:08
Walberton, adj The Holly Tree 13:1917:08
Walberton, o/s Post Office 13:1917:08
Walberton, adj The Street 13:2017:09
Walberton, adj Manser Road 13:2117:09
Walberton, opp Oak Cottage 13:2217:10
Fontwell, adj Barnfield Cottages 17:11
Fontwell Village (W-bound) 17:12
Binsted, opp Havenwood Park 13:2817:17
Arundel Jarvis Road (S-bound) 13:3117:20
Arundel Pearson Road (SE-bound) 13:3217:21
Arundel, opp Selden House 13:3317:22
Arundel, opp Baptist Church 13:3317:22
Arundel Maltravers Street (NE-bound) 13:3417:23
Arundel, o/s Norfolk Arms 13:3517:24
Arundel Riverbank (W-bound) 13:3617:25

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Compass_Travel/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 23 May 2024

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