87 - Pitlochry - Calvine and Old Struan

A bus service operated by Elizabeth Yule Transport

Pitlochry - Calvine and Old Struan

Pitlochry, at Festival Theatre 11:2012:1013:5017:3019:00
Pitlochry, at High School Bus Park 15:35
Pitlochry, at Fonab Crescent 11:2112:1113:5117:3119:01
Moulin, at Balnadrum Terrace 15:36
Pitlochry, opp Newholme Avenue 11:2312:1313:5317:3319:04
Pitlochry, at Knockard Road 15:39
Pitlochry, at Medical Centre 11:2512:1513:5517:35
Pitlochry, at Fishers Hotel 07:3509:5511:2812:2013:5817:4019:05
Pitlochry, at West End Car Park 07:4010:0012:2515:4517:45
Pitlochry, at Dysart Road 07:4010:0012:2515:4517:45
Pitlochry, at Clunie Bridge Road 07:4010:0112:2615:4617:46
Faskally, at Campsite 07:4410:0512:3015:5017:50
Killiecrankie, at Visitor Centre 07:4710:0912:3415:5417:54
Killiecrankie, opp Village Hall 07:4810:1012:3515:5517:55
Blair Atholl, at Tilt Hotel 07:5310:1712:4116:0218:02
Blair Atholl, at Blair Castle 10:2012:45
Blair Atholl, at Atholl Arms 07:5510:2412:5016:0418:04
House of Bruar car park (at) 07:5910:3012:5516:1018:10
Calvine, opp Pitagowan Road End 07:5910:3012:5516:1018:10
Calvine, opp Bus Shelter 08:0210:3312:5816:1318:13
Old Struan Road End (opp) 08:0410:3513:0016:1518:15

Calvine and Old Struan - Pitlochry

Old Struan Road End (at) 08:0510:3513:0516:1518:15
Calvine, at Bus Shelter 08:0710:3713:0716:1718:17
Calvine, at Pitagowan Road End 08:0910:3913:0916:1918:19
House of Bruar car park (at) 08:1010:4013:1016:2018:20
Blair Atholl, opp Atholl Arms 08:1610:4613:1616:2618:26
Blair Atholl, at Blair Castle 10:5013:2016:3018:30
Blair Atholl, opp Tilt Hotel 08:1710:5213:2216:3218:32
Killiecrankie, at Village Hall 08:2511:0013:3016:4018:40
Killiecrankie, opp Visitor Centre 08:2511:0013:3016:4018:40
Faskally, opp Campsite 08:3011:0513:3516:4518:45
Pitlochry, opp Clunie Bridge Road 08:3411:0913:3916:4818:48
Pitlochry, opp Dysart Road 08:3511:1013:4016:4918:49
Pitlochry, at West End Car Park 08:3611:1113:4116:5018:50
Pitlochry, opp Fishers Hotel 08:4011:1312:0013:4317:2018:52
Pitlochry, at Well Brae 08:41
Pitlochry, at Medical Centre 11:1612:0513:4617:23
Pitlochry, at Darach Road 08:41
Pitlochry, at Newholme Avenue 11:1712:0613:4717:2418:52
Pitlochry, opp Tomcroy Terrace 08:43
Pitlochry, at Acarsaid Hotel 11:1712:0613:4717:2418:53
Pitlochry, at High School 08:44
Pitlochry, opp Fonab Crescent 11:1812:0813:4817:2618:55
Pitlochry, at High School Bus Park 08:45
Pitlochry, at Festival Theatre 11:2012:1013:5017:2818:57

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 14 June 2024

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