88A - Glasgow - Harestanes

A bus service operated by First Greater Glasgow


Glasgow - Harestanes

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 37) 19:35
Glasgow, at Caledonian University 19:35
Glasgow, opp Lister Street 19:36
Glasgow, opp Black Street 19:36
Royston, after Baird Street 19:37
Sighthill, before Fountainwell Road 19:38
Springburn, opp Petershill Road 19:39
Springburn, after Angus Street 19:42
Springburn Railway Station (opp) 19:43
Springburn, opp Wellfield Street 19:44
Springburn, before Hawthorn Street 19:44
Springburn, before Lenzie Street 19:45
Springburn, opp Mosesfield Street 19:46
Springburn, before Viewpoint Place 19:46
Springburn, opp Belmont Road 19:47
Springburn, opp Stobhill Hospital 19:48
Colston Drive (Opp) 19:49
Bishopbriggs, before Stuart Drive 19:50
Bishopbriggs, after Brackenbrae Road 19:51
Bishopbriggs Station (opp) 19:52
Bishopbriggs, opp The Triangle 19:53
Mavis Valley, after Kikintilloch Road 19:53
Mavis Valley, opp Morar Crescent 19:54
Mavis Valley, after Stirling Drive 19:55
Mavis Valley, after Hilton Terrace 19:56
Mavis Valley, opp Gleneagles Drive 19:56
Cadder, before Meadowburn 19:57
Cadder, opp Westerhill Road 19:58
Cadder, before Lowmoss Roundabout 19:59
Cadder Cemetery (at) 19:59
Bishopbriggs, opp Low Moss Prison 20:00
High Gallowhill, opp Heather Drive 20:04
High Gallowhill, opp Spruce Drive 20:05
High Gallowhill, before Broom Gardens 20:06
High Gallowhill, opp Cypress Court 20:06
High Gallowhill, opp Elm Avenue 20:07
High Gallowhill, opp Marguerite Avenue 20:08
Kirkintilloch, after Civic Way 20:09
Kirkintilloch, after Donaldson Place 20:09
Kirkintilloch, opp Freeland Place 20:10
Kirkintilloch, after Alexandra Street 20:11
Kirkintilloch, before West High Street 20:12
Kirkintilloch, before Broadcroft Road 20:13
Kirkintilloch, opp Woodhead Avenue 20:15
Kirkintilloch, opp Kirksyde Avenue 20:16
Kirkintilloch, opp Old Aisle Road 20:16
Kirkintilloch, after Waterside Road 20:17
Kirkintilloch, after Dun Park 20:18
Kirkintilloch, after Waverley Crescent 20:18
Kirkintilloch, opp Kenilworth Road 20:19
Kirkintilloch, opp Eildon Road 20:20
Kirkintilloch, after Highfield Road 20:20
Kirkintilloch, before Alloway Drive 20:21
Harestanes, opp Alloway Quadrant 20:21
Harestanes, opp Armour Court 20:22
Harestanes, before Carrick Court 20:22
Harestanes, after Alloway Drive 20:23
Harestanes, opp Kingsway 20:23
Harestanes, opp Drumhill 20:24
Harestanes, at Ellisland Terminus 20:25

Harestanes - Glasgow

Harestanes, at Ellisland Terminus 18:3619:3820:38
Harestanes, after Drumhill 18:3619:3820:38
Harestanes, after Kingsway 18:3719:3920:39
Harestanes, opp Carrick Court 18:3819:4020:40
Harestanes, before Burns Drive 18:3819:4020:40
Harestanes, after Alloway Quadrant 18:3919:4120:41
Kirkintilloch, opp Fellsview Avenue 18:4019:4220:42
Kirkintilloch, before Woodstock Avenue 18:4019:4220:42
Kirkintilloch, before Eildon Road 18:4119:4320:43
Kirkintilloch, before Kenilworth Road 18:4119:4320:43
Kirkintilloch, after Newdyke Road 18:4219:4420:44
Kirkintilloch, before Kenilworth Road 18:4219:4420:44
Kirkintilloch, after Ross Avenue 18:4319:4520:45
Kirkintilloch, after Old Aisle Road 18:4419:4620:46
Kirkintilloch, before Kirksyde Avenue 18:4519:4720:47
Kirkintilloch, after Bothlyn Avenue 18:4519:4720:47
Kirkintilloch, at Woodhead Avenue 18:4619:4820:48
Kirkintilloch, after Rochdale Place 18:4819:5020:50
Kirkintilloch, after Freeland Place 18:4919:5120:51
Kirkintilloch, opp Eastergreens Avenue 18:4919:5120:51
Kirkintilloch, before Monkland Avenue 18:5019:5220:52
High Gallowhill, before Marguerite Avenue 18:5119:5320:53
High Gallowhill, before Elm Avenue 18:5119:5320:53
High Gallowhill, after Moss Road 18:5219:5420:54
High Gallowhill Boghead Road (at 53) 18:5319:5520:55
High Gallowhill, opp Glenwood Road 18:5519:5720:57
High Gallowhill, after Heather Drive 18:5519:5720:57
Bishopbriggs, at Low Moss Prison 18:5920:0121:01
Cadder Cemetry (opp) 18:5920:0121:01
Cadder, before Strathkelvin Retail Park 19:0020:0221:02
Cadder Road (opp) 19:0120:0321:03
Cadder, after Westerhill Road 19:0120:0321:03
Cadder Hilton Road (opp & before) 19:0220:0421:04
Mavis Valley, after Gleneagles Drive 19:0320:0521:05
Mavis Valley, opp Hilton Terrace 19:0420:0621:06
Mavis Valley, after Lomond Drive 19:0420:0621:06
Mavis Valley, after Morar Crescent 19:0520:0721:07
Mavis Valley, before Kirkintilloch Road 19:0620:0821:08
Bishopbriggs, after The Triangle 19:0720:0921:09
Bishopbriggs, opp Brackenbrae Road 19:0820:1021:10
Bishopbriggs, opp Stuart Drive 19:0920:1121:11
Colston Drive (opp) 19:0920:1121:11
Springburn, after Stobhill Hospital 19:1120:1321:13
Springburn, opp Viewpoint Place 19:1220:1421:14
Springburn, before Mosesfield Street 19:1320:1521:15
Springburn, opp Lenzie Street 19:1420:1621:16
Springburn, opp Hawthorn Street 19:1520:1721:17
Springburn, before Wellfield Street 19:1620:1821:18
Springburn Railway Station (before) 19:1620:1821:18
Springburn, before Flemington Street 19:1720:1921:19
Springburn Keppochhill Road (opp & after) 19:1820:2021:20
Springburn, after Petershill Road 19:1920:2121:21
Sighthill, opp Fountainwell Road 19:1920:2121:21
Royston, before Baird Street 19:2120:2321:23
Royston, opp Baird St Police Station 19:2120:2321:23
Glasgow, after Black Street 19:2220:2421:24
Glasgow, after Lister Street 19:2220:2421:24
Glasgow, opp Caledonian University 19:2320:2521:25
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 37) 19:2520:2721:27

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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