89B - Crossford - North Queensferry Battery Road

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Crossford - North Queensferry Battery Road

Dunfermline Bus Station (Stance 5) 05:2806:18
Dunfermline, adj Old Fire Station 05:2806:18
Dunfermline, opp Park Place 05:3006:20
Dunfermline, opp Transy Grove 05:3106:21
Garvock Hill, opp St Johns Drive 05:3106:21
Dunfermline Garvock Hill (adj 37) 05:3206:22
Garvock Hill, opp Old Kirk Road 05:3306:23
Garvock Hill, adj Gowanbrae Place 05:3406:24
Garvock Hill Garvock Bridge (Eastbound) 05:3506:25
Touch, adj Halbeath Place 05:3606:26
Bellyeoman, opp Queen Margaret Rail Station 05:3706:27
Bellyeoman Queen Margaret Hospital (Front Entrance) 05:3906:29
Bellyeoman, adj Queen Margaret Rail Station 05:4006:30
Touch, adj Earn Grove 05:4206:32
Touch, opp Old Linburn Road 05:4306:33
Touch, adj Gipsy Lane 05:4406:34
Duloch Park, opp Bergen Avenue 05:4506:35
Duloch Park, opp Manor Gardens 05:4606:36
Duloch Park Trondheim Roundabout (Southbound) 05:4606:36
Duloch Park, opp Curlew Gardens 05:4706:37
Duloch Park, opp Teal Place 05:4706:37
Duloch Park Nightingale Place (Eastbound) 05:4806:38
Duloch Park Tesco Supermarket (Westbound) 05:4806:38
Duloch Park Greenshank Drive (Southbound) 05:4906:39
Dunfermline, opp The Paddock 05:5006:40
Pitcorthie, adj Bruce Gardens 05:5106:41
Pitcorthie, adj Dover Park 05:5206:42
Pitcorthie, opp Crematorium 05:5206:42
Pitcorthie, opp The Heathery 05:5306:43
Dunfermline, adj Peploe Rise 05:5406:44
Dunfermline, adj Eardley Crescent 05:5406:44
Dunfermline Lapwing Drive (Northbound) 05:5506:45
Dunfermline, opp Annfield 05:5606:46
Dunfermline, adj Beauly Crescent 05:5706:47
Dunfermline, opp Meadowland 05:5706:47
Inverkeithing, opp Bannerman Avenue 06:0306:53
Inverkeithing, at Railway Station Turning Circle 06:0406:54
Inverkeithing, adj Boreland Road 06:0506:55
Inverkeithing, opp Back O' Yards 06:0606:56
Inverkeithing, adj Manse Road 06:0706:57
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 1) 06:1107:01
North Queensferry, adj Queensferry Lodge 06:1607:06
North Queensferry Ferry Road (Southbound) 06:1607:06
North Queensferry, opp West Sands 06:1707:07
North Queensferry, adj Battery Road Turning Circle 06:1707:07

North Queensferry Battery Road - Crossford

North Queensferry, adj Battery Road Turning Circle 18:24
North Queensferry, adj West Sands 18:24
North Queensferry Ferry Road (Northbound) 18:25
North Queensferry, opp Queensferry Lodge 18:25
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 1) 18:30
Inverkeithing, adj Hillfield Road 18:34
Inverkeithing, adj Roods Road 18:35
Inverkeithing Square (NE Bound) 18:35
Inverkeithing, opp Boreland Road 18:36
Inverkeithing, at Railway Station Turning Circle 18:37
Inverkeithing, adj Bannerman Avenue 18:38
Dunfermline, adj Meadowland 18:44
Dunfermline, opp Beauly Crescent 18:44
Dunfermline, adj Annfield 18:45
Dunfermline Lapwing Drive (Southbound) 18:46
Dunfermline, opp Eardley Crescent 18:47
Dunfermline, opp Peploe Rise 18:47
Pitcorthie, adj The Heathery 18:48
Pitcorthie, adj Crematorium 18:48
Pitcorthie, opp Dover Drive 18:49
Pitcorthie, opp Bruce Gardens 18:50
Dunfermline, adj The Paddock 18:51
Duloch Park Greenshank Drive (Northbound) 18:52
Duloch Park Nightingale Place (Eastbound) 18:53
Duloch Park Tesco Supermarket (Westbound) 18:53
Duloch Park, adj Teal Place 18:54
Duloch Park, adj Curlew Gardens 18:54
Duloch Park, adj Manor Gardens 18:55
Duloch Park, adj Bergen Avenue 18:56
Touch, opp Gipsy Lane 18:57
Touch, adj Old Linburn Road 18:58
Touch, adj Linburn Grove 18:59
Bellyeoman, opp Queen Margaret Rail Station 19:01
Bellyeoman Queen Margaret Hospital (Front Entrance) 19:02
Bellyeoman, adj Queen Margaret Rail Station 19:03
Touch, opp Halbeath Place 19:04
Garvock Hill Garvock Bridge (Westbound) 19:06
Garvock Hill, opp Gowanbrae Place 19:07
Garvock Hill, opp Garvock Terrace 19:08
Dunfermline Garvock Hill (adj 26) 19:09
Dunfermline, adj Transy Grove 19:10
Dunfermline, adj Park Place 19:11
Dunfermline, adj Kingsgate Centre 19:12
Dunfermline Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 19:13

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 17 May 2023

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