8A - Norwich City Centre and Rail Station - Toftwood via North Tuddenham

A bus service operated by Konectbus

Toftwood - North Tuddenham - Norwich City Centre and Rail Station

Toftwood, opp Sheldrick Place 06:57
Dereham, opp School Lane 06:57
Toftwood, adj Boyd Avenue 06:5809:4012:40
Toftwood, adj Margaret Close 06:5809:4012:40
Toftwood, adj Andrew Goodhall Close 07:0009:4212:42
Toftwood, opp William Way 07:0109:4312:43
Toftwood, adj Hill Fields 07:0109:4312:43
Toftwood, opp Luxembourg Way 07:0309:4512:45
Toftwood, adj Fen View 07:0309:4512:45
Toftwood, adj Willow Grove 07:0509:4712:47
Toftwood, adj Lilac Close 07:0509:4712:47
Toftwood, adj Watersfield Way 07:0609:4812:48
Toftwood, adj Bulstrode Avenue 07:0709:4912:49
Toftwood, adj Lowick Close 07:0709:4912:49
Toftwood, opp Tipton Close 07:0809:5112:51
Toftwood, opp Westfield Road 07:0909:5212:52
Toftwood, adj Toftmead Close 07:1009:5312:53
Dereham, adj Homebase 07:1109:5512:55
Dereham, adj Swan Road 07:1209:5612:56
Dereham, opp Banyard Place 07:1309:5812:58
Dereham Market Place (N-bound) 07:1510:0013:00
Dereham, adj St Nicholas Street 07:2010:0513:05
Dereham, adj Jubilee Avenue 07:2110:0613:06
Dereham, adj Sixth Form Centre 07:2210:0713:07
Dereham, opp Greenfields Road 07:2210:0713:07
Dereham, adj Union Drift 07:2310:0813:08
Eckling Grange, adj Windmill Avenue 07:2510:1013:10
Eckling Grange, adj Hornbeam Drive 07:2510:1013:10
Etling Green, opp Grange Farm 07:2610:1113:11
North Tuddenham, opp Mill Road 07:3010:1513:15
North Tuddenham, adj Elsing Road 07:3210:1713:17
Norwich, opp Elveden Close 07:5210:3613:36
Norwich, opp Town Close Road 07:5610:4013:40
Norwich Bus Station (Stand K) 08:0310:4513:45
Norwich Red Lion Street (Stop BL) 08:0410:4613:46
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CB) 08:0610:4813:48
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DA) 08:0710:4913:49
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DC) 08:0910:5113:51
Norwich Railway Station (Stop DD) 08:1010:5213:52

Timetable data from Konectbus, 2 May 2024



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