9 - Burnley - Network 65 Business Park - Accrington

A bus service operated by The Burnley Bus Company


Burnley - Accrington

Burnley Bus Station (Stand 3) 05:5006:5016:4518:00
Burnley St James Street (Stop 2) 05:5206:5216:4718:02
Burnley, opp Clifton Street 05:5306:5316:4918:03
Burnley, opp Barracks Rail Station 05:5406:5416:5018:04
Accrington Road, by Hameldon Approach 05:5506:5516:5118:05
Accrington Road, by Hargher Street 05:5506:5516:5118:05
Accrington Road, by Cog Lane 05:5506:5516:5218:05
Accrington Road, by Florence Street 05:5606:5616:5218:06
Accrington Road, opp Barclay Hills 05:5606:5616:5318:06
Accrington Road, by Inglehurst Road 05:5706:5716:5418:07
Rose Grove, opp Rail Station 05:5706:5716:5418:07
Accrington Road, by Valley Gardens 05:5906:5916:5618:09
Lowerhouse, opp Boran Court 06:0007:0016:5718:10
Lowerhouse, by Bridgewater Close 06:0107:0116:5818:11
Lowerhouse, by Boran Court 06:0207:0217:0018:12
Hapton, by Network 65 06:0207:0217:0018:12
Hapton, opp Forge 06:0307:0317:0118:13
Hapton Inn (by) 06:0507:0517:0418:15
Hapton, by Thorneybank Ind Est 06:0607:0617:0518:16
Hapton, by Burnley Road 06:0707:0717:0618:17
Huncoat, by Higher Gate Road 06:0907:0917:0818:19
Huncoat, opp Winterley Drive 06:1007:1017:0918:20
Huncoat, by Triangle 06:1007:1017:1018:20
Hillock Vale, by Whittakers Arms 06:1107:1117:1018:21
Hillock Vale, by Peel Park Avenue 06:1107:1117:1118:21
Hillock Vale, by Alice Street 06:1207:1217:1218:22
Accrington, by Sydney Street 06:1307:1317:1318:23
Accrington, opp Bradshaw Street East 06:1307:1317:1318:23
Accrington, by King Street 06:1507:1517:1518:25

Accrington - Burnley

Accrington Bus Station (Stand 5) 06:2007:4017:2518:30
Accrington, by Bradshaw Street East 06:2107:4117:2718:31
Accrington, by Addison Street 06:2107:4117:2718:31
Hillock Vale, opp Alice Street 06:2207:4217:2718:32
Hillock Vale, by Hatfield Road 06:2207:4217:2818:32
Hillock Vale, opp Whitakers Arms 06:2307:4317:2918:33
Huncoat, by Bolton Avenue 06:2307:4417:2918:33
Huncoat, by Spouthouse Lane 06:2407:4417:3018:34
Huncoat, o/s Griffin Head 06:2507:4517:3118:35
Hapton, adj Burnley Road 06:2607:4617:3218:36
Hapton, opp Thorneybank Ind Est 06:2707:4717:3418:37
Hapton Inn (opp) 06:2707:4817:3418:37
Hapton, by Forge 06:2907:5017:3718:39
Hapton, opp Network 65 06:3007:5017:3718:40
Lowerhouse, opp Boran Court 06:3007:5117:3818:40
Lowerhouse, by Bridgewater Close 06:3107:5217:3918:41
Lowerhouse, by Boran Court 06:3207:5317:4018:42
Accrington Road, opp Valley Gardens 06:3307:5517:4218:43
Rose Grove, by Rail Station 06:3507:5717:4418:45
Accrington Road, opp Inglehurst Road 06:3607:5817:4518:46
Accrington Road, by Barclay Hills 06:3607:5817:4518:46
Accrington Road, opp Florence Street 06:3707:5917:4618:47
Accrington Road, opp Cog Lane 06:3707:5917:4618:47
Accrington Road, opp Hargher Street 06:3808:0017:4718:48
Burnley, by Barracks Rail Station 06:3908:0217:4918:49
Burnley, by Clifton Street 06:4008:0317:5018:50
Burnley St James Street (Stop 3) 06:4108:0517:5218:51
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 0) 06:4408:0817:5518:54

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The Burnley Bus Company


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