91 - Tollesbury - Witham

A bus service operated by Hedingham


Tollesbury to Witham

Tollesbury, adj The Square 07:3709:0711:0713:3715:52
Tollesbury, opp Fire Station 07:3709:0711:0713:3715:52
Tollesbury, opp Cemetery 07:3709:0711:0713:3715:52
Tollesbury, opp Gorwell Lodge 07:3809:0811:0813:3815:53
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, opp Spring Farm 07:3909:0911:0913:3915:54
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, opp D'Arcy Way 07:3909:0911:0913:3915:54
Tolleshunt D’Arcy The Red Lion (near) 07:4009:1011:1013:4015:55
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, adj Grouts Farm 07:4009:1011:1013:4015:55
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, opp Dodo Mansion 07:4009:1011:1013:4015:55
Tolleshunt Knights, opp Blind Lane 07:4109:1111:1113:4115:56
Tolleshunt Knights Top Road (N-bound) 07:4209:1211:1213:4215:57
Tolleshunt Knights, opp Brook Road 07:4409:1411:1413:4415:59
Tiptree, adj Station Road 07:4609:1611:1613:4616:01
Tiptree, opp The Centre 07:4709:1711:1713:4716:0217:01
Tiptree, adj Duck Pond 07:4709:1711:1713:4716:0217:01
Tiptree, opp Windmill Green 07:4909:1911:1913:4916:0417:03
Tiptree, opp Baynards School 07:4909:1911:1913:4916:0417:03
Tiptree, opp Oak Road 07:4909:1911:1913:4916:0417:03
Tiptree, o/s Perrywood Nursery 07:5009:2011:2013:5016:0517:04
Inworth, adj Windmill Hill 07:5009:2011:2013:5016:0517:04
Inworth, opp The Prince of Wales 07:5109:2111:2113:5116:0617:05
Inworth, opp Yewtree Farm Road 07:5109:2111:2113:5116:0617:05
Feering Gore Pit Corner (NW-bound) 07:5309:2311:2313:5316:0817:07
Feering Hill (SW-bound) 07:5409:2411:2413:5416:0917:08
Kelvedon, o/s The Railway Tavern 07:5509:2511:2513:5516:1017:09
Kelvedon, opp Trews Gardens 07:5509:2511:2513:5516:1017:09
Kelvedon, o/s The Institute 07:5509:2511:2513:5516:1017:09
Kelvedon, opp Post Office 07:5609:2611:2613:5616:1117:10
Kelvedon London Road (SW-bound) 07:5709:2711:2713:5716:1217:11
Rivenhall End, opp The Fox 07:5909:2911:2913:5916:1417:13
Witham Colemans Bridge (SW-bound) 08:0109:3111:3114:0116:1617:15
Witham, opp Crittall Rd 08:0109:3111:3114:0116:1617:15
Witham, opp Avenue Road 08:0209:3211:3214:0216:1717:16
Witham, opp The George 08:0309:3311:3314:0316:1817:17
Witham Collingwood Road (NW-bound) 08:0309:3311:3314:0316:1817:17
Witham, opp Railway Station 08:0509:3511:3514:0516:2017:19
Witham, opp Technology Centre 08:0509:3511:3514:0516:2017:19
Witham, adj Morrisons Store 08:0609:3611:3614:0616:2117:20

Witham to Tollesbury

Witham, adj Morrisons Store 09:5012:0014:3016:3317:33
Witham, o/s Technology Centre 09:5012:0014:3016:3317:33
Witham Railway Station (Stop 2) 09:5212:0214:3216:3517:35
Witham, opp Guithavon Valley 09:5312:0314:3316:3617:36
Witham Collingwood Road (SE-bound) 09:5412:0414:3416:3717:37
Witham, o/s The George 09:5512:0514:3516:3817:38
Witham, adj Avenue Road 09:5512:0514:3516:3817:38
Witham, adj Crittall Rd 09:5612:0614:3616:3917:39
Witham, opp Freebournes Road 09:5612:0614:3616:3917:39
Rivenhall End, o/s The Fox 09:5712:0714:3716:4017:40
Rivenhall End, opp Durwards Hall 09:5812:0814:3816:4117:41
Kelvedon, adj Crabb's Lane 09:5912:0914:3916:4217:42
Kelvedon London Road (NE-bound) 10:0012:1014:4016:4317:43
Kelvedon, o/s Post Office 10:0012:1014:4016:4317:43
Kelvedon, o/s Surgery 10:0112:1114:4116:4417:44
Kelvedon, opp The Institute 10:0112:1114:4116:4417:44
Kelvedon, adj Trews Gardens 10:0112:1114:4116:4417:44
Kelvedon, opp The Railway Tavern 10:0212:1214:4216:4517:45
Feering Hill (NE-bound) 10:0312:1314:4316:4617:46
Feering Gore Pit Corner (SE-bound) 10:0412:1414:4416:4717:47
Inworth, adj Yewtree Farm Road 10:0512:1514:4516:4817:48
Inworth, o/s The Prince of Wales 10:0712:1714:4716:5017:50
Inworth, opp Windmill Hill 10:0712:1714:4716:5017:50
Tiptree, opp Perrywood Nursery 10:0712:1714:4716:5017:50
Tiptree, adj Oak Road 10:0812:1814:4816:5017:51
Tiptree, o/s Baynards School 10:0812:1814:4816:5017:51
Tiptree, adj Windmill Green 10:0912:1914:4916:5117:52
Tiptree, opp Windmill View 16:51
Tiptree, o/s Underwoods Garage 10:0912:1914:4917:52
Tiptree, adj Ransom Road 16:51
Tiptree, opp Duck Pond 10:0912:1914:4917:52
Tiptree, opp Brook Meadows 16:52
Tiptree, o/s The Centre 10:0912:1914:4917:52
Tiptree, adj Spring Road 16:53
Tiptree, opp Station Road 10:0912:1914:4917:52
Tiptree, opp The New Times 16:54
Tolleshunt Knights, adj Brook Road 10:1112:2114:5117:54
Tiptree, adj Anchor Road 16:54
Tolleshunt Knights Top Road (S-bound) 10:1412:2414:5417:57
Tiptree, adj Station Road 16:55
Tolleshunt Knights, adj Blind Lane 10:1512:2514:5517:58
Tiptree, opp The Centre 16:56
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, o/s Dodo Mansion 10:1612:2614:5617:59
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, opp Grouts Farm 10:1712:2714:5718:00
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, o/s The Red Lion 10:1812:2814:5818:01
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, adj D'Arcy Way 10:1812:2814:5818:01
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, o/s Spring Farm 10:1812:2814:5818:01
Tollesbury, adj Gorwell Lodge 10:2112:3115:0118:04
Tollesbury, o/s Cemetery 10:2212:3215:0218:05
Tollesbury, o/s Fire Station 10:2212:3215:0218:05
Tollesbury, opp The Square 10:2312:3315:0318:06

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/GOEA/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 5 June 2023



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