91A - Folkestone - Dover

Operated by Stagecoach South East


Monday to Friday, school Only days

Folkestone - Dover

Folkestone Bus Station (Bay C) 07:30
Holywell Avenue (adj) 07:37
Hawkinge, opp Alkham Valley Corner 07:40
Hawkinge, opp Cemetery 07:43
Hawkinge, adj Haskard Close 07:44
Hawkinge, o/s Battle of Britain Museum 07:45
Hawkinge, opp Haskard Close 07:45
Hawkinge, adj Cemetery 07:46
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 8) 07:47
Hawkinge, opp Tesco 07:48
Hawkinge, opp The White Horse 07:48
South Alkham, adj Church Hill 07:51
South Alkham, adj Standen Terrace 07:54
South Alkham, adj Drellingore Terrace 07:55
South Alkham, opp Meggett Lane 07:57
Alkham, opp Newlyns Meadow 07:58
Alkham, adj The Marquis 07:59
Alkham, adj Wolverton Hill 08:00
Alkham, adj Chilton Nursery 08:02
Kearsney, opp Bushy Ruff Cottages 08:04
Kearsney Abbey (N-bound) 08:05
Temple Ewell, adj Templeside 08:06
Temple Ewell, adj Wellington Road 08:06
Kearsney, o/s The Railway Bell 08:07
Whitfield, opp Old Park Barracks 08:11
Whitfield, opp Aspen Drive 08:12
Buckland Valley, adj Christ Church Academy 08:13
Buckland Valley, adj Natal Road 08:14
Buckland Valley, adj Auckland Crescent 08:14
Buckland Valley, opp Selkirk Road 08:15
Buckland Valley, adj Dunedin Drive 08:15
Buckland Valley, opp Winant Way 08:16
Buckland Bridge (opp) 08:18
Buckland, before Cherry Tree Avenue 08:19
Dover, o/s Charlton Primary School 08:20
Dover Girls' Grammar School (adj) 08:21
Tower Hamlets, opp West Street 08:23
Tower Hamlets, opp Goschen Road 08:25
Tower Hamlets, opp Dover Boys' Grammar School 08:27
Tower Hamlets, opp Boars Head 08:27
Elms Vale, adj Vale View Road 08:29
Dover, opp Belgrave Road 08:29
Dover, adj Winchelsea Road 08:30
Dover, opp Malvern Road 08:31
Dover Priory Railway Station (Stop O) 08:32
Dover Ladywell (Stop K) 08:34
Dover Pencester Road (arrivals) 08:36

Dover - Folkestone

Tower Hamlets, opp Playground 15:45
Dover, adj Templar Street 15:51
Dover, o/s Charlton Primary School 15:54
Dover Girls' Grammar School (adj) 15:55
Dover, adj Dofras Place 15:56
Dover Pencester Road (arrivals) 15:59
Dover Pencester Road (Stop B) 16:00
Dover Priory Street (Stop E) 16:00
Dover Charlton Centre (Stop L) 16:02
Dover, adj Templar Street 16:03
Dover, adj Shooter's Hill 16:04
Buckland, opp Cherry Tree Avenue 16:05
Buckland, adj Eric Road 16:05
Buckland Bridge (NE-bound) 16:07
Buckland Valley, adj Winant Way 16:08
Buckland Valley, opp Dunedin Drive 16:09
Buckland Valley, adj Selkirk Road 16:10
Buckland Valley, opp Auckland Crescent 16:11
Buckland Valley, opp Natal Road 16:11
Buckland Valley, opp Christ Church Academy 16:14
Whitfield, adj Aspen Drive 16:14
Whitfield, adj Old Park Barracks 16:15
Kearsney, opp The Railway Bell 16:19
Temple Ewell, opp Wellington Road 16:20
Temple Ewell, opp The Fox 16:21
Kearsney Abbey (S-bound) 16:21
Kearsney, adj Bushy Ruff Cottages 16:22
Alkham, opp Chilton Nursery 16:24
Alkham, opp Wolverton Hill 16:25
Alkham, opp The Marquis 16:27
Alkham, adj Newlyns Meadow 16:27
South Alkham, adj Meggett Lane 16:28
South Alkham, opp Drellingore Terrace 16:29
South Alkham, opp Standen Terrace 16:30
South Alkham, opp Church Hill 16:32
Hawkinge, adj The White Horse 16:35
Hawkinge, adj Tesco 16:36
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 15) 16:36
Hawkinge, opp Cemetery 16:37
Hawkinge, adj Haskard Close 16:38
Hawkinge, o/s Battle of Britain Museum 16:39
Hawkinge, opp Haskard Close 16:39
Hawkinge, opp Page Road 16:41
Hawkinge, adj Cemetery 16:41
Holywell Avenue (opp) 16:47
Folkestone, adj Wood Avenue 16:48
Folkestone, adj Cubitt House 16:50
Folkestone, adj Guildhall Street 16:53
Folkestone, at Bus Station Arrivals 16:54

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 27 September 2022

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