936 - Birmingham - Brownhills

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Birmingham - Brownhills

Birmingham Priory Square (Stop BS1) 18:33
Birmingham Newton St (Stop CS2A) 17:1817:4818:1818:48
Aston University, adj Price St 17:2017:5018:2018:50
Aston University Lower Tower St (adjacent) 17:2117:5118:2118:51
Newtown Milton St (adjacent) 17:2317:5318:2318:52
Perry Barr Wellhead Lane (Stop PH) 17:3118:0118:3018:59
Perry Barr, opp Holford Drive 17:3118:0118:3018:59
Perry Barr, adj Nash Square 17:3218:0218:3119:00
Alexander Stadium, adj Perry Park 17:3318:0218:3119:00
Alexander Stadium, adj Aldridge Road 17:3418:0318:3219:01
Perry Common, adj Elmbridge Rd 17:3518:0418:3319:02
Perry Common, opp Crossway Lane 17:3618:0518:3419:03
Warren Farm, adj Greenholm Rd 17:3718:0518:3419:03
Warren Farm, opposite Melverley Grove 17:3818:0618:3519:04
Warren Farm Dyas Rd (near) 17:3918:0718:3619:05
Warren Farm, opposite Hotspur Rd 17:4018:0718:3619:05
Kingstanding, after Rushden Croft 17:4118:0818:3719:06
Kingstanding, opp Harringay Road 17:4218:0918:3819:07
Kingstanding Library (adjacent) 17:4318:1018:3919:08
Kingstanding Post Office (opposite) 17:4318:1018:3919:08
Kingstanding, opp Norbury Rd 17:4418:1118:4019:09
Kingstanding, after Bandywood Crescent 17:4518:1218:4119:09
Kingstanding, before Brompton Rd 17:4618:1318:4219:10
Kingstanding, adj Copthorne Rd 17:4618:1318:4219:11
Queslett Rd (before) 17:4718:1418:4319:11
Pheasey, opp Eastlake Close 17:4718:1418:4319:12
Pheasey Church (outside) 17:4918:1618:4519:13
Pheasey, after Morland Road 17:5018:1718:4619:14
Pheasey Old Hall Lane (adjacent) 17:5118:1818:4719:15
Barr Beacon, opp Bridle Lane 17:5218:1918:4819:16
Barr Beacon, adj Bella Pais Close 17:5418:2018:5019:18
Foley Arms, adj Beacon Hill Farm 17:5518:2118:5019:18
Foley Arms, after Barr Beacon Crossroads 17:5618:2218:5119:19
Foley Arms, on Longwood Road (Middle) 17:5618:2218:5219:20
Barr Common, opp Longwood House 17:5718:2318:5219:20
Barr Common Rd (before) 17:5818:2318:5319:21
Barr Common, opp Beacon Rise 17:5818:2418:5419:22
Barr Common, adj Gaydon Road 17:5918:2518:5519:23
Aldridge, adj Lodge Grove 18:0118:2618:5619:24
Aldridge, adj The Avion 18:0218:2718:5719:25
Aldridge Shopping Centre (at) 18:0318:2818:5819:26
Aldridge, after Greenfields 18:0418:2918:5919:27
Aldridge, adj Leighswood School 18:0418:2918:5919:27
Leighswood, after Wellfield Road 18:0518:3019:0019:28
Druid’s Heath, opp Lazy Hill Rd 18:0618:3119:0119:29
Leighswood, opp Glendower Rd 18:0718:3219:0219:30
Leighswood, before Jessie Rd 18:0818:3319:0219:30
Leighswood, adj Herbert Road 18:0818:3319:0319:31
Walsall Wood, after Castle Rd 18:0918:3419:0419:32
Castlefort, adj Laburnum Rd 18:1018:3519:0419:32
Castlefort, opposite Streets Corner 18:1118:3619:0519:33
Shire Oak Hill (on) 18:1218:3719:0619:34
Shire Oak Close (opposite) 18:1218:3719:0619:34
Shire Oak, adj Adams Rd 18:1318:3819:0719:35
Catshill Friezland Lane (adjacent) 18:1318:3819:0719:35
Catshill, after Anchor Bridge 18:1418:3919:0819:36
Brownhills, after Warren Place 18:1618:4119:0919:37
Brownhills Brickiln St (near) 18:1618:4119:1019:38
Brownhills Raven's Court (adjacent) 18:1718:4219:1019:38
Ogley Hay Holland Park (adjacent) 18:1818:4319:1119:39
Ogley Hay, adj Watling St Primary School 18:2018:4519:1319:41
Brownhills West, opposite Hednesford Rd 18:2218:4719:1519:43
Brownhills West, after Rising Sun Island 18:2418:4919:1719:45

Brownhills - Birmingham

Brownhills West, after Rising Sun Island 06:0606:2206:4107:0107:26
Ogley Hay, opp Watling St Primary School 06:0706:2306:4207:0207:28
Ogley Hay The Park View Centre (adjacent) 06:0906:2506:4407:0407:31
Brownhills, before Raven's Court 06:1006:2606:4507:0507:32
Brownhills, before Brickiln St 06:1006:2606:4507:0507:32
Brownhills, opposite Silver St 06:1106:2706:4607:0607:33
Brownhills Warren Place (adjacent) 06:1106:2706:4607:0607:34
Catshill, before Anchor Bridge 06:1206:2806:4707:0707:34
Catshill, opposite Friezland Lane 06:1306:2906:4807:0807:36
Shire Oak, opp Adams Rd 06:1306:2906:4807:0807:36
Shire Oak Close (adjacent) 06:1406:3006:4907:0907:37
Shire Oak Hill (at) 06:1506:3106:5007:1007:38
Castlefort Streets Corner (adjacent) 06:1606:3206:5107:1107:40
Castlefort, opp Laburnum Rd 06:1606:3206:5207:1207:41
Walsall Wood, opp Sunnyside 06:1706:3306:5307:1307:42
Leighswood, opposite Longleat Road 06:1906:3506:5407:1407:43
Leighswood, after Jessie Rd 06:1906:3506:5507:1507:44
Leighswood, opp Walton Rd 06:2006:3606:5507:1507:44
Leighswood, adj Glendower Rd 06:2006:3606:5507:1507:45
Druid’s Heath, adj Lazy Hill Rd 06:2106:3706:5607:1607:46
Druid’s Heath, adj Norfolk Crescent 06:2106:3706:5707:1707:46
Leighswood, before Wellfield Road 06:2206:3806:5807:1807:47
Aldridge, opp Leighswood School 06:2306:3906:5907:1907:49
Aldridge, before Greenfields 06:2406:4007:0007:2007:50
Aldridge Post Office (opposite) 06:2506:4107:0107:2107:51
Aldridge Shopping Centre (by) 05:5506:2606:4207:0207:2207:52
Aldridge, opp The Avion 05:5506:2606:4207:0207:2207:52
Aldridge, opp Lodge Grove 05:5606:2706:4307:0307:2307:53
Barr Common, after Gaydon Road 05:5706:2806:4507:0507:2507:55
Barr Common, adj Beacon Rise 05:5806:2906:4507:0507:2507:55
Barr Common Rd (after) 05:5806:2906:4607:0607:2607:56
Barr Common, adj Longwood House 05:5906:3006:4707:0707:2707:57
Foley Arms, at Longwood Road (Middle) 06:0006:3106:4807:0807:2807:58
Foley Arms, after Barr Beacon Crossroads 06:0106:3206:4907:0907:2907:59
Foley Arms, opp Beacon Hill Farm 06:0106:3206:4907:0907:2907:59
Barr Beacon, after Bella Pais Close 06:0206:3306:4907:1007:3008:00
Barr Beacon, adj Bridle Lane 06:0306:3406:5007:1107:3108:01
Pheasey, opposite Old Hall Lane 06:0406:3506:5107:1207:3208:02
Pheasey, before Morland Road 06:0506:3606:5207:1307:3408:04
Pheasey Church (opposite) 06:0506:3606:5207:1307:3408:04
Pheasey, opposite Collingwood Centre 06:0606:3706:5307:1407:3508:05
Pheasey, adj Eastlake Close 06:0606:3706:5307:1407:3508:05
Pheasey, adj Queslett Road 06:0706:3806:5407:1507:3608:06
Kingstanding, opp Copthorne Rd 06:0806:3806:5407:1507:3708:07
Kingstanding, after Brockwell Rd 06:0906:3906:5507:1607:3808:08
Kingstanding, adj Norbury Rd 06:1006:4006:5607:1707:3908:09
Kingstanding Post Office (adjacent) 06:1106:4106:5707:1807:4008:10
Kingstanding Circle (adjacent) 06:1206:4206:5807:1907:4108:11
Kingstanding, adj Harringay Road 06:1206:4206:5807:2007:4208:12
Kingstanding Rushden Croft (adjacent) 06:1306:4306:5907:2107:4308:13
Warren Farm Hotspur Rd (adjacent) 06:1406:4407:0007:2207:4408:14
Warren Farm, after Westward Close 06:1506:4507:0107:2307:4508:15
Warren Farm Melverley Grove (adjacent) 06:1506:4607:0207:2307:4508:16
Warren Farm, opp Greenholm Rd 06:1606:4607:0207:2407:4608:16
Perry Common, adj Crossway Lane 06:1706:4707:0307:2507:4708:17
Perry Common, opp Elmbridge Rd 06:1706:4807:0407:2607:4808:18
Alexander Stadium, opp Perry Park 06:1906:4907:0507:2707:4908:20
Perry Barr, opp Nash Square 06:2006:5007:0607:2807:5008:21
Perry Barr, adj Holford Drive 06:2006:5107:0707:2907:5108:22
Perry Barr Rail Station (Stop PE) 06:2206:5307:0907:3107:5308:24
Newtown Milton St 06:2606:5907:1507:3707:5908:30
Aston University Lower Tower St (near) 06:2707:0007:1607:3808:0108:32
Aston University, opp Price St 06:2807:0107:1707:3908:0208:33
Aston University Ryder St (JW1) 06:2907:0207:1807:4008:0408:35
Birmingham Bus Mall (Stop MS14) 06:3107:0407:2007:4208:0608:37
Birmingham Priory Square (Stop BS1) 06:3207:0607:2207:4408:0808:39

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