968 - Bury St Gabriel's School - Bamford - Daniel Fold - Rochdale

A bus service operated by Rosso


Rochdale - Bury St Gabriel's School

Rochdale, nr Dane Street 07:31
Rochdale, adj Mellor Street 07:31
Rochdale, nr Oakenrod Hill 07:32
Broadhalgh, nr Brooklands Court 07:33
Greave, nr Hudsons Walk 07:35
Greave, opp Mons Avenue 07:35
Spotland Stadium (opp) 07:36
Spotland Library (opp) 07:36
Spotland, opp Rooley Moor Road 07:37
Caldershaw, nr Ings Avenue 07:38
Caldershaw, nr Wycherley Road 07:39
Daniel Fold (nr) 07:40
Caldershaw, opp Wycherley Road 07:40
Bagslate, opp Edenfield Road 07:48
Bagslate, opp Clay Lane 07:49
Bamford, opp Springbank Lane 07:52
Bamford, nr Belgium Street 07:53
Bamford, opp Norden Road 07:55
Bamford Post Office (opp) 07:55
Bamford, opp Sir Winston Churchill 07:57
Bamford, opp St Michael's Vicarage 07:58
Hooley Bridge, nr Queens Park Road 08:00
Hooley Bridge, nr Bamford Road 08:02
Hooley Bridge, opp Bird I'th Hand 08:04
Jericho, opp The Waggon 08:06
Jericho, opp Melba Works 08:07
Jericho (in) 08:09
Fairfield General Hospital Rochdale Old Road (Stop E) 08:10
Fairfield General Hospital Fairfield Hosp (Stop G) 08:12
Fairfield General Hospital, opp Castle Hill Road 08:12
Fairfield General Hospital, o/s Fairfield County PS 08:13
Fairfield General Hospital, nr Cuckoo Lane 08:14
Fern Grove, nr M66 08:15
Bury, at Chesham Fold Road 08:16
Bury, opp Aldi 08:16
Bury, nr Bell Lane 08:17
Bury, adj Wash Lane 08:18
Bury, nr Rochdale Road 08:18
Bury, nr Hurst Street 08:20
Bury, nr Shepherd Street 08:20
Fishpool, opp Bethesda Church 08:24
Fishpool, opp Parliament Street 08:25
Bury Tenterden Street (S-bound) 08:28
Bury, adj St Gabriels School 08:30

Bury St Gabriel's School - Rochdale

Bury, adj St Gabriels School 15:10
Bury Grammar School (o/s) 15:11
Bury Tenterden Street (Stop Qq) 15:12
Bury, opp Old Blue Bell 15:17
Bury, opp Sanderson Street 15:18
Bury, o/s Aldi 15:19
Bury, nr Chesham Fold Road 15:20
Fern Grove, nr Woodgate Hill Road 15:21
Fairfield General Hospital, opp Cuckoo Lane 15:23
Fairfield General Hospital, opp Fairfield County PS 15:23
Fairfield General Hospital, nr Castle Hill Road 15:23
Fairfield General Hospital Fairfield Hosp (Stop F) 15:24
Jericho, nr New Hall Road 15:24
Jericho (in) 15:25
Jericho, o/s Melba Works 15:25
Jericho, o/s The Waggon 15:26
Hooley Bridge, o/s Bird I'th Hand 15:26
Hooley Bridge, nr Ashworth Road 15:27
Hooley Bridge, opp Bamford Road 15:27
Hooley Bridge, opp Queens Park Road 15:28
Bamford, o/s St Michael's Vicarage 15:29
Bamford, adj Sir Winston Churchill 15:30
Bamford Post Office (o/s) 15:30
Bamford, opp War Office Road 15:31
Bamford, opp Belgium Street 15:31
Bamford, nr Springbank Lane 15:32
Bagslate, nr Clay Lane 15:33
Bagslate, nr Edenfield Road 15:34
Bagslate, opp Moorland Avenue 15:34
Caldershaw, nr Wycherley Road 15:38
Daniel Fold (nr) 15:39
Caldershaw, opp Wycherley Road 15:39
Caldershaw, opp Ings Avenue 15:40
Spotland, nr Rooley Moor Road 15:41
Spotland Library (o/s) 15:43
Spotland, nr Edenfield Road 15:44
Greave, nr Mons Avenue 15:45
Greave, opp Hudsons Walk 15:46
Broadhalgh, nr Sandy Lane 15:49
Broadhalgh, nr Claremont Road 15:50
Rochdale, opp Oakenrod Hill 15:51
Rochdale, nr Mellor Street 15:53
Rochdale, opp Bury Road 15:54

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 3 March 2021

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