976 - Glasgow - Oban

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Oban - Glasgow

Oban Station Road (Stance 3) 07:4512:3018:15
Oban, at Pennyfuir Cemetery 07:4812:3318:18
Dunbeg, at Road End 07:5312:3818:23
Connel, opp Bridge Junction 07:5712:4218:27
Achnacloich, at Road End 08:0312:4818:33
Fearnoch, opp Road End 08:0412:4918:34
Taynuilt, opp Hotel 08:1012:5518:40
Bridge of Awe, opp Crunachy Caravan Park 08:1412:5918:44
Falls Of Cruachan, opp Power Station 08:1913:0418:49
Lochawe, opp Innis Chonain 08:2313:0818:53
Lochawe, nr St Conans Road junction 08:2513:1018:55
Lochawe, nr Post Office 08:2613:1118:56
Dalmally, opp Rail Station 08:3213:1719:02
Dalmally, opp Glenorchy Lodge Hotel 08:3313:1819:03
Achlian, at Road End 08:3913:2419:09
Cladich, opp Road End 08:4313:2819:13
Accurrach Farm, at Road End 08:4613:3119:16
N Tullich, opp Road End 08:5013:3519:20
Stronmagachan, opp Farm Road End 08:5213:3719:22
Three Bridges, opp Road End 08:5413:3919:24
Inveraray Front Street (townside) 09:0013:4519:30
Inveraray Front Street (townside) 09:02 13:47 19:32
Dunderave Castle, opp Road End 09:0913:5419:39
Cairndow, at Lochfyne Oyster Bar 09:1413:5919:44
Cairndow, opp Road End junction 09:1714:0219:47
Cairndow, opp Dunoon Road End 09:2114:0619:51
Rest And Be Thankful, in Turning Circle 09:2714:1219:57
Ardgartan, opp Visitor Centre 09:3314:1820:03
Arrochar, at Braeside Stores 09:3714:2220:07
Tarbet, at Ballyhennan Crescent 09:3914:2420:09
Tarbet, at Hotel 09:4014:2520:10
Inverbeg, opp Hotel 09:4714:3220:17
Luss Bypass (S-bound) 09:5114:3620:21
Luss, opp Loch Lomond Golf Course 09:5314:3820:23
Arden Lodge (at) 09:5814:4320:27
Arden Duck Bay (S-bound) 10:0014:4520:29
Balloch, nr Lower Stoneymollan Road 10:0214:4720:31
Dumbarton, after Barloan Toll 10:0814:5320:37
Kilbowie Roundabout Eastbound (at) 10:2015:0520:48
Drumchapel, nr Heathcot Place 10:2315:0820:51
Anniesland Cross (after) 10:3215:1720:59
Kelvinside, opp Gartnavel Hospital 10:3515:2021:02
Hillhead, opp Cecil Street 10:3915:2421:06
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 54) 10:5015:3521:17

Glasgow - Oban

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 55) 08:30
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 54) 12:3018:05
Hillhead, at Kersland Street 08:4012:4018:15
Kelvinside, at Gartnavel Hospital 08:4412:4418:19
Anniesland Cross (before) 08:4912:4918:24
Drumry Roundabout (before) 08:5612:5618:31
Kilbowie Roundabout Westbound (at) 08:5912:5918:34
Dumbarton, before Barloan Toll 09:1013:1018:45
Balloch, opp Lower Stoneymollan Road 09:1613:1618:51
Arden Duck Bay (N-bound) 09:1813:1818:53
Luss, nr Loch Lomond Golf Course 09:2413:2418:59
Luss Bypass (N-bound) 09:2713:2719:02
Inverbeg, at Hotel 09:3113:3119:06
Tarbet, opp Hotel 09:3813:3819:13
Tarbet, opp Ballyhennan Crescent 09:3913:3919:14
Arrochar, opp Braeside Stores 09:4113:4119:16
Ardgartan, nr Visitor Centre 09:4513:4519:20
Rest And Be Thankful, in Turning Circle 09:5113:5119:26
Cairndow, at Dunoon Road End 09:5713:5719:32
Cairndow, at Road End junction 10:0114:0119:36
Cairndow, opp Lochfyne Oyster Bar 10:0314:0319:38
Dunderave Castle, at Road End 10:0914:0919:44
Inveraray Front Street (townside) 10:1614:1619:51
Inveraray Front Street (townside) 10:18 14:18 19:53
Three Bridges, at Road End 10:2314:2319:58
Stronmagachan, at Farm Road End 10:2514:2520:00
N Tullich, at Road End 10:2714:2720:02
Accurrach Farm, opp Road End 10:3214:3220:07
Cladich, at Road End 10:3514:3520:10
Achlian, opp Road End 10:3814:3820:13
Dalmally, opp Rail Station 10:4414:4420:19
Dalmally, opp Glenorchy Lodge Hotel 10:4514:4520:20
Lochawe, opp Post Office 10:5414:5420:29
Lochawe, opp St Conans Road junction 10:5514:5520:30
Lochawe, after Innis Chonain 10:5614:5620:31
Falls Of Cruachan, at Power Station 11:0115:0120:36
Bridge of Awe, at Crunachy Caravan Park 11:0615:0620:41
Taynuilt, at Hotel 11:1015:1020:45
Fearnoch, at Road End 11:1615:1620:51
Achnacloich, opp Road End 11:1715:1720:52
Connel, nr Bridge Junction 11:2315:2320:58
Dunbeg, opp Road End 11:2715:2721:02
Oban, opp Pennyfuir Cemetery 11:3015:3021:05
Oban Station Road (Stance 3) 11:3415:3421:09

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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