988 - Stowmarket - Elmswell - Woolpit - Thurston Community College

A bus service operated by Mulleys Motorways


Monday to Friday, not Suffolk school holidays

Stowmarket - Elmswell - Woolpit - Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College - Woolpit - Elmswell - Stowmarket

Thurston, in Community College 15:30
Thurston, adj Rylands Close 15:30
Thurston, opp Cloverfields 15:31
Thurston, opp The Green 15:32
Thurston, opp Ryefields 15:32
Beyton A14 Flyover (S-bound) 15:37
Beyton, adj Manor House 15:39
Beyton, o/s Thurston 6th Form 15:40
Beyton, opp Manor House 15:40
Beyton A14 Flyover (N-bound) 15:40
Beyton A14 Slip Road (E-bound) 15:40
Woolpit, opp Business Park 15:47
Woolpit, opp Briar Hill 15:47
Woolpit, adj Post Office 15:48
Woolpit, opp Garage 15:48
Woolpit A14 Junction (N-bound) 15:49
Elmswell, adj School Road 15:49
Elmswell, adj New Road 15:50
Elmswell, adj Loch Rannoch Close 15:50
Elmswell, opp Memorial Hall 15:51
Elmswell, opp Whatley Close 15:51
Elmswell, opp Mill Gardens 15:52
Wetherden, opp Maypole 15:55
Haughley New Street, adj Brick Wall Farm 15:55
Haughley New Street, opp The Close 15:55
Haughley, adj Fishponds Way 15:57
Stowmarket, opp Violet Hill Road 15:58
Stowmarket, opp Beech Terrace 15:58
Stowmarket, adj Creeting Road 15:59
Stowmarket Gun Cotton Way Park (E-bound) 16:00
Cedars Park, adj Woodpecker Close 16:00
Cedars Park, adj Tesco 16:01
Combs Ford, adj Wynton Rise 16:04
Combs Ford, o/s Cracknells 16:05
Combs Ford, adj The Ford 16:05
Stowmarket, opp Lime Tree Place 16:05
Stowmarket, adj Cinema 16:06
Stowmarket, o/s Argos Store 16:07
Stowmarket, opp Recreation Ground 16:08
Stowmarket, opp Windermere Road 16:08
Stowmarket, adj Mallard Way 16:10
Stowmarket, adj Stow Lodge 16:10
Stowmarket, opp Lowry Way 16:12
Stowmarket, adj Kipling Way 16:14
Stowmarket, adj Shakespeare Road 16:14
Stowmarket, opp Britten Avenue 16:15
Operates when Thurston Community College is open
For school students only.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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