A2 - Grey Line - Rise Park - Valley Road - Aspley Schools

A bus service operated by Nottingham City Transport

Monday to Friday until Friday 30 August 2024

Rise Park - Aspley Schools

Beechdale Trinity School (SE-bound) 15:35
Aspley Manning School (N-bound) 15:40
Aspley St Margarets Church (Stop AS13) 15:41
Aspley Bluecoat School (Stop AS14) 15:42
Whitemoor Bluecoat School (Stop WM06) 15:42
Whitemoor Newlyn Drive (Stop WM07) 15:43
Whitemoor Nuthall Road (Stop WM08) 15:46
Whitemoor Newport Drive (Stop WM09) 15:47
Whitemoor Radford Road (Stop WM10) 15:48
Basford Futurist (Stop BA18) 15:51
Basford Heatherley Drive (Stop BA19) 15:52
Basford Ventnor Rise (Stop BA20) 15:53
Sherwood Hucknall Road (Stop SH25) 15:54
Sherwood Whatton Rise (Stop SH26) 15:55
Sherwood Edwards Lane (Stop SH27) 15:56
Sherwood Ribblesdale Road (Stop SH33) 15:57
Sherwood City Hospital (Stop SH34) 15:59
Sherwood Arnold Road (Stop SH35) 15:59
Bestwood Park Oxclose Police Station (Stop BP29) 16:00
Bestwood Park Hartcroft Road (Stop BP08) 16:01
Bestwood Park Eastglade Road (Stop BP09) 16:02
Bestwood Park Belsay Road (Stop BP10) 16:03
Bestwood Park Elmbridge Shops (Stop BP11) 16:05
Bestwood Park Chediston Vale (Stop BP12) 16:05
Bestwood Park Belleville Drive (Stop BP13) 16:06
Bestwood Park Harkstead Road (Stop BP14) 16:07
Top Valley Kyle View (Stop TV43) 16:08
Top Valley Muirfield Road (Stop TV44) 16:09
Top Valley Pine Hill Close (Stop RP09) 16:10
Rise Park Charles II (Stop RP01) 16:11
Rise Park Road East (Stop RP05) 16:12
Rise Park Road West (Stop RP06) 16:13
Bulwell Bestwood Road (Stop BU28) 16:14
Bulwell Hall Lawton Drive (Stop BU29) 16:15
Bulwell The Apollo (Stop BU30) 16:16
Bulwell Morrisons (Stop BU31) 16:17

Aspley Schools - Rise Park

Bulwell Morrisons (Stop BU24) 07:34
Bulwell The Apollo (Stop BU25) 07:34
Bulwell Hall Lawton Drive (Stop BU26) 07:35
Bulwell Bestwood Road (Stop BU27) 07:36
Rise Park Road West (Stop RP07) 07:37
Rise Park Road East (Stop RP08) 07:38
Rise Park Charles II (Stop RP04) 07:4007:40
Top Valley Muirfield Road (Stop TV45) 07:4107:41
Top Valley Kyle View (Stop TV46) 07:4207:42
Bestwood Park Harkstead Road (Stop BP15) 07:4307:43
Bestwood Park Chediston Vale (Stop BP16) 07:4407:44
Bestwood Park Elmbridge Shops (Stop BP17) 07:4507:4507:45
Bestwood Park Belsay Road (Stop BP18) 07:4507:4507:45
Bestwood Park Eastglade Road (Stop BP19) 07:4607:4607:46
Bestwood Park Hartcroft Road (Stop BP20) 07:4707:4707:47
Bestwood Park Oxclose Police Station (Stop BP43) 07:4807:4807:48
Sherwood Arnold Road (Stop SH36) 07:4907:4907:49
Sherwood City Hospital (Stop SH37) 07:5207:5207:52
Sherwood Ribblesdale Road (Stop SH38) 07:5307:5307:53
Sherwood Edwards Lane (Stop SH22) 07:5407:5407:5407:54
Sherwood Whatton Rise (Stop SH23) 07:5507:5507:5507:55
Sherwood Hucknall Road (Stop SH24) 07:5807:5807:5807:58
Basford Hucknall Road (Stop BA14) 07:5907:5907:5907:59
Basford Ventnor Rise (Stop BA15) 07:5907:5907:5907:59
Basford Heatherley Drive (Stop BA16) 08:0008:0008:0008:00
Basford Futurist (Stop BA17) 08:0408:0408:0408:04
Whitemoor Radford Road (Stop WM01) 08:0508:0508:0508:05
Whitemoor Newport Drive (Stop WM02) 08:0608:0608:0608:06
Whitemoor Nuthall Road (Stop WM03) 08:0808:0808:0808:08
Whitemoor Newlyn Drive (Stop WM04) 08:0908:0908:0908:09
Whitemoor Bluecoat School (Stop WM05) 08:1008:1008:1008:10
Aspley Bluecoat School (Stop AS19) 08:1308:1308:1308:13
Aspley St Margarets Church (Stop AS20) 08:1408:1408:1408:14
Aspley Melbourne Road (Stop AS21) 08:1508:1508:1508:15
Aspley Aylestone Drive (Stop AS22) 08:1508:1508:1508:15
Aspley Grannis Drive (Stop AS23) 08:1608:1608:1608:16
Aspley Ambleside Road (Stop AS24) 08:1608:1608:1608:16
Aspley Exbourne Road (Stop AS25) 08:1708:1708:1708:17
Beechdale Road Top (Stop BE12) 08:1808:1808:1808:18
Beechdale Fircroft Avenue (Stop BE13) 08:1808:1808:1808:18
Beechdale Highwood Avenue (Stop BE14) 08:1808:1808:1808:18
Beechdale Denewood Crescent (Stop BE15) 08:1908:1908:1908:19
Beechdale Kingsbury Drive (Stop BE16) 08:1908:1908:1908:19
Beechdale Trinity School (SE-bound) 08:2008:2008:2008:20

Timetable data from Nottingham City Transport/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 14 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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