C5 - Wellow or Ashurtst - Brockenhurst College

A bus service operated by Bluestar, morebus and Salisbury Reds

Wellow - Brockenhurst College

Operator Bluestar
West Wellow Whinwhistle Corner (NW-bound) 07:30
Blackhill Road (adj) 07:30
West Wellow Chatmohr (NW-bound) 07:31
West Wellow Canada Corner (NW-bound) 07:32
West Wellow Slab Lane (NW-bound) 07:32
Plaitford Maurys Lane (W-bound) 07:33
Plaitford Village Hall (W-bound) 07:33
Plaitford Service Station (W-bound) 07:34
Landford, o/s Garden Centre 07:35
Landford Bridge (W-bound) 07:36
Landford, o/s Royal Jaipur 07:36
Landford, nr Primary School 07:37
Landford, opp Methodist Chapel 07:37
Landford Post Office (S-bound) 07:38
Landford Beech Grange (S-bound) 07:39
Landford The Bakery (S-bound) 07:40
Nomansland Crossroads (S-bound) 07:41
Bramshaw Stocks Cross (S-bound) 07:44
Brook Green Dragon (E-bound) 07:47
Cadnam Roundabout (E-bound) 07:51
Cadnam, opp Coach and Horses Inn 07:52
Cadnam, opp Garden Centre 07:53
Bartley, nr The Haywain 07:54
Netley Marsh, opp The White Horse 07:56
West Totton, opp Morrisons 08:00
West Totton, opp Stonechat Drive 08:00
Calmore, nr Michigan Way 08:01
Calmore Richmond Close (N-bound) 08:02
Calmore Friars Croft (N-bound) 08:03
Calmore Stocklands (NE-bound) 08:04
Calmore, opp Coppice Road 08:05
Calmore Embley Close (S-bound) 08:06
Calmore Bearslane Close (SE-bound) 08:07
Calmore Mortimer Close (S-bound) 08:09
Calmore Sarum Compton House (NW-bound) 08:10
Calmore Bowater Way (S-bound) 08:11
Calmore Tudor Close (NW-bound) 08:12
Calmore, opp Michigan Way 08:14
Calmore Service Station (SE-bound) 08:15
West Totton Calmore Corner (SW-bound) 08:18
West Totton, nr Graddidge Way 08:18
West Totton, opp Hazel Farm Road 08:19
West Totton, opp Crabbs Way 08:20
Hounsdown, nr Rockleigh Drive 08:22
Foxhills Colbury Hall (SW-bound) 08:23
Ashurst Whartons Lane (SW-bound) 08:24
Ashurst The Forest Inn (SW-bound) 08:25
Ashurst, opposite Co-Op 08:25
Ashurst, adj Shopping Parade 08:26
Ashurst Railway Station (SW-bound) 08:27
Ashurst Lodge (SW-bound) 08:28
Ashurst Lodgehill Cottage (SW-bound) 08:29
Lyndhurst, opp Thatched Cottage Park 08:30
Lyndhurst Queens Road (SW-bound) 08:30
Lyndhurst, opp Fire Station 08:31
Goose Green Foxlease (S-bound) 08:33
Clayhill The Crown Stirrup (S-bound) 08:34
Clayhill, opp Clay Hill Schools 08:35
Balmer Lawn New Park (S-bound) 08:40
Balmer Lawn Hotel (S-bound) 08:45
Brockenhurst College (SE-bound) 08:48

Brockenhurst College - Brook

Operator Bluestar
Brockenhurst College (SE-bound) 16:30
Balmer Lawn Hotel (N-bound) 16:31
Balmer Lawn New Park (N-bound) 16:34
Clayhill, nr Clay Hill Schools 16:37
Clayhill The Crown Stirrup (N-bound) 16:38
Goose Green Foxlease (N-bound) 16:39
Lyndhurst Goose Green (NW-bound) 16:40
Lyndhurst The Crown Hotel (E-bound) 16:41
Custards, adj Pikes Hill 16:42
Cadnam Roundabout (E-bound) 16:46
Cadnam, opp Coach and Horses Inn 16:46
Cadnam, opp Garden Centre 16:47
Bartley, nr The Haywain 16:48
Netley Marsh, opp The White Horse 16:50
West Totton Goodies (SE-bound) 16:51
West Totton, adj Crabbs Way 16:52
West Totton, adj Hazel Farm Road 16:53
West Totton, opp Graddidge Way 16:53
West Totton Calmore Corner (NW-bound) 16:54
Calmore Service Station (NW-bound) 16:56
Calmore, nr Michigan Way 16:57
Calmore Tudor Close (SE-bound) 16:59
Calmore Bowater Way (N-bound) 17:00
Calmore Sarum Compton House (E-bound) 17:01
Calmore Mortimer Close (N-bound) 17:02
Calmore Bearslane Close (NW-bound) 17:03
Calmore, opp Embley Close 17:05
Calmore, opp Testwood Stadium 17:06
Hillstreet, opp Hill Street 17:07
Wigley, opposite Shelley Lane 17:09
Blackhill Salisbury Lodge (NW-bound) 17:10
West Wellow Whinwhistle Corner (NW-bound) 17:12
Blackhill Road (adj) 17:12
West Wellow Chatmohr (NW-bound) 17:13
West Wellow Canada Corner (NW-bound) 17:14
West Wellow Slab Lane (NW-bound) 17:14
Plaitford Maurys Lane (W-bound) 17:15
Plaitford Village Hall (W-bound) 17:15
Plaitford Service Station (W-bound) 17:16
Landford, o/s Garden Centre 17:17
Landford Bridge (W-bound) 17:17
Landford, o/s Royal Jaipur 17:18
Landford Lyndhurst Road (S-bound) 17:19
Landford, nr Primary School 17:19
Landford, opp Methodist Chapel 17:20
Landford Post Office (S-bound) 17:20
Landford Beech Grange (S-bound) 17:21
Landford The Bakery (S-bound) 17:22
Nomansland Crossroads (S-bound) 17:23
Bramshaw Stocks Cross (S-bound) 17:26
Brook Green Dragon (E-bound) 17:29

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