DY1 - Chaddlewood , Plympton - Milehouse - Devonport Dockyard

Operated by Stagecoach South West


Devonport Dockyard - Milehouse - Chaddlewood , Plympton

Chaddlewood District Centre (W-bound) 06:2506:2514:2522:15
Chaddlewood Glen Road (NW-bound) 06:2606:2614:2622:16
Chaddlewood Littlewood Close (SW-bound) 06:2706:2714:2722:17
Plympton Wain Park (W-bound) 06:2806:2814:2822:18
Plympton Garage (W-bound) 06:2906:2914:2922:19
Plympton Mudge Way (NW-bound) 06:3006:3014:3022:20
Plympton St Mary's Church (NW-bound) 06:3106:3114:3122:21
Underwood Skewbridge (W-bound) 06:3206:3214:3222:22
Woodford Cot Hill (NW-bound) 06:3406:3314:3422:24
Marsh Mills East (W-bound) 06:3506:3514:3522:25
Marsh Mills Coypool P&R (S-bound) 06:3606:3614:3622:26
Eggbuckland Delamere Road East (W-bound) 06:4106:4114:4122:31
Eggbuckland Austin Farm Primary School (SW-bound) 06:4206:4214:4222:31
Eggbuckland Frogmore Avenue (N-bound) 06:4406:4414:4422:33
Eggbuckland Woodland (NW-bound) 06:4506:4514:4522:34
Eggbuckland Fort Austin Garden Centre (NW-bound) 06:4606:4614:4622:35
Crownhill Widey Lane (W-bound) 06:4806:4714:4822:36
Manadon Great Berry Road (S-bound) 06:4906:4914:4922:37
Manadon Roundabout (S-bound) 06:5006:5014:5022:38
Hartley Outland Road Superstore (SW-bound) 06:5106:5114:5122:39
Peverell Weston Park Road (SW-bound) 06:5206:5214:5222:40
Peverell Venn Lane (SW-bound) 06:5306:5414:5322:41
Milehouse LC 4 (SW-bound) 06:5514:5522:42
Milehouse LC 5 (SW-bound) 06:5606:5514:5622:43
Milehouse Road East (W-bound) 06:5706:5614:5722:43
Stoke Ford Hill Top (S-bound) 06:5806:5814:5822:44
Devonport Albert Gate (W-bound) 07:0107:0115:0122:46
Devonport Keyham Road Flats (N-bound) 07:0207:0215:0222:47
Keyham Saltash Road (NW-bound) 07:0207:0215:0222:47
Keyham Goschen Centre (NW-bound) 07:0307:0315:0322:48
Camels Head Dockyard (NW-bound) 07:0507:0515:0522:50

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 10 March 2023

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