F70 - Luton - Milton Keynes

Operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Luton to Milton Keynes

Luton Station Interchange (Stand 12) 09:1511:1513:1515:1517:1518:5520:40
Luton Clifton Road (W-bound) 09:1711:1713:1715:1717:1718:5720:42
Luton Chaul End Lane (W-bound) 09:2011:2013:2015:2017:2019:0020:45
Dunstable Stanton Road (W-bound) 09:2311:2313:2315:2317:2319:0220:47
Dunstable, opp Jeans Way 09:2611:2613:2615:2617:2619:0420:49
Dunstable, adj Station Road 09:2811:2813:2815:2817:2819:0620:51
Dunstable, opp Priory View 09:2811:2813:2815:2817:2819:0620:51
Dunstable The Quadrant (Stop N1) 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:0820:53
Dunstable, adj Regent Street 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:0820:53
Dunstable, opp Ashton Road 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:0820:53
Dunstable, adj Westfield Road 09:3111:3113:3115:3117:3119:0820:53
Dunstable, opp Watling Court 09:3111:3113:3115:3117:3119:0920:54
Dunstable, adj French's Avenue 09:3211:3213:3215:3217:3219:0920:54
Houghton Regis, opp Chalk Hill Farm 09:3311:3313:3315:3317:3319:1020:55
Stanbridge, opp Deans Farm 09:4111:4113:4115:4117:4119:1721:02
Leighton Buzzard, opp Rugby Club 09:4211:4213:4215:4217:4219:1821:03
Leighton Buzzard, opp Commerce Way 09:4411:4413:4415:4417:4419:2021:05
Leighton Buzzard Roundel Drive (SW-bound) 09:4511:4513:4515:4517:4519:2121:06
Leighton Buzzard, adj Lywood Road 09:4711:4713:4715:4717:4719:2221:07
Leighton Buzzard, opp Brooklands Avenue 09:4811:4813:4815:4817:4819:2321:08
Leighton Buzzard, adj Linwood Grove 09:5011:5013:5015:5017:5019:2421:09
Leighton Buzzard, opp Morrisons 09:5111:5113:5115:5117:5119:2521:10
Leighton Buzzard, opp Library 09:5211:5213:5215:5217:5219:2521:10
Leighton Buzzard High Street (Stop 4) 09:5511:5513:5515:5517:5519:2821:13
Leighton Buzzard, opp Tesco 09:5611:5613:5615:5617:5619:2921:14
Linslade Stoke Road (W-bound) 09:5711:5713:5715:5717:5719:3021:15
Linslade Old Road (W-bound) 09:5811:5813:5815:5817:5819:3021:15
Leighton Buzzard, o/s Railway Station 10:0012:0014:0016:0018:0019:3221:17
Linslade, opp St Mary's Way 10:0012:0014:0016:0018:00
Linslade, opp Knaves Hill 10:0112:0114:0116:0118:01
Linslade, adj Bideford Green 10:0112:0114:0116:0118:01
Newton Leys St Helena Avenue (SW-bound) 10:1212:1214:1216:1218:12
Bletchley Waterhall Park (N-bound) 10:1912:1914:1916:1918:19
Bletchley Stoke Road (northbound) 10:2012:2014:2016:2018:20
Water Eaton Co-Op (opp) 10:2212:2214:2216:2218:22
Water Eaton Road (o/s 108) 10:2312:2314:2316:2318:23
Bletchley Brooklands Road (adjacent) 10:2412:2414:2416:2418:24
Bletchley Findlay Way (Northbound) 10:2512:2514:2516:2518:25
Bletchley Bus Station (Bay 3) 10:2712:2714:2716:2718:27
Denbigh, opp Bletchley Tesco 10:2912:2914:2916:2918:29
Mount Farm Stadium MK (Stop B) 10:3112:3114:3116:3118:31
Ashland Roundabout South (Northbound) 10:3212:3214:3216:3218:32
Ashland Roundabout North (NW-bound) 10:3212:3214:3216:3218:32
Beanhill Dodkin (NW-bound) 10:3312:3314:3316:3318:33
Coffee Hall Roundabout South (Northbound) 10:3312:3314:3316:3318:33
Coffee Hall Roundabout North (Northbound) 10:3412:3414:3416:3418:34
Eaglestone Golden Drive (N-bound) 10:3512:3514:3516:3518:35
Eaglestone Roundabout West (Westbound) 10:3612:3614:3616:3618:36
Leadenhall, o/s Woughton Campus 10:3712:3714:3716:3718:37
Leadenhall Roundabout North (NW-bound) 10:3812:3814:3816:3818:38
Winterhill Retail Estate (o/s) 10:3912:3914:3916:3918:39
Winterhill South Grafton Roundabout South (northbound) 10:4012:4014:4016:4018:40
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (Stop Y6) 10:4212:4214:4216:4218:42
Central Milton Keynes Santander House (Stop W3) 10:4412:4414:4416:4418:44
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange (Stop Q3) 10:4512:4514:4516:4518:45
Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop H4) 10:5012:5014:5016:5018:50

Milton Keynes to Luton

Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop H4) 11:0013:0015:0017:0019:00
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange (Stop R4) 11:0313:0315:0317:0319:03
Central Milton Keynes Santander House (Stop X4) 11:0513:0515:0517:0519:05
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (Stop Y6) 11:0813:0815:0817:0819:08
Winterhill South Grafton Roundabout South (southbound) 11:1013:1015:1017:1019:10
Winterhill Retail Estate (opp) 11:1013:1015:1017:1019:10
Leadenhall Roundabout North (SE-bound) 11:1113:1115:1117:1119:11
Leadenhall, opp Woughton Campus 11:1213:1215:1217:1219:12
Eaglestone Roundabout South (Southbound) 11:1313:1315:1317:1319:13
Eaglestone Golden Drive (S-bound) 11:1413:1415:1417:1419:14
Coffee Hall Roundabout North (Southbound) 11:1513:1515:1517:1519:15
Coffee Hall Roundabout South (Southbound) 11:1613:1615:1617:1619:16
Beanhill Dodkin (SE-bound) 11:1613:1615:1617:1619:16
Ashland Roundabout North (SE-bound) 11:1713:1715:1717:1719:17
Ashland Roundabout South (Southbound) 11:1713:1715:1717:1719:17
Mount Farm Stadium MK (Stop A) 11:1913:1915:1917:1919:19
Denbigh, o/s Bletchley Tesco 11:2113:2115:2117:2119:21
Bletchley Bus Station (Bay 2) 11:2513:2515:2517:2519:25
Water Eaton Road (o/s 95) 11:2713:2715:2717:2719:27
Water Eaton Co-Op (adj) 11:2813:2815:2817:2819:28
Water Eaton, o/s Mill Road 11:2813:2815:2817:2819:28
Bletchley, o/s Stoke Road 11:2913:2915:2917:2919:29
Bletchley Waterhall Park (S-bound) 11:3013:3015:3017:3019:30
Newton Leys St Helena Avenue (SW-bound) 11:3613:3615:3617:3619:36
Newton Leys Lansbury Road (SW-bound) 11:3613:3615:3617:3619:36
Linslade, opp Bideford Green 11:4713:4715:4717:4719:47
Linslade, nr Knaves Hill 11:4813:4815:4817:4819:48
Linslade, adj Durrell Close 11:4913:4915:4917:4919:49
Leighton Buzzard, o/s Railway Station 09:5011:5013:5015:5017:5019:5021:20
Linslade Stoke Road (E-bound) 11:5113:5115:5117:5119:51
Leighton Buzzard, opp Bridge Street 09:5311:5313:5315:5317:5319:5321:22
Leighton Buzzard High Street (Stop 3) 09:5511:5513:5515:5517:5519:5521:23
Leighton Buzzard Market Square (Stop 5) 09:5511:5513:5515:5517:5519:5521:23
Leighton Buzzard, adj Morrisons 09:5811:5813:5815:5817:5819:5821:25
Leighton Buzzard, opp Linwood Grove 09:5811:5813:5815:5817:5819:5821:26
Leighton Buzzard, adj Brooklands Avenue 09:5911:5913:5915:5917:5919:5921:27
Leighton Buzzard, opp Lywood Road 10:0112:0114:0116:0118:0120:0121:28
Leighton Buzzard Roundel Drive (SW-bound) 10:0312:0314:0316:0318:0320:0321:30
Leighton Buzzard, adj Cherrycourt Way 10:0312:0314:0316:0318:0320:0321:30
Leighton Buzzard, adj Commerce Way 10:0312:0314:0316:0318:0320:0321:30
Leighton Buzzard, o/s Rugby Club 10:0412:0414:0416:0418:0420:0421:31
Stanbridge, o/s Deans Farm 10:0512:0514:0516:0518:0520:0521:32
Houghton Regis, adj Chalk Hill Farm 10:1112:1114:1116:1118:1120:1121:38
Dunstable, opp French's Avenue 10:1212:1214:1216:1218:1220:1221:39
Dunstable, o/s Watling Court 10:1312:1314:1316:1318:1320:1321:39
Dunstable, opp Westfield Road 10:1412:1414:1416:1418:1420:1421:41
Dunstable, adj Park Street 10:1512:1514:1516:1518:1520:1521:42
Dunstable, opp Regent Street 10:1712:1714:1716:1718:1720:1721:43
Dunstable The Quadrant (Stop N3) 10:1912:1914:1916:1918:1920:1921:45
Dunstable Church Street (Stop P1) 10:2012:2014:2016:2018:2020:2021:46
Dunstable, adj Priory View 10:2012:2014:2016:2018:2020:2021:46
Dunstable, adj Jeans Way 10:2312:2314:2316:2318:2320:2321:49
Dunstable Stanton Road (E-bound) 10:2612:2614:2616:2618:2620:2621:52
Luton Chaul End Lane (E-bound) 10:2812:2814:2816:2818:2820:2821:54
Luton Clifton Road (SE-bound) 10:3212:3214:3216:3218:3220:3221:57
Luton Station Interchange (Stand 2) 10:3512:3514:3516:3518:3520:3522:00

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARBB/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 20 September 2023

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