JF3 - Fields Park - John Frost School

A bus service operated by Newport Bus


John Frost School - Fields Park

Duffryn The John Frost School (Stand 1) 15:30
Duffryn, before Partridge Way 15:32
Partridge Way 15:33
Maesglas, o/s Tredegar Park 15:36
Maesglas, after Park Drive 15:37
Maesglas, opp Ebbw Bridge Club 15:38
Gaer, opposite Lyndhurst Avenue 15:41
Gaer, before Drinkwater Gardens 15:41
Gaer, opp Gear Baptist Church 15:43
Gaer, before Wells Close 15:44
Gaer, before Lamb Close 15:44
Gaer, after Cowper Close 15:45
Gaer Shakespeare Crescent (o/s 77) 15:46
Gaer, nr Stratford House 15:47
Gaer, outside Hillside 15:47
Stelvio Park Gaer Park Club (outside 2) 15:48
Stelvio Park, opp Post Office 15:48
Stelvio Park, o/s Cemetery Gates 15:49
Stelvio Park, before West Park Road 15:50
Caerau Park, opp St John The Baptist 15:52
Caerau Park, o/s Coed Melyn Park 15:53
Glasllwch, before Nant Coch Drive 15:55
Glasllwch, before Melbourne Way 15:56
Glasllwch Crescent (o/s 31) 15:58
Glasllwch, after Groves Road 16:00
Glasllwch, before Melbourne Way Turn 16:00
Glasllwch, after Quebec Close 16:01
Glasllwch, opposite Junior School 16:02
Ridgeway, after Enville Road 16:03
Ridgeway, before Redbrook Road 16:03
Allt-yr-yn Sorrel Drive (after roundabout) 16:06
Allt-yr-yn Tennis Club (near) 16:06
Barrack Hill, opposite Highcroft Road Top 16:07
Barrack Hill, opp Raglan Barrack Gates 16:08
Barrack Hill, nr Marston Court 16:08
Crindau, opposite Canal Street 16:09
Shaftesbury, outside Church of Jesus Christ 16:09
Gold Tops, o/s Fields Nursing Home 16:11
Clytha Park, after Civic Centre North 16:11
Clytha Park, before Fields Park Crescent 16:12

Timetable data from Newport Bus, 16 November 2022

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