N18 - City Centre, Sauchiehall St - East Kilbride, Greenhills

Operated by First Greater Glasgow

Glasgow Garnet Street (near) 02:38
Glasgow, before Dalhousie Street 01:1103:16
Glasgow, at Art & Music School 01:1403:19
Glasgow, after Sauchiehall Lane 01:1603:21
Glasgow Central Station (southbound stop 2) 01:2003:25
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (near) 01:2203:27
Glasgow, before Trongate 01:2403:29
Glasgow, before Candleriggs 01:2503:30
Gallowgate, before Watson Street 01:2703:32
Calton, after Charlotte Street 01:2703:32
Calton, after Kent Street 01:2803:33
Calton, before Green Street 01:2803:33
Calton, opp Graignestock Street 01:2903:34
Bridgeton, after Abercromby Street 01:2903:34
Bridgeton, opp Anson Street 01:3003:35
Bridgeton, opp Megan Street 01:3103:36
Bridgeton, after Queen Mary Street 01:3103:36
Dalmarnock, opp Bartholomew Street 01:3203:37
Dalmarnock, before Springfield Road 01:3303:38
Dalmarnock, opp Davidson Street 01:3303:38
Dalmarnock, before Birkwood Street 01:3403:39
Rutherglen Bardonald Street (Near) 01:3503:40
Rutherglen, after Cambuslang Road 01:3603:41
Rutherglen, opp Victoria Street 01:3703:42
Rutherglen, after Hamilton Road 01:3703:42
Rutherglen, opp Johnstone Drive 01:3803:43
Rutherglen, before Stonelaw Drive 01:3803:43
Rutherglen, at Buchanan Drive 01:3903:44
Burnside, opp Viewpark Drive 01:4003:45
Burnside, opp Highburgh Drive 01:4003:45
Burnside, before Fishescoates Gardens 01:4103:46
Burnside, opp Fishescoates Avenue 01:4103:46
Burnside, opp Strenabey Avenue 01:4103:46
Springhall, before Western Road 01:4303:48
Springhall, opp St Stephens Avenue 01:4403:49
Cathkin Greenlees Road (Near) 01:4403:49
Cathkin, at Greenlees Road 01:4503:50
Nerston Residential School (at) 01:4703:52
Nerston, opp Kingsgate Retail Park 01:4803:53
Nerston, after Lee's Burn Court 01:4903:54
Calderwood, at Raeburn Avenue 01:5003:55
Calderwood Square (opp) 01:5103:56
Calderwood, at Alison Lea Health Centre 01:5103:56
Calderwood, opp Capelrig Drive 01:5203:57
Calderwood, opp Carlyle Drive 01:5203:57
Saint Leonards, at Shira Terrace 01:5303:58
East Kilbride, at St Brides Church 01:5403:59
East Kilbride Bus Station (stance 4) 01:5604:01
The Murray, before Brunel Way 01:5704:02
The Murray, opp Haldane Place 01:5804:03
The Murray Whitehills Terrace (Near) 01:5904:04
The Murray, opp Cullen Road 02:0004:05
Westwood, opp Simpson Drive 02:0104:06
Westwood, at Melbourne Avenue 02:0204:07
Westwood, at Bunbury Terrace 02:0204:07
Westwood Square (At) 02:0304:08
Westwood, at Belmont Drive 02:0404:09
Westwood, after New Plymouth 02:0404:09
Westwood, at Jervis Terrace 02:0504:10
Greenhills, opp Troon Avenue 02:0604:11
Greenhills, before Oak Avenue 02:0704:12
Greenhills, opp Shopping centre 02:0804:13
Greenhills, after Lickprivick Road 02:0804:13
Greenhills, before Larch Drive 02:0804:13
Greenhills Sports Centre (at) 02:0904:14
Greenhills Way (at) 02:0904:14
Greenhills, opp Sycamore Crescent 02:1004:15
Greenhills, at High Whitehills Road 02:1004:15
Whitehills Auchengilloch (near) 02:1104:16
Whitehills, opp Lomond 02:1104:16
Whitehills, at Ardochrig 02:1104:16
Whitehills, opp Fortieth Avenue 02:1204:17
Greenhills, before Langlands Drive 02:1304:18

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 13 July 2024

First Greater Glasgow


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