NFT - New Forest Tour (Green route) - Lyndhurst - Brockenhurst - Lymington - Beaulieu - Exbury Gardens - Hythe - Lyndhurst

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Exbury Gardens (in car park) 11:0012:0013:1814:1815:3316:3317:48
Totton St Theresas Church (Stop C) 09:19
Hill Top Gate (NE-bound) 11:0512:0513:2314:2315:3816:3817:53
Totton Asda (Stop A) 09:20
Hill Top Farm (NE-bound) 11:0612:0613:2414:2415:3916:3917:54
Totton Batts Corner (SE-bound) 09:21
Dibden Purlieu, opp The Heath 11:0912:0913:2714:2715:4216:4217:57
Rushington Bartram Road (SW-bound) 09:22
Dibden Purlieu St Andrews Church (NE-bound) 09:5011:1012:1013:2814:2815:4316:4317:58
Dibden Purlieu Noads Way (NE-bound) 09:5111:1112:1113:2914:2915:4416:4417:59
Dibden Purlieu, opp Highlands Way 09:5211:1212:1213:3014:3015:4516:4518:00
Dibden Purlieu Hythe Hospital (NE-bound) 09:5311:1312:1313:3114:3115:4616:4618:01
Hythe Deerleap Way (NE-bound) 09:5411:1412:1413:3214:3215:4716:4718:02
Hythe Hollybank Crescent (NW-bound) 09:5511:1512:1513:3314:3315:4816:4818:03
Hythe Ewart Court (NE-bound) 09:5611:1612:1613:3414:3415:4916:4918:04
Hythe Pier (SE-bound) 09:5811:1812:1813:3514:3515:5016:5018:05
Hythe The Marsh (SE-bound) 09:5811:1812:1813:3514:3515:5016:5018:05
Hythe Fire Station (SW-bound) 09:5911:1912:1913:3614:3615:5116:5118:06
Hythe Langdown Hill (S-bound) 10:0011:2012:2013:3614:3615:5116:5118:06
Hythe Hollybank Crescent (NW-bound) 10:0111:2112:2113:3714:3715:5216:5218:07
Hythe Jones Lane (NW-bound) 10:0111:2112:2113:3714:3715:5216:5218:07
Hythe West Street (W-bound) 10:0211:2212:2213:3814:3815:5316:5318:08
Dibden, adj Mountfield 10:0211:2212:2213:3814:3815:5316:5318:08
Dibden Fenwick House (SW-bound) 10:0311:2312:2313:3914:3915:5416:5418:09
Dibden, adj Drapers Copse 10:0411:2412:2413:4014:4015:5516:5518:10
Totton Rushington Roundabout (SW-bound) 09:22
Applemore Cabot Drive (SW-bound) 10:0511:2512:2513:4114:4115:5616:5618:11
Rushington Spicers Hill (SW-bound) 09:23
Applemore Tesco (NW-bound) 10:0611:2612:2613:4214:4215:5716:5718:12
Hounsdown, adj The New Inn 09:24
Foxhills Colbury Hall (SW-bound) 09:25
Ashurst Whartons Lane (SW-bound) 09:26
Ashurst The Forest Inn (SW-bound) 09:27
Ashurst, opposite Co-Op 09:27
Ashurst, adj Shopping Parade 09:28
Ashurst Railway Station (SW-bound) 09:29
Denny Lodge Beaulieu Road Station (NW-bound) 10:1611:3612:3613:5214:5216:0717:0718:22
Ashurst Lodge (SW-bound) 09:30
Ashurst Lodgehill Cottage (SW-bound) 09:31
Lyndhurst, opp Thatched Cottage Park 09:32
Lyndhurst Queens Road (SW-bound) 09:33
Lyndhurst, opp Fire Station 09:3410:2911:4912:4914:0515:0516:2017:2018:35
Lyndhurst, adj Library Car Park 09:3510:3011:5012:5014:0615:0616:2117:2118:36
Goose Green Foxlease (S-bound) 09:4610:4612:0613:0614:2115:2116:36
Lyndhurst, adj Fire Station 17:3618:51
Clayhill The Crown Stirrup (S-bound) 09:4710:4712:0713:0714:2215:2216:37
Lyndhurst Queens Road (NE-bound) 17:3718:52
Clayhill, opp Clay Hill Schools 09:4810:4812:0813:0814:2315:2316:38
Lyndhurst, adj Thatched Cottage Park 17:3818:53
Balmer Lawn New Park (S-bound) 09:5010:5012:1013:1014:2515:2516:40
Ashurst Lodgehill Cottage (NE-bound) 17:3918:54
Balmer Lawn Hotel (S-bound) 09:5310:5312:1313:1314:2815:2816:43
Ashurst Lodge (NE-bound) 17:4018:55
Brockenhurst College (adj) 09:5410:5412:1413:1414:2915:2916:44
Brockenhurst Station (S-bound) 09:5810:5812:1713:1714:3215:3216:47
Brockenhurst, opp The Foresters Arms 09:5810:5812:1713:1714:3215:3216:47
Brockenhurst, adj Gates Garage 09:5910:5912:1813:1814:3315:3316:48
South Weirs, opp Brockenhurst Primary School 10:0011:0012:1913:1914:3415:3416:49
South Weirs, adj Collyers Road 10:0111:0112:2013:2014:3515:3516:50
Setley, opp Brockenhurst Golf Club 10:0211:0212:2113:2114:3615:3616:51
Setley, adj Latchmoor Corner 10:0311:0312:2213:2214:3715:3716:52
Setley The Filly Inn (SE-bound) 10:0411:0412:2313:2314:3815:3816:53
Setley House (SE-bound) 10:0511:0512:2413:2414:3915:3916:54
Battramsley, adj The Spinney 10:0611:0612:2513:2514:4015:4016:55
Battramsley, adj Rosie Lea House 10:0711:0712:2613:2614:4115:4116:56
Battramsley Cross Boldre Grange (SE-bound) 10:0811:0812:2713:2714:4215:4216:57
Boldre Battramsley Cross (S-bound) 10:0911:0912:2813:2814:4315:4316:58
Lower Buckland, opp The Monkey House 10:1211:1212:3113:3114:4615:4617:01
Lower Buckland Alexandra Road (S-bound) 10:1311:1312:3213:3214:4715:4717:02
Lymington Queen Elizabeth Avenue (S-bound) 10:1411:1412:3313:3314:4815:4817:03
Lymington, o/s Sports Ground 10:1511:1512:3413:3414:4915:4917:04
Lymington Priestlands Place (SW-bound) 10:1811:1812:3513:3514:5015:5017:05
Lymington, opp Sports Ground 10:1911:1912:3613:3614:5115:5117:06
Lymington, opp Town Hall 10:2011:2012:3713:3714:5215:5217:07
Walhampton, nr New Forest Adventure Golf 10:2611:2612:4413:4414:5915:5817:13
Hatchet Gate Furzey Lane Junction (N-bound) 10:3911:3912:5713:5715:1216:1017:25
Beaulieu Harlicks Hill (E-bound) 10:4011:4012:5813:5815:1316:1117:26
Beaulieu Bunkers Hill (NE-bound) 10:4111:4112:5913:5915:1416:1217:27
Beaulieu National Motor Museum (SW-bound) 10:4611:4613:0414:0415:1916:1717:32
Ashurst Railway Station (NE-bound) 17:4118:56
Beaulieu Garage (E-bound) 10:4911:4913:0714:0715:2216:2017:35
Ashurst, opp Shopping Parade 17:4118:56
Beaulieu Abbey Church (NE-bound) 10:5011:5013:0814:0815:2316:2117:36
Ashurst Co-Op (adjacent) 17:4218:57
Beaulieu Dock Lane (NE-bound) 10:5111:5113:0914:0915:2416:2217:37
Ashurst The Forest Inn (NE-bound) 17:4218:57
Exbury Gardens (in car park) 10:5911:5913:1714:1715:3216:3017:45
Ashurst Whartons Lane (NE-bound) 17:4318:58
Foxhills Colbury Hall (NE-bound) 17:4418:59
Hounsdown Chapel Lane (near) 17:4519:00
Rushington Spicers Hill (NE-bound) 17:4619:01
Totton Rushington Roundabout (NE-bound) 17:4719:02
Totton Brokenford Lane (NE-bound) 17:4719:02
Totton Batts Corner (NW-bound) 17:4819:03
Totton Shopping Centre (Stop B) 17:5019:05

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