R4 - Evesham - Broadway - Wickhamford - Willersey

A bus service operated by N N Cresswell

Evesham Country Park - The Pike

Greenhill, opp Tesco 11:05
Twyford, adj Evesham Country Park 13:0015:15
Greenhill, adj Abbotswood 13:0215:20
Greenhill Park Road (Adj) 13:0315:21
Greenhill, adj Collinsfield 13:0415:22
Greenhill, adj Victoria Avenue 13:0515:24
Evesham, opp Railway Station 07:2508:4511:0713:0715:28
Evesham Bus Station (Stand C) 07:2708:4611:1013:1015:30
Evesham, adj Police Station 07:2708:4611:1013:1015:31
Evesham, opp Leisure Centre 07:2808:4711:1113:1115:33
Evesham, opp Waterside Hospital 07:2908:4811:1213:12
Fairfield, opp Coldicott Gardens 15:34
Fairfield Place (opp) 15:35
Fairfield, opp Isbourne Crescent 15:35
Fairfield, adj Elizabeth Road 15:37
Fairfield, adj Battleton Road 15:38
Fairfield De Montfort School Grounds (entrance) 15:40
Bengeworth, opp Durcott Gardens 15:40
Bengeworth, adj Owletts End 15:41
Bengeworth, opp Northwick Hotel 07:2908:4811:1213:1215:41
Bengeworth, opp Church Street 07:3108:5011:1413:1415:42
Bengeworth, opp Cemetery 07:3108:5011:1413:14
Bengeworth, opp Badsey Lane 15:42
Bengeworth, adj Broadway Road 07:3208:5211:1613:16
Bengeworth, adj Offenham Turn 15:43
Aldington, opp Badsey Road - Ashdown Farm 15:45
Aldington Turn (Adj) 15:47
Badsey, adj Horsebridge Avenue 15:48
Badsey, opp British Legion 15:48
Badsey, adj Old Post Office Lane 15:49
Badsey, adj Dance Studio 15:50
Badsey, adj Chapel Street 15:51
Wickhamford, adj Village Hall 15:54
Wickhamford, adj Sandys Arms 07:3708:5711:2113:2115:56
Wickhamford, adj Sandys Avenue 07:3808:5811:2213:2215:57
Wickhamford, opp Murcot Turn 07:4009:0011:2413:2415:58
Childswickham, opp Orchard View Nursery 09:0211:2613:2616:00
Broadway, opp Football Ground 09:0411:2813:2816:02
Broadway, opp Lifford Hall 09:0411:2813:2816:02
Broadway, adj The Lygon Arms 09:0511:2913:2916:03
Broadway, opp Clock 09:0511:2913:2916:03
Broadway, opp Colletts Fields 09:0611:3013:3016:04
Broadway, opp Wells Gardens 09:0711:3113:3116:05
Broadway, opp Sandscroft Avenue 09:0711:3113:31
Willersey, adj Smallbrook Road 07:4309:0911:3313:33
Willersey, adj Field Lane 07:4309:1011:3413:34
Willersey, o/s The Pool 07:4409:1111:3513:35
Willersey, opp The Pike 07:4409:1211:3613:36

The Pike - Evesham Country Park

Willersey, adj The Pike 07:4509:2011:3613:36
Willersey, opp The Pool 07:4509:2011:3613:36
Willersey, opp Field Lane 07:4609:2111:3713:37
Willersey, opp Smallbrook Road 07:4709:2211:3813:38
Broadway, adj Sandscroft Avenue 07:4909:2411:4013:40
Broadway, adj Wells Gardens 07:5009:2511:4113:4116:10
Broadway, adj Colletts Fields 07:5109:2611:4213:4216:11
Broadway, adj Clock 07:5209:2711:4313:4316:12
Broadway, opp The Lygon Arms 07:5409:2911:4513:4516:14
Broadway, adj Lifford Hall 07:5509:2911:4513:4516:14
Broadway, adj Football Ground 07:5509:3011:4613:4616:14
Broadway, adj Medical Centre 07:5609:3011:4613:4616:14
Broadway, adj Caravan Site 07:5709:3111:4713:4716:15
Childswickham, adj Orchard View Nursery 07:5809:3211:4813:4816:16
Wickhamford, adj Murcot Turn 08:0209:3611:5213:5216:20
Wickhamford, opp Sandys Avenue 08:0309:3711:5313:5316:21
Wickhamford, opp Sandys Arms 08:0509:3911:5513:5516:23
Wickhamford, opp Village Hall 08:06
Bengeworth, opp Broadway Road 09:4311:5913:5916:27
Badsey, opp Wheatsheaf 08:10
Bengeworth, adj Cemetery 09:4412:0014:0016:28
Badsey, opp Old Post Office Lane 08:11
Bengeworth, adj Church Street 09:4512:0114:0116:29
Badsey, opp Horsebridge Avenue 08:12
Bengeworth, adj Northwick Hotel 09:4512:0114:0116:30
Aldington Turn (opp) 08:12
Aldington, adj Badsey Road - Ashdown Farm 08:13
Bengeworth, opp Offenham Turn 08:14
Bengeworth, adj Badsey Lane 08:15
Bengeworth, opp Cemetery 08:16
Bengeworth, opp Digby Road 08:17
Four Pools, opp Sycamore Avenue 08:18
Four Pools, opp Oak Tree Close 08:20
Four Pools, adj Woodlands 08:20
Four Pools, adj Morrisons 08:20
Four Pools, opp St Richards Road 08:20
Fairfield, opp South Worcestershire College 08:21
Fairfield, opp College 08:22
Fairfield Place (opp) 08:22
Fairfield, opp Isbourne Crescent 08:23
Fairfield, adj Elizabeth Road 08:24
Fairfield, adj Battleton Road 08:25
Fairfield, opp De Montfort School 08:26
Bengeworth, opp Durcott Gardens 08:27
Bengeworth, adj Owletts End 08:28
Evesham, adj Waterside Hospital 08:3009:4712:0314:0316:31
Evesham, adj Leisure Centre 08:3209:4712:0314:0316:33
Evesham, opp Police Station 08:3309:4812:0414:0416:33
Evesham Vine Street (Stand F) 08:3409:4812:0414:0416:34
Evesham Bus Station (Stand E) 08:3509:4912:0514:0516:35
Evesham, adj Railway Station 08:36s09:5012:0614:0616:37
Greenhill, opp Victoria Avenue 08:36
Greenhill, adj Tesco 09:5212:0814:0816:39
Greenhill, opp Collinsfield 08:36
Greenhill Park Road (Opp) 08:37
Greenhill, opp Abbotswood 08:38
Twyford, adj Evesham Country Park 08:4009:5712:13

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 16 April 2024

N N Cresswell