S3 - Orpington - Knockholt - Sevenoaks

A bus service operated by Go-Coach Hire

Monday to Friday

Orpington - Knockholt - Sevenoaks

Spur Road Orpington War Memorial (Stop N) 07:32
Orpington Hillcrest Road (Stop M) 07:33
Orpington Sevenoaks Road Tower Road (Stop D) 07:35
Sevenoaks Road Orpington Hospital (Stop E) 07:36
Orpington Sevenoaks Road Cloonmore Avenue (Stop F) 07:37
Farnborough Crescent Way (BR6) (Stop G) 07:39
Green Street Green Glentrammon Road (Stop E) 07:41
High Street Green Street Green (Stop G) 07:43
Green Street Green High Street Worlds End Lane (Stand M) 07:43
Sevenoaks Road Green Street Green (Stop J) 07:43
Pratt’s Bottom The Hillside (->E) 07:45
Pratts Bottom (->E) 07:47
Pratt’s Bottom Stonehouse Lane (->E) 07:47
Knockholt Kent Station, adj Knockholt Railway Station 07:51
Badgers Mount, opp Watercroft Road 07:52
Badgers Mount, adj Badgers Rise 07:53
Badgers Mount Roundabout (SE-bound) 07:54
Halstead, adj The Cock 07:57
Halstead, adj Meadway 07:58
Halstead Lane (S-bound) 08:00
Knockholt Pound Park Corner (SW-bound) 08:01
Knockholt Pound, opp The Three Horseshoes 08:03
Knockholt Pound, opp Hampton Cottages 08:03
Knockholt Pound Star Hill Road (SE-bound) 08:05
Knockholt Pound, adj Star Hill Road Cottages 08:06
Dunton Green, adj Rose and Crown 08:10
Dunton Green Motorway Bridge (just after) 08:11
Dunton Green, adj The Dukes Head 08:12
Dunton Green, adj Lennard Road 08:12
Dunton Green, adj The Miners Arms 08:13
Riverhead, adj Tesco 08:15
Riverhead, opp Library 08:16
Riverhead, opp Betenson Avenue 08:17
Riverhead, opp Robyns Way 08:18
Sevenoaks, adj Bradbourne Farm 08:19
Sevenoaks, o/s Knole Academy 08:20
St John’s, opp Council Offices 08:21
Bat & Ball, opp St John's Road 08:23
Bat & Ball, opp St James's Road 08:25
St John’s, adj Quaker's Hall Lane 08:27
Sevenoaks, opp Egdean Walk 08:29
Sevenoaks The Vine (S-bound) 08:30
Sevenoaks, opp The Drive 08:32
Sevenoaks Bus Station (Stop B) 08:35

Schooldays only

Sevenoaks - Knockholt - Orpington

Sevenoaks Bus Station (Stop B) 15:35
Sevenoaks Lower High Street (N-bound) 15:37
Sevenoaks The Vine (NE-bound) 15:38
St John's Hill (N-bound) 15:42
Bat & Ball, adj St James's Road 15:44
Bat & Ball, nr Bat and Ball Railway Station 15:45
Bat & Ball, adj St John's Road 15:46
St John’s, adj Council Offices 15:47
Sevenoaks, o/s Knole Academy 15:50
Sevenoaks, opp Bradbourne Farm 15:51
Riverhead, adj Robyns Way 15:52
Riverhead, adj Betenson Avenue 15:53
Riverhead, adj Library 15:55
Riverhead, adj Tesco 15:56
Dunton Green, opp The Miners Arms 15:57
Dunton Green, opp Lennard Road 15:58
Dunton Green, opp The Dukes Head 15:58
Dunton Green, opp Rose and Crown 15:59
Knockholt Pound, opp Star Hill Road Cottages 16:02
Knockholt Pound Star Hill Road (NW-bound) 16:03
Knockholt Pound, adj Hampton Cottages 16:05
Knockholt Pound, adj Pound Lane 16:06
Knockholt Pound Park Corner (NE-bound) 16:06
Halstead Lane (N-bound) 16:07
Halstead, opp Meadway 16:08
Halstead, opp The Cock 16:10
Halstead Shoreham Lane (NE-bound) 16:10
Badgers Mount Roundabout (NW-bound) 16:11
Badgers Mount, opp Badgers Rise 16:13
Badgers Mount, adj Watercroft Road 16:13
Knockholt Kent Station, opp Knockholt Railway Station 16:15
Pratt’s Bottom Stonehouse Lane (->W) 16:16
Pratts Bottom (->W) 16:17
Pratt’s Bottom Charmwood Lane (Stop) 16:17
Sevenoaks Road Green Street Green (Stop A) 16:19
High Street Green Street Green (Stop B) 16:20
Green Street Green Farnborough Hill (Stop C) 16:20
Green Street Green Glentrammon Road (Stop D) 16:21
Farnborough Crescent Way (BR6) (Stop J) 16:22
Orpington Sevenoaks Road Cloonmore Avenue (Stop K) 16:22
Sevenoaks Road Orpington Hospital (Stop L) 16:22
Orpington Sevenoaks Road Tower Road (Stop N) 16:23
Orpington Hillcrest Road (Stop K) 16:23
Sevenoaks Road Orpington War Memorial (Stop L) 16:24

Schooldays only

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